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  1. Possible PK Bug

    and what of the items lost, i currently am sitting on test server waiting for somebody with the bone, since matteyu may not have lost anything of value he may not care but losing plate and col is a kick in the nuts and then some..
  2. Possible PK Bug

    Besiktas is only power hungry with mirror at the time (but also keep in mind he didnt have a rosto on, a bag was dropped, but his plate and CoL were missing from the bag)
  3. Possible PK Bug

    Besik did not have a rosto, and did drop, however the items stated that were lost did not appear in bag the bag.. and also no messages on tanything breaking... so something is messed up.... considering he dropped the therm serp and got it back
  4. Possible PK Bug

    does that go for the bone or the items lost in space?
  5. Possible PK Bug

    dunno, but will the lost items be returned, since when besiktas die lost col and plate set?
  6. B&S

    wb guy, be sure to bust some asses with those levels of yours this time
  7. vampireLOREN is a bagjumper

    personally i dont believe he would but you never know
  8. Rumours About "Bagjumping"

    *begins thanking whomever gave birth to this guy* those are the wisest words i have heard from a beginner in a long time.... Damned_Angel looks like there is another person that has renewed my faith the human race will live on
  9. EaterOfSouls

    lol cuz these guys know me and know im not a dick w/o reason... and i never denied doing it, infact i told him i did.. shut up and move on and you did it to me once while training, only i didnt die since i pwn j00 and your summons i couldnt agree more, but also keep in mind what goes around comes around... if you mess with me i kill you... or in this case since he is a multiple time offender with me i will take your stuff if you die aswell as kill you on sight... only facts i need are it happened to me.... you fucked up.... you died while i was around.... your problem... stop bitching and move on... actually it is better said if everybody move on since this is really becoming petty... ill sum things up and move on myself 1) yes he died to a bear and yes i took his shit.. 2) yes i had my reasons as i stated im my previos post.. wether you believe me or not is your choice to make and personally i dont care 3) this is a wonderful saying "All is fair in love and war" and "what goes around comes around" if you mess with me expect to get something back be it i directly pk you (and blacksky you know i will kill you on sight... if not you must be blind since i have before and have informed you of it as well) or i see you die and take your things (in this case i took and gave to my sister mothra since she just started playing and i can make everything you dropped) ....i suppose that is enough said, if you wish to moan and groan, or as in some cases congradulate me PM me here or ingame.... no need to spam here... thank you for your time..
  10. EaterOfSouls

    yes yes.... im an asshole.... but hey... that will teach you to summon monsters on people training in the arena lol.... i dont make it habbit to bagjump... but i make acceptions for dumbasses
  11. An unlikely couple

    ummm...hmmmm... gratz? yes? no? maybe? erm.... bah maybe i should sleep before coming across such things... so confused... so very very confused
  12. Face lifts :)

    what she said.... only add a few of these little guys
  13. Special Thanks to Radu and Roja

  14. Look what I found

    shit i woke up my son from laughing.... niiiiiiiiiice
  15. Chatting with memebers of *CO*

    Ok first thing first.... A) I am EateRofSoulS I am never wrong yet nobody listens... C) I told you guys all this would do was give me yet another good laugh.... I must say though... if i were to make an ass out of myself this would be the best way to do it... good job lol i believe i mentioned their fantacy world several times... and it appears i was right... *victory dance* Why don't RICH stop supplying just everyone in EL and start supplying only guildies? Then you wouldn't be the market bullies that you are nowadays, that is just the market equivalent of pk of people training. Exactly. I'm not very fond of *CO*, but here they won hands down and RICH only showed how proud they are of making it even harder for other manuf people... as i mentioned and as was seen i dont see why people are mentionging *CO* in this since i dont represent them... it was just me bored and rambling semi-intoxicated no need to feel sry.... i was laughing so hard it hurt... too true guy.... too true i win again *happy dances* in that first screenie. That kind of makes sense later on Very immature RICH. But entertaining... heh hey there cleph and yes... but as i admit.. i was only in it for sits and giggles... and man did i ever get what i wanted lol lol i had no reason to be mean... was all in good fun... and again i have managed to prove the point i was trying to make with them.... *3rd victory dance of the post* dude... was even better as it happened... and their attempts to belittle me just made me laugh harder... i love it.... *4th and final victory dance* oh and i realize this is going to be so childish and immature... but hey i never claimed to not be so .... i told j00 soooooo .... oh and i lied this is my final victory dance *dances around the the computer chair for awhile* edit: i forgot to add this quote from a very wise yet equally stupid man named peter griffin "in your face in your face hahahaha" *does a coulpe pelvic thrusts* ok im done ith my childish fun..... for now...