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  1. The Eternal War

    <_< I couldn't make it T____T had to get my skateboard deck...
  2. Pk-able Maps

    erm as i was heading towards KF this is what it said it never finished map ^^;
  3. The Eternal War

    Its on sunday >< its on sunday... why can't you play
  4. Spelling And Grammar Errors

    Okay if we are going to look at spelling/grammer errors, go look at the body restoration book, it reads "body restAURation" also there is i think either a skellie fight or summoned book that reads that too... im no too sure. Also when you go to withdraw, deposit sulFur it reads sulPHur.... <_<
  5. Scarr Banned..

    Scarr/Satan what ever you want to be called... You laughed at me when i got banned... I'm not here to laugh at you but I am hoping you learn that you just got bit in the ass. Perhaps maybe you should read rules? {{edit}} ... uhm if i recall no one gets warnings you shouldn't have to you should read RULES when going into the game.
  6. Myhobo

    keep him banned.... i have net around the house and my IP's are different...
  7. The Eternal War

  8. Got Banned

    hmph looks like im banned what a pitty
  9. Got Banned

    Thank you
  10. Got Banned

    wait a second... cicero please look.... if you #pban'd those green guys at the beam that means u ip banned right? well two of those were mine... heh im sorry
  11. Got Banned

    hmph oh well off to gunbound XD
  12. Got Banned

    erm my dog did it?
  13. Got Banned

    last thing i remember doing was making an account that said "edge_teh_best" or something like that and along with"i_miss_teh_otl" .... they weren't interacting sooo i don't see what i was doing illegial
  14. Got Banned

    I don't even know what i did but alright....
  15. Rya's Hole In His Pocket

    i got like 1.5k?
  16. New Map!

    ... no
  17. Harvesting Limit/hour (not Just Exp Limit)

    there should def be a harvest limit, without it we would have people with 100000000000 for a skill on harvest. there shouldn't even be a disscusion about this.
  18. Attack/defence Exp Per Creature

    Thats a really neat idea... cept i think it might just get a little cluddered
  19. Fluffy Drops

    just for you ent :lol:
  20. Gah Wtf?

    http://www.boomspeed.com/rampage04/wtf.JPG lol idk if this is a bug or glitch or what...
  21. Anime Ftp

    vart do you have any DN Angel? or some GetBackers? i know they are licenced but get them!!!!
  22. My Bday

    yay its my bday :lol:
  23. My Bday

    Lol no I am 14
  24. Rings?

    Is there going to be any more rings such as Taharji Desert ring or a Kilarian Field ring?
  25. Hell~!

    Does anyone else but me think there should be monsters in hell... atleast a skeleton or few.