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  1. I didn't find such topics from searching through recent topic headings, so although i'm a full time harvester who only trains on rabbits, i'd like to suggest the implementation of archery towers on forts in pk maps such as the forts in kf. What i'm really talking about is a tower high enough that makes players on the low level ground hard to see those on the tower without the skyclient (to avoid ttr), kinda like the on at the summoning arena in ws. Also, a long way of climbing like a staircase up and around the tower instead of a 1-click ladder. maybe even a wall around the fort that has only one way in/out. Not all fortresses would necessarily have the archery tower/wall. Anything similar would be awesome. One reason i suggested kf is because that is the most convenient place to pk at. The intention is not directly aimed to increase pking, but is aimed at pk events such as the one coming this sunday or whenever so that archers can participate to a greater extent. Of course there are ways to overcome these type of things such as invisibility or ttr. archers just need true sight spell when expecting incomers.
  2. wtf @ breakrates

    brod also breaks good too. check out scarr's post.
  3. change TD back to normal...

    yes conavar and pyewacket you two brought a good point about players fear dropping items. perhaps this could be tweaked a bit such as only dropping certain items such as gears you are wearing only (this is only an example and of course i realize the downside such as a player could quickly take off gear right before dying) or all wearable gears in inventory has the chance to be dropped. to asgnny, i have nothing to say better than you about old skills, although i never realize how useful jsoc is on ndd in td; since fights last so long at least one hit should be a cooldown. to tempest, i think the current discussion is nothing related to the topic name and is no longer a discussion to revert td back to normal. it's more like a discussion to add onto the current td. finally, i do agree with the number of you who feel that multiple changes are required and i'd like to clarify that changes that i talked about are not meant to be done solo. i feel like i could be percieved as one of those complaining that pk is dead. but i'm really not and i do understand that it is not too hard to find people above 110s in kf, just not on every visits; based on random checks and not including cases of sitting in votd all day for pk. just getting everyone to think and get everyone's thoughts.
  4. change TD back to normal...

    You guys have great points and i cannot disagree fully on any of them. As far as reducing strength (a/d) goes, kf would still remain the same and oz can own kf as it is right now with normal a/d; however oz, if you train hard to own td as it is right now, then i might not be able to discuss it fully with you since i dont visit td much to know its circumstances other than listening about people's discussions. but if td were to change the a/d, then pk in td would involve strategies and number of people you can organize instead of maximizing level. would just introduce a different aspect to pk as of right now, well the a/d cap arenas are similar just that not everyone can get involved. however, oa still own so training would still have some form of payoff. This suggestion is just a way for everyone to have a chance to be involved in pk since there had been complaints lately about how capped arenas are limiting/separating pk, etc. So for this case, instead of capping the pk zones and have several different arenas, everyone could just have similar a/d and be possible to fight everyone without dying too fast. Of course involvement in such condition is solely under the consent of the pkers and no one should be forced to take part. conavar, people who are stronger would still be stronger, just a smaller gap. and yes they wouldnt handicap themself to get killed, but it would offer them a choice, kf or td. so i hope that once in a while people would choose to handicap themself, by level but not so much relative to others, just to have some fights in td, hopefully as a group thing. but then i do understand that it is not the most pleasant experience to get killed by someone who hasnt trained as much as you (no one in particular). i honestly think td is a bit too far from convenient storages too unlike kf, but this is out of the discussion. So do you guys agree with me that people dont pk because of the a/d gap, considering all the testings that radu had put efforts into improving pk, just to mention a few: td no cooldown, capped arena, the testing of 4 newbies in pro armor, the no rost in td, etc? or do you guys think it's other reasons such as no pk if cant own or just the natural result of players we are attracting? anyways thx very much for reading and paying attention. [edit]: not to mention referencing to dpa pkers to conavar as to why might've someone sell character to completely go to a lvl lower than 60 a/d; but i'm not a good resource for the reason that's why i had to refer to people at dpa such as chosen and others who did the same.
  5. change TD back to normal...

    I think the problem with TD is the huge gap in a/d. Few years ago, top 200 were like 50s or 60s or so iirc. Today, 100s or so, and near 120s for top 100. Meaning that the risk a person takes relative to their level is skewed towards the high level end. Lower players would have to risk more armor and weapon, while higher level players could go in naked to check nor low level fighters with no risks other than losing some pki. Instead of changing back to normal TD, perhaps you could consider having the map do a linear transformation onto the atk/def lvl so that the levels of all players are near equal. One possible transformation is using a natural logtransformation. Reasons why this one was chosen because it is not a straight line and is increasing monotonically, no higher level player will have a lower a/d compared to someone with a lower base a/d. I recommend the formula 15*ln(atk) and likewise 15*ln(def). This will result in a mean of lvl 66.87 with a standard deviation of 10.48. The lower level players will have an increase in a/d while the higher level players will drop in a/d, but will be no lower than those with a low a/d base level. In particular, players between levels 40 and 170 will range between 55 to 77 after the transformation. With these levels, it would be more managable with low level armors. Using a constant instead of 15, but with 20 also yield a good interval too, namely 74 to 103 a/d for a base level of 40 to 170 a/d. If this were to be done to a/d, then what's the point of training? invasion monsters, and hunting for good drop, and also for those who are racing for top ranking, safety to hydro mining and other pk maps, monster ignore, etc. any conflicts?
  6. possible pk server ad

    sorry i have no clue what you are tryin to say since lawless can have a few interpretation and i didnt catch how you perceived it. as far as i understand, you felt that lawless means unwritten conduct? anyway you missed a few reasons why people might play pk server, namely: 1) no cooldown 2) a place to explode emotionally since there is no cooldown 3) stay connected to guildies/friends who are on pk server 4) think an account will be a good investment for future 5) by winning an account about the whining part, all i have to say is, be accounted for what you do. if people do whine too, they should be accounted for what they say. dont blame a code or your guild or guildies for your actions. i.e. dont brod someone and say it's the brod list or whatever that made you do it... just say it straight that you enjoy broding or that you hate them, etc (this is only an example). self determination FTW!!
  7. sunday war

    personally i wonder what you guys used to sort out the team members. as far as i see, if all were to meelee fight, team 2 would have no problem fighting against team one under fiz's team list; while under sof's list, team one definitely have the advantage in a/d unless there is a catch to team two.
  8. hmm... i've got a crossbow worth 500gc after purchase. some training bolts worth 1gc after purchase. couple srs and will increase worth at market price i'm poor so buy my srs, or find me at the lupine bush hunting for food
  9. buying hes and srs

    i'll sell you the 2k srs
  10. Reward points allocation

    Is it a 3 hours of 10 extra spawn? or 10 extra spawns forever unless it becomes problematic? anyways, voted saving the points since weekend is coming up soon.
  11. Auctioning Phisics removal Stone

  12. buying

    I'll sell you the 2k rat tails for 10kgc
  13. Selling some things

    I sell SRs 14gc each since i see you have not crossed out SRs from the list.
  14. Energy Problems

    Now that we know the server can sense our connectivity, how do you feel about implementing the effect that when the server senses extreme lag or disconnection (the extent is up to you), the character pulls out the strongest weapon from their inventory if there is any. And that is all it will do. This should prevent trainers to die before the character actually logs off. Also, players should be able to turn this effect on and off as well in order to work with their preference.
  15. Missiles hit formula

    How about one that decreases the chance of hit exponentially? Let S=skill lvl D=distance from target A=accuracy (note: for the formula to work, accuracy must be the accuracy lvl from the minimum of accuracy one could get ingame. I believe -8 is the minimum by wearing full bronze and no moon med) L=light lvl T=dexterity R=target reaction e=exp function c=general constant to help low lvl training (i liked it around 10 or so) General formula: sqrt((S^2.05)+(T^2)+L-(R^2)-256+c(100-S)) all divided by e^(D/A) Y = sqrt((S^2.05)+(T^2)-(R^2)+L-256+5(150-S)) all divided by e^(D/5A) Percent Hit = minimum of either Y or 100. The last part of the numerator c(100-S) 5(150-S) is a term I added as I worked with the formula to allow extremely low lvl trainers to hit. As one lvls up, this term will approach zero. However, we must pick a c, which i have chosen 5, such that the term S^2.05 increases much greater than 100c thus it doesnt pay off to remain at low lvl. This formula works well if the max lvl is capped at 100 which could be done since it would be a new skill. Some data points when your dext is equal to target's reaction and accuracy is 8 higher than the minimum accuracy ingame with a full lighting (256): At distance 8, the hit rate would be: skill ------ hit 100 ------ 41.27 98.8 90 ----- 37.23 90.3 50 ------ 21.88 59.4 40 ------- 18.48 53.1 20 ------ 13.08 43.7 10 ------- 11.7 41.3 5 -------- 11.49 40.8 1 -------- 11.58 40.7 If you are interested in this formula, I have made an excel2003 sheet on this and could email it to you. Otherwise, good luck with the formula and I hope you will find one that fits well. EDIT: After checking to see how far 6 steps are ingame, I felt that 6 steps were shorter than i thought. So the formula has been changed slightly.
  16. Why to join the PK server.

    From my experience, PK server is very fun with no cool down. Mixing is no longer like working another full time job. Also fun to see people trying to atk me in safe zones and cursing me and the zone. What I hope is that the city building if it will ever happen will be implement into the pk server as the pking fits well with some of the township ideas from that lost thread. One thing that bugs me is that I dont know what is implemented or will be implement onto the pk server: such as magic functions, mage class, archery, how high are the manuable weapons and armors, also the existence of elemental weapons (ie thermal serp), rare weapons and armors (ie jsoc), etc. Anyone who can tell me would be very appreciated.
  17. an ANT bag-jumped me

    Here's my ant story. One time i lost a steel shield to the ant queen (was 700gc each back then) and beanmaster manually summoned bears to kill her, then he or someone else took the shield from her. You should do the same too .
  18. summon stones

    I hope the bomb also kills all monsters on the map too.
  19. PKers on PK server

    The word outlaw has a cultural implication: the meaning changes depending on where you use it. Forum outlaw is different from personal outlaws and I think that is where you have problem with. btw have not vote sorry had to laugh at "No to regulation"
  20. Special days

    pk server doesnt mean you pk all the time i dont think. it's just that your game play is more community built. for instance you can choose to atk someone, but dont have to. altho only a testing, people are facing social problems already for thinking they are obligated to pk.
  21. no to regulation

    I vote go to the pk server instead. (altho people can still regulate the docks)
  22. PK server started!

    I believe someone mentioned about not able to harvest when stopped harvesting under this topic. I experience the same too but i found that if that happens, i can just "use" on the harvest resource, and then i can again harvest without problem.
  23. petition for attributes cap

    voted yes this time, last time thread closed before finalizing a decision.
  24. Restoration based on rationality

    Says all. No matter how strong magic is, they wont go through mag imm so 100 mage wont be able to kill 1 fighter given that the mages all have low a/d but super high magic unless there is a despell that requires like 25+ rationality or something ent can think of.
  25. Democracy in EL

    I'd say 40% given that ent have been thinking about the consequences (good and bad) of each update. Of course if it is something random like something a player brings up, then i would lean towards 60%. But honestly I dont like to depend on numbers. I feel that the credible points made in each updating issues should be taken into account if havent. more to say later after listening to more opinions. LeSBeGUe