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  1. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    Hello, Ok first of all Ent. your awsome man, I cant imagine the schooling, money, and time you put into this game. I cant believe some of these people they complain about your "attitude" and yet you provide this awsome game for them i mean honestly can people get anymore retarded?!? :shock::roll: it falls back on that old saying "Biting the hand that feeds you". And considering we dont have to pay for this game Ent can bitch to his heart content (not that ive ever seen him seriously be that mad) And you guys who complain about him do you complain about your work? (dont lie) everyone does well what if it became your jobs polocy if anyone was ever cot complaining about work then that person be fired. thats pretty much what your pulling on ent. except the one diference is HES NOT EVEN GETTING PAID. WHERE YOU CAN COMPLAIN ABOUT A JOB YOUR PAID FOR.
  2. Building your own campfire!

    I like this idea (even though by my name you can tell im fond of night) But after im done harvesting and stuff i usually rest my thumbs so having campfires would be nice. Roja Wrote:
  3. ~Diferent Race Styles

    works for me. 8)
  4. ROFL this is great (ent youll like this)

    I thank GOD my therapist is on speed dial. Lol man if anyone is suicide DONT look at that. lol worst part of all is i was eating coacoa puffs when i whachted that so i g2g cleen my screen bubye.
  5. ~Diferent Race Styles

    I just reread and noticed something else when i say samurai i dont mean the actual thing thats a bit too far out of time line. i mean diferent styles of clothing (im obssest about samurai so obviously used it as a example) just diferent types buildings or like roman like armor or something like that.
  6. ~Diferent Race Styles

    and to answer your question placid this is the first one ive ever played so whatever. but im in the game making business so i might as well ask. im working ot make an X box game (like it will ever be ready) would you play a game where theyre about 1000 men on each side and you control only one. no magic no nothing totally realistic as far as mortality. but you can choose what type of race and style youd use so yeah samurai but also have many others like romans and greeks maybye have some heros in theyre like alexandra. stuff like that. P.S. whats wrong with wanting to experiment and be diferent? just becuase its diferent doesnt mean its worst i seriously everything has ever been thought of so keep experimenting maybe ull find better.
  7. ~Swords

    alright alright i get the idea sorry newbie post obviously so lay off...
  8. Hello, Agreed this make it a bit longer for the newbs, and this would add on A LOT you would have to add (lots of work) but, what would you think if you put diferent styles on here. like lets say i want samurai armor so i go and look up so me books for samurai armor styles of clothing and stuff like that. it make the game a lot more...colorful (for lack of better words). Each style could have its own weaknesses and streinghts. Ex: samurais are fast but they might not be as strong as english or the mountian dwellers. and the arabs could have like better exp and stuff from gods and such. i cant think of all you could do to it but please tweak and think of stuff as much as possible on this. (Anothe big plus to this is it would make this game so much more diferent than others i mean you dont see this kind of thing in everquest!)
  9. ~Swords

    Hello, Hey i think it be interesting if we made a couple more books like double swords or some thing like that to where instead of just a sord and sheild we could have two swords of coarse the type of swords would be lmited to short lighter ones but the point is that when in a fight they enemy attacks u and you attack twice as much and maybe faster.