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  1. new server

    isp says wait 48 hours for dns to update again that ip is http://who.is/whois-ip/ip-address/ its owned by the same company name your server hosted with, but states location is in france Weird
  2. new server

    Microsoft Windows [Version 6.0.6002] Copyright © 2006 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. C:\Users\*******>tracert game.eternal-lands.com Tracing route to game.eternal-lands.com [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 3 ms 1 ms <1 ms modem.Home [] 2 40 ms 40 ms 41 ms phnx-dsl-gw68.phnx.qwest.net [] 3 40 ms 62 ms 43 ms phnx-agw1.inet.qwest.net [] 4 50 ms 54 ms 52 ms lap-brdr-03.inet.qwest.net [] 5 51 ms 53 ms 53 ms ge-11-3-0.losangeles2.loa.seabone.net [89.221.35 .133] 6 122 ms 119 ms 120 ms xe-11-1-0.paloalto2.pao.seabone.net [ 29] 7 * 338 ms * pal-5-6k.ca.us [] 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 * * * Request timed out. 10 343 ms * 337 ms bhs-g1-6k.qc.ca [] 11 361 ms 339 ms 341 ms vac3-0-a9.qc.ca.vaccum [] 12 * * 428 ms vac3-1-n7.qc.ca.firewall [] 13 422 ms * * vac3-2-n7.qc.ca.tilera [] 14 * 448 ms * vac3-3-n7.qc.ca [] 15 * * * Request timed out. 16 * * 340 ms game.eternal-lands.com [] Trace complete. C:\Users\*****> Server latency: 337 ms Server latency: 1531 ms Server latency: 935 ms Server latency: 2284 ms Server latency: 1564 ms Server latency: 770 ms Server latency: 1379 ms
  3. new server

    well all was fine early morning, 140 ms, I going to just chalk it up to the web still trying to adjust to the new server move, usually up to 48 hour for dns routers to update, IDK why it sending me to France first either, I in Arizona, also called my isp to see if they bottlenecking, they said give it 48 hours for systems to adjust. just sucks, mostly cause everything was perfect before i got some shut eye, and seems no one else has same issue, Hello, my name is Zephlix and I'm a EL Addict.
  4. new server

    http://pastebin.com/HRwt76Ey Server latency: 305 ms Server latency: 4476 ms Server latency: 3561 ms Server latency: 2766 ms Server latency: 1948 ms Server latency: 1150 ms looks like hung up at server, odd thing is only seems to be me, was 140's ms yesterday no problems, grue getting overstuffed from me today FYI: changed servers.lst back yesterday once phone could connect, also website/forums laggy too, no other games, pages i visited are, and yes did reboot and refresh both computer and router. edit: added new pastebin, for the lag starting point is same company but says location is france
  5. love no red for harvest, gives me more stones, alot more, was suspose to be point i guessing. as for harvest med, I was skeptic before this perk, I use it when I harvest with astro at 0, works better, (less breaks) then when skeptic. Rather have more stones though,
  6. new server

    Thank You, was looking for new ip address of server, tracert and whois is still pointingto other one or says malformed domain
  7. Storage Inventory

    Yes 0 for off and 1 for on after #item_uid. Thats how i'm able to fix my inv. Tht usually only happens after a trade. And only once in a while
  8. Storage Inventory

    I have same type of issue. #item_uid 0, resets it w/o restart. Then i usually #item_uid 1 again
  9. Too many high level Armors in Game

    Really? Maybe if u were not so greedy yourself roman you'd have more request for product
  10. Instanced invasions (invances) rules. + Hellspawn

    Rings and hellspawn medallion, simple. Why not just put a suggestion to have entering battle hall not be a hellspawnable map change since it is for team events
  11. Poll - New client update?

    just to update, bluap client still working no crashes, only thing i get is a sto messup when i trade at mm sto, this happens with itemUid 1, i set it to 0 and mm sto is fine again. (sto slots alternate picture of item and next slot be black with white text of amount then pic of item in next slot then weird amount in one after, keeps alternating)
  12. Poll - New client update?

    been using this one for about 3 weeks now, no crashes like before, changed vote to yes, TYVM blaup
  13. Poll - New client update?

    2 commonalities l see. posted with phone don't see my sig, but yes also windows XP & a ati radeon HD 3870 with latest driver update. everything else in this new client is excellent. it's why i keep checking if a new version posted and try again. miss those features lol. you guys are doing an excellent job. but i do disagree with this bug not being a serious enough issue to vote yes for poll on client, for cost of rosto's keep me poor lol but no choice will not instance, invasion, invance, or any thing that could result in death w/o one cause db. serious enough a bug to prevent playing. Thus maybe release as a rc the client so others will also use it to pinpoint bug, but imo let them know of this issue too, so they don't spam radu and mods for rosto/db loss or rage quit. They have a full plate already. I would have but its my choice to use the new/test client and not official one. Cause it totally outrages me when I die and its NOT cause of anything of my own dumbass choice.
  14. Poll - New client update?

    idk why. but this client tends to crash on random restore for me. = lost rosto and death while fighting a mob, especially one over 250 HP. completely random. cannot find a way to duplicate on command or any options to be turned off to prevent. not using client anymore due to this little annoying hiccup thus I vote no.
  15. Why even bother with rangelock when it disables moment you attack a creature, defeats whole purpose 4 times almost died because reangelock disabled itself, either cause monster flee or others attacks monsters or monster died and still have range lag and i click ground because monster moved and then end up right there and attacking him myself or land into the mobs, or have to move yet again just because i misclick after a kill thats whole reason for rangelock, good idea if only one critter, but shty idea for multiple, usig the left ctrl button to move worked absolutely fine, I understand that some may like this feature, make it easier to shoot and run like *, but PLEASE at least put an option in the settings to choose to use auto disable rangelock PLEASE
  16. Thank you very much for putting an option to use it When it was acting up had you alt+tab'd into or out of the game? nope, It happens if all i do is run EL and never leave screen, I also checked this running bare minimium apps on computer to see if something else possibly is the cause. But, I think i found what I'm doing to create this problem, Keep in mind my right hand is messed up. But it seems to disables any time i repeatedly click a critter in between each actual shot, especially large monsters that all i do is sit there and click as fast as i can. not sure, but seeems to be when it happens, maybe someone else can check, and FYI Mouse limit under control tab in options is 2. can someone else possibly recreate this that isn't having problems?
  17. well i was wrong, worked good for a while, but end wtf and end of invance it acted up, and get this sometimes it would disable itself when i touch nothing after putting it on and no creatures around, please put an option to use this feature or not in the settings, ty
  18. updated client, seems to work the way it was ment to be now, will test it further see if I run into the same issue and If I have any further problems with it I'll report back here. ty for taking a look though,
  19. after talkijng to a few people I'm told that rangelock is not suspose to disable unless you are attacked, this hasn't been the case for me, range lock disables everytime I click on a critter to shoot it. even on the wall of iscal, Me almost dieing is due to rangelock disabling and me walking into the critters due to range lag, i move to where critter was after it was killed due to rangelock disabling on me.
  20. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    someone mentioned suggestion to me and thought i'd post it here. was for the app to rotate with screen with app or a side out keyboard for easier typing like it would on a rotating screen
  21. Gold for advertising

    I found the original thread and actually most of the players that had voted there said they'd buy the gold membership. Most doesn't equal to all Anyway original idea included benefits to non fighters too, so it wouldn't be just fighters that buy the membership. I believe anyone can afford 5 or 10 $ price per month. No one has ever said paying the monthly fee in WoW is a problem, but when it comes to some free game where you'd volutarily pay and get some benefits, then it's like buying a new car. I will say it and I will say it for 40% of people i know playing el that can't afford monthly fee and don't want you to know their financial situation and are very nice people. Paying a monthly fee in EL is a problem!! It is a turn off and many people stop playing games cause of this, why bother when you can buy the CD with a serial # as proof that you shown your support and play only with their servers FREE. Also those same people who go to stores to buy those type of games can buy another cd for another serial # to run multiple instances of the game legally , so its not cheating and you don't get perma banned. radu, aislinn, and others have to deal with soo much crap from repeat offenders its BS. they can't enjoy their playtime, wait what playtime, surprised they don't have brain aneurysm My Point : this game is beta, always changing, and free out of the kindness of their hearts, they put up with soo much crap, I, my wife, many others have shown their support for the game by buying what we can afford in items, And I got lifetime p2p, which cost $50 usd which is more than some other online games from BIG companies that pay out millions to make a game. thus also should have access to this membership status which you state "I believe anyone can afford 5 or 10 $ price per month" This statement is FALSE, people have fixed incomes, I barely can keep food on table, roof over head, and electric for AC. one may say then get a job, I had one, but now I cannot work not cause i don't want to but because I am physically unable, HELL I shoulda been dead, let alone be alive with minimal use of the right side of my body. We are lucky radu has a shop to make our EL life easier, And allows others who can't afford items through the shop to work hard in EL to be able to obtain these items through others whom can afford to buy them through the EL shop which has shown support of this beta game which is NOT run by multi billion dollar corporation, this creates the economy in EL. (this is for black market people not you Miiks) Why not show support for the game and help out with advertising. they have a life too and expenses and still let people play for free and put up with one headache after another. In all honesty they should have the game read computers unique proccessor serial number then make it into a hash md5 in which would generate a serial number for the game unique to the computer and when a player logs into the game that serial # should be automated to be added to the character in which can only be removed from the system by being honest to the owners in order to prevent a perma bann for breaking any rules. Then let the game be automated and then bann any serial number for illegal gameplay of any sort they deam worthy and make you have to buy either a new computer or processor to get another unique id. this would be a costly learning curve for anyone that disreguards the rules. and free up owners and mods time and maybe get a good nights sleep. They bend over backwards for lots of people and yet whats wrong with them asking for people to show support through the game instead of going to black market to get ahead. Radu can sell you any item in game, if he doesn't it may be because he has a reason behind it, Just ask the guy. In conclusion First off I'm sorry if I offended anyone here, And sorry I barked at you Miiks but in RL economy is going to shit world wide and I pray you don't have to experieence in the future what i see everyday. I'm sure at some point we all would have been banned as per the rules of EL, Even my household would have if radu & aislinn hadn't taken their time to listen unlike a multi million dolllar corporation, for everything is logged, be glad its not automated like it could be stated above & that radu, aislinn, and the mods take their time to work with us to enjoy it here. My purpose of this reply is to show support however you can to let the community grow, give pro's AND con's (like many have), all suggestions are welcome. And think about it, how would you feel watching all the profitable income that could be used for advertisement, other expenses that could grow and better the game, or even in your pocket for profit going to the black market. P.S. I would completely understand if I got a forum bann for this post, this is just my opinion and how i feel about it.
  22. Nexus potions

    ok imo, I agree with maxine that maybe it should be done through the gods, 15k for a nexus increase instead of a potion. my reasons, I see ALOT of loopholes, too many to list, but this waay it would also be within your character build. If it were me, I would use the pots to get nexus to complete manu tutorial just to get child of stars perk, no more failure in negative and no more make rare in negative for example, I stating this not because i have the perk but because the harvest tut is what was mentioned here and that tut is just for exp and to complete a quest, where as manu tut gives you astro advantage perminantly. also through the gods, your limited to the gods that your currently serving, and skills you are currently focusing on, This would also increase the purpose of the godless perk being a negative perk. trying to keep this short for I have many thoughts going through my head both pro's, cons, loophole that can be exploited till their fixed etc. IMO Nexuses is the core of your character, more than attributes thus is why this subject isn't being taken lightly. It's one thing to increase your attributes for a little more of this and that, but to make nexuses so easily obtainable without any consequences besides a time limit and gc, means that you can change the core build of your character at a whim to accomplish any goal in EL without any effects to the choices you made or will make in order to make for character build. nexus transfers have consequense of not being able to use your other skill without switching back, (seen this alot people with a high level in a skill unable to use a special day because they moved their nexus around) granted it wouldn't be ideal to use potions to increase nexus for use of whole day, but would be useful for those quests for the extra rewards on those days, or perminately ie child of stars perk. buying perminant nexuses, well your looking at alot of time to either make hydro bars or come up with money for them, still a consequenc many have taken due to their choice, time which could have been better spent else where to enhance your character. see even this little bit was alot to read, and i tried to make simple, and yet not as simple as drink these to make a 200kgc+ item from ings you gathered along your way in while playing EL
  23. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    thank you for conformation, another loc going from ws to mm has a flag but stacked ontop of mugwart. can only get harv mugwort action not map change into mm also can use to go from ws to pl. but cannot enter pl saph cave from ws side
  24. Eternal Lands Android client (new version)

    can't seem to get exit of MM north cave to work
  25. [Very minimal] Eternal Lands client for Android

    yes. my wife ellora was trying to enter tg sto and we could not find the marker to click on to enter storage. was thinking it may be there, but my screen is small, we use Samsung mesmerize, the ability you have to zoom out in your next update might make it visible. we just wanted to let you know we were unable to find the entrance to tg sto to be able to enter in actor view. maybe if someone else can also look to confirm?