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  1. Summon skill......

    Yeah you really know what you are talking about tempest... If you could have got to level 30 in just 1 day why don't you play on the pk server for 1 day and pwn everyone? Should be fun right.. Btw. Do you know you have to start all over again? So you have to earn money in order to train a/d at the start. Since you don't have any skills most people go pick flowers, which isn't really that good for money. 'With XX alts some1 makes xxk in a day!' , well that person wont have much time to actually train eh? ProH
  2. summon stones

    So simply said the richer guilds can mess with any other guilds that are doing (For example) a health essence making event, having like 10k+ he or the ingreds to make them,, ~80k cash already,, + harvesting capes (don't expect them to take rostogols..). Since there will be less people making HE then on main server the advantage of making them in mass quantities with a group is more profitable, using the higher leveled players to protect from anyone invading the event. I think a 100k cash lost (5-10k / person) is not that much of a deal if you can kill the enemy in 1 single shot .. Because u don't need any HE/Pots/ Chance of dying with rostogol or the chance to break expensive gear you will in practice loose less. Perhaps a 'bomb' that only kills in a (example) 40x40 sq field with a delay of ~2 seconds is better. Everyone gets a warning and can teleport away if they are fast enough (srry for you if yourr busy with your alt or something). btw, I do think these 'atom bombs' will be used more then anyone expects because of 'payback' when one guild uses one on another.. Just my thoughts, ProH
  3. Some Ideas

    Ive had no problems at all training on wolves,, just a few pll came but i could just run away and when they think ur gone just go on and train... As for goblins,, having a hard time there some people try to kill me, and I try to kill them They're all connected to 'co' somehow.. wonder what that means Prohh *edit: my post duplicated somehow
  4. Straw Poll II

    Yep For me the 10 seconds (it will be increased to 15 or already has dunno) is enough to load any map. Sometimes it takes longer for a map to load, then I could be killed but thats just on rare occasions when my pc is still starting up or something like that. I don't know if its possible but a delay of 10 secs is good for any map that loads relatively fast. So if the delay could be changed to 15 or even 20 secs for maps such as White Stone that would be perfect. (fair for everyone while there wont be too long delay times on the smaller maps, insides) thanks for reading! pro
  5. Devils of the Underworld

    Why not perhaps just to improve the looks of the map, some ghosty creatures flying around or something. I see it happen in some (a year?) time.. When other parts of the game have been improved some day the underworld will have its turn Pr0h
  6. Devils of the Underworld

    Hi there, I think its an awesome idea but the creatures should be realllly bad to train on cuz the underworld shouldn't be a place people level up etc (and in the pk server it would be a safe training spot which is not cool ) But very good idea, I totally support although I think the drops shouldn't be good drops, just some items that fit the creatures that wander around (perhaps some fire essies). Pr0
  7. emu affecting combat

    I might be misunderstanding something but weight does not affect combat right? Other then that you can take less resources with you to use in combat when you have a low EMU or carry heavier gear. Pro
  8. Perks

    Could someone post the changes made to the perks? So antisocial costs 15k now, How much does excavator/monster magnetism and power hungry cost now? If its already posted somewhere please point me in the right direction, thanks.
  9. The NEW PK server...lol

    I guess a #pkable command would surely have some success?
  10. New client patch!

    I was never experiencing any problems with the previous version of the .exe. With the el_patch.exe everything looks pixellated, the screen is cropped to fit in the current resolution(windowed mode). When i change from windowed to full mode the cropping/pixellation is gone and everything looks smooth again. Changing back to windowed mode is no problem, the game keeps looking like it should no more problems, so its just on the startup until the resolution is changed. Btw, it looks so bad i can hardly read the tekst (got it scaled to about 80%, with res. 1620x950 in windowed mode) em srry i dont know what happened but im also getting this effecdt with the older exe -.- edit again: The effect is gone, I think it shows up when you put poor man AND reflections etc on?
  11. Mage class formulas

    Ah crap I made a mistake Filled in Mage as Rationality and the other way round.. Lets just say the (M)*2+(Rat)*5 is good enough for higher leveled players (with CoL).. (bit too much healing if you ask me (with decent Rationality), without CoL its still nearly full restore) (M)*1.5+(Rat)*3 Seems pretty reasonable, comes down to complete healing when no CoL/MoL is used and the character has sufficient Rationality.. (forces the players to take at least some rationality and not totally depend on their high magic levels) Oh btw: As some others suggested that the magic nexus may be used in the formula for magic: Perhaps there could be a (rather small) effect of this nexus on the magic abilities, or a specific nexus required to cast a spell. This would mean that crafters who require this nexus to craft their goods will gain something vs. the fighters. If this nexus increases the strength of magic abilities fighters may want to consider crafting themselves since the pp's required wont be a total waste. Gives the all-rounder a little advantage towards hardcore-fighters.
  12. Mage class formulas

    Hi there, In my opinion (Magic)*1+(Rationality)*2) = Boss. Magic will increase as the character grows stronger, as the character grows stronger the pick points are increasingly hard to get. I think that the pick points will be considered to be worth more then a few magic levels (right now its the same with a/d) so pick points should have a greater effect on the healing powers of the character. This would mean that someone with a lower magic level could easily increase his/her magic abilities by spending pick points (because they are still easy to get at lower levels). Then this character would have a 'mage build'. The 'mage build' would only exist if the bonuses from spend pp's are big enough. In other formula's posted i see something similar (= (Magic)*2+(Rationality)*5) =) but this would result in nearly the same healing abilities as the full restoration as it is now.. I like the idea where the caster would not be able to restore his/her full health when wearing CoL (or when just having Phys really high). As a result of whatever formula will be used the overall players strength decreases. I'm not sure about the importance of p/c against a/d but it seems pretty important. If p/c is more important then a/d in PvP then as a result of this update the players will be more equal to each other (along with the attribute cap you can be sure of this anyway )(<- good). my 50 EuroCents. EDIT: Just a note, the MINIMUM level REQUIRED to cast this particular spell is 21.. that does not mean it succeeds often (we all knew that..) But why would it mean that the caster instantly gains the ability to recover its full health?
  13. Summoning Stone Problem

    The more the stones are bought from NPC the more money is taken out of the system (which is good I think..) perhaps remove those stones from the stores but add a certain amount of gc to the ingredients to make the stones.. So a fluffy summoning stone would require the same ingreds as now + quantity 3 of item: essence of summoning (or whatever)... Which would have to bought from some npc too Now the players control who get the stones.. which is much better then buying from shops edit: + It will take a long time be4 people actually get the required/suggested summoning level to make one of the better stones.
  14. Another straw poll!

    Hey Severe penalty for PvP when engaged with multiple enemies, and don't allow multicombat in arenas while most of the other maps are made multi? And keep the normal 1 vs 1 PvP experience at about 50% of what its now or keep it 100% of what it is now? I don't really know if PvP is too good or not, a lot of people still train on monsters so I guess its not 'overpowered' .
  15. Another straw poll!

    Wont change much for the super fast leveling issue.......... When 2 of the highest leveled players want to train with alts and eachother in such an area thers nobody thats gonna stop them without dying.. it would just be totally unfair, only those strong enough to cope wiht the competition would be able to pvp trian and guilds will kinda claim those training areas which is cool I think the exp should be lowered (severely) not remove exp completely.. But perhaps a lower experience penalty in those areas?
  16. Straw poll

    It would be too weird (non-realistic) if you got NO exp from PvP, perhaps just a experience penalty of 75%? 80%? ( 1/4 or 1/5 of what its now).
  17. Straw Poll II

    No need to make portals room nonpk... You teleport to the portals room, you got 15 seconds to get to any banner to teleport to wherever you want.. cant be attacked in that time. I just think IP and the houses/tavern should be safe, the rat cave can be pk (its pretty cool ) Besides that just make votd storage/ votd port safe, perhaps some other cities with storages but i dont really care about that, takes away some of the danger cheers
  18. Restoration based on rationality

    using magic to create gold coins is a stupid id .. ever heard of inflation?
  19. Perks

    Nah I dont think oa should be capped.. The attributes are capped to 48 (yeah? no?) 166 oa would give you 48 p/c/w/v (with antisocial) 166 still takes some time to achieve. A pker should be able to survive a 20 pps difference right (at high levels -> 100 a/d)? And 20 oa levels at such great levels will be a huge effort to get. To make the difference for high end players smalled id suggest different exp tables, something like a minimum exp increase of 10%? its 7 and 5% now.. would also make level 100 a/d a lot harder to get. Now the influence a/d has on the strength of a character vs creatures could be increased. Perhaps we can kill the dragons like this and still be more equal in PvP
  20. Determining Safe Areas

    yeah you can get from boat to boat pretty safe and 15 secs is more then enough But I still think that the area near the strorage in VOTD should be nonpk (along with the docks there) And about some existing arenas (DP, WSC)... could they be made into something special too? Because theres nothing special about them now, you can fight anywhere. Maybe that all players in that area get a temporary attack boost of 10? faster dying.. Or no rostogols will work while in that area?
  21. Restoration based on rationality

    Im totally up for it .. (need new forum name perhaps this one can be deleted witout any warning because ive been bad boy?) Would mean more will will is good already but i think it really adds something to the game/combat aspects of it)
  22. Determining Safe Areas

    Hi there, Ill get an acc (aswell as one for my brother) when i figured out how this paypal thingy really works (got an acc waiting for them to give me money so i can give them the little numbers...). I would vote for Underworld/IP AND the docks to get to: IP-Whitestone, Whitestone-DesertPines, DesertPines-VOTD and the docks/storage area at VOTD. This would ensure a save way back from the underworld to a storage. Furthermore there will be enough routes available to dodge camping pkers. For the pkers its fun but when you want to trade supplies and some1 knows you want to buy *market channel* they could wait you up.. Just my idea..
  23. Attributes limit

    A limit of 50/60 seems ok 50 or 60 p/c/w will still make a very strong character? And dont forget about the other attributes they come in handy when summoning for example. Along with a a/d cap this really limits the strength of the players.. Perhaps different experience tables after level 100? maybe a 10% exp increase to 101, 20% to 102 etc? thats pretty much the same as a 100 a/d cap