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  1. Reunion!

    Tuma! Hate to say it.. But i missed you ^o).. Anywhoo.. Havn't spoke to Vart in aggesss.. Maybe someone from *CO* knows where he got to.. Being a ranger, im too leet to tell you where he is.
  2. Reunion!

    You What! haha.. Sam3773 has always been Sam3773... And i used to own Jesus.. Dunno who Lexic was I'll try my hardest to come and see all the golden oldies again
  3. server down?

    Y'all know, after over a year, this will be the last time y'all will see me (I forsee bannage) Anywho, my Msn's Sam3773@gmail.com..
  4. server down?

    It actully is, i've been out, seen the world, came back, it's true, half of you old people know that Entropy wanted to restart all the stats just so he could look good to the new people!
  5. Linux

    Tux ownage.
  6. server down?

    Dont worry, this is the first stage, Soon all your stats will strangly dissapear, and there are wierdly no back-ups, Entro - Full of it - py will put it down to a server faliure to cover his incompitence, and you'll get sold some Eternal "Im a nerd, bully me" Lands shirts.
  7. Next Banned Temporarily

    *Moved to flames* ....... Oh yea, sorry i forget.. I know i keep saying this but yes, NeXt did do teh evil, but he's apologised and said he wouldn't do it again, i think he just wants to play the game, i mean 1 more chance can't hurt can it?
  8. Hello...

    DAMN! Just took a look at the screenshots, i am defenatly going to play that! oh and its http:// not htto://
  9. Happy Rose Of Tralee!

    Im English, i have no idea about Irish festivities.
  10. Server Rebooted

    The fork.
  11. Next Banned Temporarily

    Ah kmon! It wouldn't be the same without him!! Lol
  12. Next Banned Temporarily

    I think they both owe each other respect, after all, a game isn't anything without players.
  13. Next Banned Temporarily

    This isn't about NeXt only, NeXt is a valuble member of the Eternal-Landsâ„¢ community, i think the best action to do here is to unban him and see what happends then, if it continues, yes, you will have to take permenant action, but for now, it's a game, lets play!
  14. Next Banned Temporarily

    *shoots Placid* We want NeXt back *chants* *gives up*
  15. Skills In A Mmorpg

    Sorry Roja, but at the time i didn't see anything wrong with this because people in the past have posted games that already exist, and this argument hasn't gone on in those threads, as this game is not currently developed, we are not advertising as such but just getting the general idea of what people would like to see in a MMORPG.