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    Well, maybe if he changes his mind on things that we paid gc to get into the game, he might fix the item or count the gc towards another item. I see how both your view and Entropy's view on this are both perfectly valid. Heh. Try to relax a little bit though. If he gets gc out of the game this way, perhaps he won't try to remove it from the game as much in other ways. He has adjusted the break rates of many items and made a number of things with the intentions of removing gc. This is a different way for him to do it, so perhaps he won't need to do it as much in the other ways. It could be better for EL and for him if he charges us to implement an item. Besides, this is a "beta" version game. It is an Eternal Test here in Eternal Lands. I do see your point about money sinks. However, I think there are better ways to do this, such as new NPC items, or a one-time payment for more storage space, for example. I think charging people for content to test is wrong, and though people might say 'But it's a real game because we can play it without having to test', the fact of the matter is that Radu could pretty much do anything as it's only a Beta (remove the newly implemented content, for example).
  2. Gatherer Medallion

    So now the testers of this game have to pay for the privilege to test new features. That's like asking someone for payment for fixing your TV for you.
  3. Potion of Speed Hax auction

  4. Bronze set auction

  5. Bronze set auction

    huh? I'm past caring now; bai xD
  6. Bronze set auction

    Low offers ftw! [PM from SouLove: omfg those are fake logs roflol] [PM to SouLove: ;o] [PM from SouLove: no] [PM from SouLove: its fake] [PM to SouLove: it's fake? ] [PM from SouLove: ye]
  7. Bronze set auction

    lmao; sorry for not immediately checking your MSN to make sure that you're correct
  8. Bronze set auction

    phailed... cause : I know; but this is pure GC, that is random junk random junk that is easy as shit to sell and if the seller is happy with offer in items, then you should bid an appropriate amount, not just try to raise your post count! He never said he was happy with the offer though, did he? And i don't care about post count, look at my posts.
  9. Bronze set auction

    phailed... cause : I know; but this is pure GC, that is random junk
  10. Bronze set auction

    105kgc then
  11. New payment option, feedback needed

    Would be nice if it comes to the UK via Blockbuster, i think it would be a good safe way to buy st00f, and i think it'll broaden the market for the EL shop, one of the main reasons people don't buy at these online shops is because they feel unsafe in disclosing all of their info online.
  12. Quote of the week submissions

    making fun of newbs that ask for help isn't very funny, especially that any noob could ask that and it's not a stupid question -_- Firstly, i gained permission from emil to post this, so if he felt that i was doing it for the purpose of making fun; he wouldn't have given me this permission. Secondly, this thread is about quotes that are entertaining, this is one. Thirdly, you're the one making fun of emil by calling him a 'noob' And lastly, you don't need to broadcast your opinion on everything, post count isn't all that matters in life y'know I don't mean to make fun of people asking for help, this is merely a funny quote, as are most of the posts in this thread (apart from people moaning about unnecessary topics)
  13. Quote of the week submissions

    Ah this one made me chuckle
  14. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Good Choice
  15. Auction

    Meh nvm