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  1. Little Dekke!

    Congrats on the baby, you two.
  2. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    hmm..my favorite song atm is er.. DJ Tiesto- Eugina
  3. How fast r y00?

    im on dial-up..i wont bother
  4. FireFox And Internet Explorer

    if you cant get rid of a virus or spyware..ive always found out that re-formatting windows again usually is a clean sweep. nooo, dude! firefox is the way to fly, lol
  5. Harvesting speed

    i think the harvesting speed depends on how many harvesting events you experience during that haul or how often you fail..i think they all vary around the same unless you are below the recommended
  6. What would you recommend....

    ill have to agree with jon finch with this..titanium seems to be the most profitable "harv hour" product. its not too bad of exp either.
  7. best havestable for lvl'ing

    after tree shrooms I went to turqoise less recommended harv skill than cinnabar
  8. Birthday party for BleedingSoul

    happy belated birthday, blee!
  9. What was your first guild?

    first guild, hm? L.A. was my first and only guild
  10. "Market" value of EFE?

    6-7k? When i started playing EL they were 8k yes, they were once 8k iirc