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  1. heres an idea

    waitn 30 seconds in a conversation is pretty bogus . . . . ..
  2. Please read this, for the good of EL

    there alrdy guild wars among eternal-lands XD, dun ye pay attention, go2 a pk server sometime there might b people blowing the snot outta each other.
  3. Two Weps

    you admin peeps sound make 2 small daggers to buy 500 gc each, called the twin daggers and each does like a max attack of 7-10 damage, combined it would do like 14-20 damage.
  4. Clothes

  5. Server messages

    them messages are funny as heck, why would they b offensive its just a video game . . . . :lol:
  6. A Card System

    hmmm i still like the weapon n armor enhancn idea but . . . what about a summoning tourney and each card you have becomes a monster and each oppent can either fight the monster or use a card on that monster. lol naw . . . but we need some sort of card/spirit/soul thing goin on . . . . O A SOUL! like goblin dies u can pick up a goblin's soul. Goblin's soul automaticly summons a goblin and the soul would be gone. how would taht sound?
  7. A Card System

    you peeps crack me up, but no lets not turn el into stu-pid-oh, lets try ta get some sorta beef up item to put on weps n armor with the stuff i posted above. but ya like spirits gobline spirit troll spirit garg spirit ext. taht seems more realistic to this realistic med-evil game
  8. A Card System

    well a card can wight like at the most from 0-1 wieght. And just click on the card and the options would show which wpon to put it on. Make some cards only go on armor or weapons.
  9. A Card System

    well i mean like haveing a slotted sword and put the cards in the wepons for it to activate.
  10. A Card System

    and the other monster i'll have to think more about, and the e.l. staff can have a card drawing contest about every 2 weeks or so . . . because when you identify the card it will show a picture of that monster and taht picture can attract people to enter contests and want to play his game.
  11. A Card System

    For other monsters and i dont think animals would look good dropping cards. Ogre card:+5 attack rate Armoured goblin card:+6 wepon attack rate, -1 defence rate Troll card: +7 shiled defence rate, -1 attack rate sm. Gargoyal card: +3 attack, +2 defnece rate med. Gargoyal Card: +4 attack, +1 magic rate lrg. Gargoyal card: +5 attack rate, +2 magic rate ogre card:+7 attack, -4 defence rate Armoured female goblin card: -2 defence, +5 weapon attack rate Orc female card:-4 attack, +6 shield defence rate. Orc male card:+3 defence, +7 weapon attack rate Cyclops Card:+10 attack, -7 dfence rate. Fluffy Card:+10 attack C Wolf Card: +10 defence
  12. A Card System

    like a goblin card would do +5 defence rate
  13. Lizard:2 unit size

    would a lizard just be cool to have in eternal-lands. I mean just think about it, make it have 50 mp and about 24 att and 24 def so most people can kill it and a 1/100 chance of getting some sort of rare item out of it.
  14. A Card System

    Maybe E.L. should have some sorta card dropping system. As in a goblin dropping a goblin card and have some sort of effect. How whould that sound?
  15. Godless?

    man dont take a game too seriously, afterall its just a video game.