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    games,motorbikes,painting miniatures
  1. Whats Ur Real Name?

    I don't quite know if its really Doug or Aday....cos when i was born, my old dear opened the cot and said " eeh fuckin'ell, let's call it a day"...
  2. I want to be a scammer

    HEEHEEHEEHEEHEE...too funny...and placid.."snowball" wasn't that the pig from george orwells animal farm? lol...*has to think *
  3. What Is Your Age?

    Guod/skuller 29...going on 4...
  4. Best 80's rock band?

    A few days late on the post but... ALL of the above ...Totally Rock...Slayer and Pantera was the big influence in my life as was all of the above...but i was a bit more deeper in the twisted way of life....The Death scene...i loved my CANDLEMASS... although i hate opera the sound of the human voice is awesome, especially when it is mixed with Death Metal. For those about to ROCK...I salute you
  5. England

    Guod/Skuller another of England's finest ...spent 15 years in yorkshire, and 14 years down south. Now living on south east coast, in a town that i share with Gunther and Wildcard. ps if you want your leather jacket painted i'll do it...did one for a friend and he got it signed by the lead guitarist from machinehead...proud day
  6. Anime Fans!

    if there is one character that sums guod up that would have to be Sengoku from the anime film oedo 808 cybercity...his lack of communication or even his communications when he does speak are a little too much like me on a bad day....i love anime