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  1. Buying & Selling

    Buying and Selling the following items: ON THE PK-SERVER!?!~`` [bUYING] HE [6] Fox Furs [6.5] Will Removal Stones [11k] Physique Removal Stones (1) [4k] Enrichment Stones [6.2k] Serpent Stones [7k] Rostogol Stones [5k] EFE's [10k] Steel Chains Steel Shields (a few) Iron Helms Serpent Sword (for ingreds + cash?) Iron Cuiss/Greave ... MOL (for ingreds + cash?) Perk Removal Stones: ICD removal Maybe others if think they are worth it. [sELLING] Deer Fur Deer Antlers FE [3.5] DE [7.5] LE [3.5] EDE [?] Books: Magic Sword Ice Sword Elf Fighting Tit Smelt Tit Short of Fire Iron Sword of Fire Probably more but i'm not in a hurry anyway Forum PM, or catch me ingame, ProHibited (& Hibernate)
  2. Buying & Selling

    Well NP, but Cant be online atm I guess ill catch ya tomorrow. ProHibited
  3. Steel Greaves & Cuisses.

    Im interested if I still have enough cash left.. dunno what you are looking for ProHibited
  4. Magic Immunity Spell

    Wow relax.. This is not a pk area, these are just the forums. Segor, every single time you kill someone you post it on the channel. Do you see me do that? Yes, no? ok stfu. It seems that you need the publicity to feel good or something. I just kill (nearly) everyone I can just because I like to PK. You seem to do it to brag about it on the channels One person congratulates me, the other whines on the channel/forums. What I wrote in my previous post has nothing to do with you, Still you seem to take it very personal, attacking me like this. I have not said it before but: I think its pretty sad to start ANOTHER thread on this subject because you happened to have good magic abilities. Any change (make MI weaker) would benefit YOU (aswell as some others ofcourse). Why should magic stop working when you cast a spell on yourself? Well i'm sure you would like to see that happen... Gratz SEGOR, for messing up your own thread... I think you were expecting more replies? Wanted to know how others thought about this idea? I have you on ignore ingame for some time now, Kind of annoying at times, but it saves me from your useless bragging on the channels, and your hostile attitude. Don't expect another post from me here,, going on another vacation \o/ 'PK' and expect to be 'Pked' on a 'PK-server' .. Thats life. ProHibited -------------- whine (hwn, wn) whined, whin·ing, whines #1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint. #2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion. #3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch: jet engines whining. ---------------
  5. Magic Immunity Spell

    Magic is verry strong, especially on the pk server. You cant keep MI on forever, like when trianing/harvesting, walking trough a PK map/area. It would only be fair to CHANGE something to the MI spell (Make it WEAKER) if the offensive spells were CHANGED (Made WEAKER) too... Things could be balanced out, like Higher minimum damage, Lower maximum damage? IF magic immunity can be bypassed all lower leveled characters can help in pk fights between the stronger characters. This is totally unfair to those who don't have any friends to help them! (Or who plan to do solo-world-domination in the future). I would be happy to trade in some of the MI strength to not be totally unprotected versus mage without MI. It would be great if a fighter, who is training without all the fancy mage essences with him could stay alive longer then 2 seconds when a mage sneaks up on him (invisible). All in all, A mage should never be able to PWN someone that has magic immunity turned on... That would really defeat the purpose of magic IMMUNITY right? If it does get overpowered somehow, everyone would start a mage build .. And I dont like mage! We need more Spells With cool effects!! ProHibited
  6. Buying & Selling.

    I have a fair amount of MEAT , Brown Snake Skins and Wolf Furs. How much are you paying for those?
  7. Done It First Cutlass on PK Server

    Im sure we dont have any inflation problems on the pk server Everyone could use just that few (em 200?) thousand gold coins to get that nice perk or to buy another load of vails/wine/thread/leather/books... etc... ProH
  8. Buying and Selling

    Ok great, Ill keep an eye on the players online page or be afk ingame. Im sure we'll be able to make a deal Greets, Prohibited, (Hibernate)
  9. Buying and Selling

    Ants donated: Book of special sword Book of magic sword Book of ice sword If you still want to buy any of those contact me. ProHibited ( or alt Hibernate )
  10. RC 2

    Seems to work just as good as the RC1, with the same problems: Issues when changing the resolution. When the water shader quality is set to either 1 or 2, my FPS drops (in VOTD it drops from ~27 to ~18). It might be that the water effect requires a lot (too much?) of resources or that my laptop is not really build to render such effects. Inside caves/buildings my fps is 52/60 respectively (res. 1620*950 in windowed mode). So it works great! But maybe that water shading effect could be tweaked? Here are some specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 (1.8Ghz/2MB/800Mhz FSB) nVidia Quadro NVS 140M 256MB 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) Dellsharp Wide Aspect Ratio TFT display 2.0GB, 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory (2x1024MB) English - Microsoft Windows XP Pro ProHibited on PK-server.
  11. EL 170 Pre RC

    Hi there, i'm running the EL 170 Pre RC on the PK server (only play there). Have not enabled music ingame, but have downloaded the music files. I am using the correct maps/bitmaps that are available, added additional cave bitmaps. Problems: -Setting new resolution ingame (reported bug, I know) -In windowed mode the new resolution (1400x1050) does not scale down a bit like all the others do (so my screen is like 40 pixels short of displaying the vertical range of the client window) -Client just wont remember the following settings (when configured ingame) : Shadow Mapping : Shadows : Show Reflections : Cloud Shadows when configured ingame they seem to work fine, they just wont be remembered. -Sometimes the lower part of the screen (client) does not render any reflections, I have seen this effect when changing the resolution (which is buggy anyway), when using a resolution with a large number of vertical pixels, (compared to the horizontal). And then I open up multiple clients (2 clients and the effect is only visibly at the client which was first opened) -for the minimap Frame Buffer Support must be enabled to make the edges on the minimap look good. When it is not enables I get a partially cut-off minimap image (edges cut off, ugly). -I also have the problem that everything looks pixxelated, its probably something on my side, i've had it before. A reboot usually works to fix it (so guess its just me). The minimap seems to work fine (just a bit small but I've heard complaints about it being too big so ill shut up ). dots have a nice size, the actor (self) dot disappears under animal/monster dots, which good of course. So overall it works pretty good for me, better then the first series of sky client releases. Id like to point out that I think the water looks best with the shader on 0. Only then I can clearly see the clouds/stars/moons in the water. With the shader on 1 or 2 (which looks better for reflections of objects) the sky/clouds, etc are barely visible (stars are not in most cases). FPS is fine too, even with multiple clients running. Specs: Intel Core 2 Duo T7100 (1.8Ghz/2MB/800Mhz FSB) nVidia Quadro NVS 140M 256MB 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680 x 1050) Dellsharp Wide Aspect Ratio TFT display 2.0GB, 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM Memory (2x1024MB) English - Microsoft Windows XP Pro So far so good, keep it up! ProHibited
  12. Basis of government body.

    @ Banedon: Cmon I just don't like it and I feel like there are quite some people who do.. I wanna know if/how many don't really like it. ProHibited
  13. Basis of government body.

    Hey there, I'm not sure but I guess that there are a fair amount of players that will not like this idea because: 1- They don't play very often and don't want to spend their playing time on politics. 2- They just hate politics ( -> They think it is wrong to punish players for how those players play the game ) 3- They belong to a minority and will not be elected. 4- They do not like the rules which are / will be set up by the majority or by the 'elite' 5- Community rules don't require a board of people to be applied (enforced really ) 6- Probably a lot more reasons... I don't like it because of points 1-2-3-4 ... PK during mrHide invasions will have more then enough consequences for the 'outlaw' because a large part (and some stronger players in particular) is against it. There is no need to set up a legal system in order to punish for such an 'offense'. About the roleplaying part: Just get together with whomever you want and think up a set of rules, then apply them on yourselves. (thats what guilds/alliances are for ...) I would like to know who else think this idea is stupid ^^oh well not really a stupid idea, just a bad idea.. (edit) ProHibited
  14. PK server List of Criminals

    [bKC56] [Lonewolfe (banedon)] [Yaser] [Handyman] To which guild(s) or alliance(s) do those people/characters belong? Hey, ok its fine if you try to set up some rules for your clan/alliance. But if one of your enemies kills you (during an invasion, whatever) thats too bad for you. Please don't say that the 'community' (everyone playing the pk-server??) agrees to those rules. I don't for example.. So you cant say that the 'community' demands something like: If it happens again this is the punishment and will be considered 1st time offense. 1. NO trade for 7 days from date of sentencing. 2. HIs location is to be broadcast for people who can kill him to go hunt him down. 3. Anyone caught trading with him will also receive a sentencing. 4. He will be required to make monetary payment to those who he has affected. I'm happy to trade almost anyone ( I might not trade if the person/group acts like they own this server, while they are just another puppet. ) What if *another* group of people decides that someone behaves bad and the penalty will be: "PK-able in invasions" ? ProH
  15. How addicted are you?

    170 hour / week
  16. Attacking PK'ers/PvP/FFers - Outlawry?

    Make your own set of rules. If you think its OK to kick a member from your guild while he is on a pk map and then kill him, just do it. Some others may not like what you just did but with every action there are consequences. ProH (PK-server)
  17. What is going on

    I logged on to the pk server today Has been a while tho.. but will be online more often after tentams, which are next week. But yeah its pretty dead out there,, Boy I miss those ants ProH
  18. Spawn Etiquette III

    spawn etiquette Kill or be killed right? do as you like. ProH Doh.. this isn't pk server
  19. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    For the time being no1 needs nex removal stones for free pps.. most people dont have 6human nexus, which any fighter would like to have for them great swords. So any 50 hydro bars spend on human nexus untill 6 nexus is a 'free' pickpoint already ... huh huh thats just like 4 free pps? ,, 4 means a lot Edit: Stricken, ur posting bitchy posts urself yeh?
  20. We need more players here

    Back in the day we started with very little players too, whats all the fuzz about. I never expected more players for the pk server Give it time and in a year there may be like ~60+ (DIFFERENT) player online at a time, so 120++ characters logged on. Any relative new player on the 'main' server that would like to pk, will find out everyone is way too strong on main, or they find that there is a lack of pk activity. Perhaps those players will make the switch to Pk server because of the 100 a/d cap and the relative newness of the server. ^ 'I just hear rumors about lack of pk activity, didn't play on main server for a long time, but on vids i always see the same people pking.' Check,, Happy Harvesting ProH
  21. remove pickpoint buying before its too late

    Id like to buy nexus with hydro bars, Id like to remove attributes and nexus too... But cant there be a feature that makes sure you cant spend more PPs in attributes then your OA +perks pps. So the advantage for fighters is free human nexus, which is 6 total yeah? 6pps more or less works for me Still people who will need sick ammounts of GC to get those 6PPS + PPS for other nexus if they want those. *edit: Or when removing nexus with nexus removal stone a dialog with the wraith will appear (on remote? woot ,, hes a ghost after all) where you can get another nexus in return. So that everyone can rearrange attributes and nexus but cant get the BIG advantage of ~8++ Attributes. ProH
  22. Dekke aka Macca

    Next teh cover-upper proh
  23. Dekke aka Macca

    I see multiple people say something like this: "This is PK server so shut up" So in a pk server it is perfectly normal to be racist etc. but you have to SHUT UP if you only say something about it? That is really wrong and you guys know it.. Get real... When I see people talk trash on channel #1 I just leave the channel, which sucks because theres some good conversations now and then. Some people take that away, which just cant be fair. "This so-called racism is merely an excuse to get people banned." -> no1 said anything about banning (up until that post) "It is silly. You shouldn't complain there are no moderators in PK server or you feel abused there." -> if there is something you don't like and there are at least a handful others supporting you, why NOT complain so that something could be done about it? ... And someone said something about racism like behavior in video clips? .. thats television? yes? pll kill each other on television too.. I don't think that a community can solve these kind of problems completely. This one-time incident isnt much of a problem to me now but it could become one sooner or later. There are enough retarded people out there so take care! ProHHH
  24. Oa cap

    So everyone is of same strength.. Cant train anymore and have prolly got enough cash to last for months so what do pll do: Check astro and pk if its good, if not log/train alt whatever. I wouldn't like a cap on oa. proh
  25. Summon skill......

    Hey there are just a few changes on pk server. One for example that everyone has to start over, all stats are 0 (or a/d 3 etc u know the drill) and there are no items ingame at the start. A lot of players on the 'main' server did not start when it restarted due to data loss. I did so even if ive not played for a few years I do remember how it was when everything started all over again. On the pk server this knowledge is of great importance. proh