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  1. v1.9.0

    Noticed this issue as well and have a screen shot also. Using 1.9 client with original maps.
  2. The Dire Storm

    This invasion was lots of fun. I was in Irsis and I liked how you had at least two spawn points on opposite sides of the map. It kept people from camping and let the monsters spread a bit making it easier to engage them 1 or 2 at a time.
  3. Linux test client

    Not sure if you want map bugs posted here or in another thread but I noticed this issues with the windows inside WS castle in the main foyer. Here is the screenshot. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/uploads...595_60_7403.jpg Roja, if you have a preferred place to post these kind of things let me know and I'll post there instead. RC 2
  4. Linux test client

    I've been running RC 2 for a few days now on this Linux machine. Installs and loads fine. Looks beautiful with the new textures. I do however, seem to have lower fps from the December CVS version. Looking at the sky seems to make it worse. Will continue to test.
  5. TD tweaking

    These changes would undermine the efforts of players using non-fighter builds. Also, since alternative builds rely on teamwork to take down strong fighters, it would undermine group tactics. Why should players form squads or train magic or put pick points towards rationality or perception instead of physic or coordination when they can't use them? There aren't a lot of outdoor pk areas that allow drops and no others that cancel rostogols. The spirit of Tahraji is that you can't just cop out of attacking someone with a rostogol stone. You take a real chance of losing all that expensive equipment if you venture there. It's the only map in the game that equalizes players this way. Leave Tahraji the way it is.
  6. problem with Radeon 200M

    I am posting this reply into this topic in the hopes that anyone have my problem will find it here with a search. I was having a crashing problem using an ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 chipset card. I could load the game but when I tried to walk around the system would start to resync and eventually would go blank. My graphics card software, Catalyst, would then recover the card using the VPU recover feature. I tried the solution posted here by Nathan and disable the point particles in my el.ini file under My Documents. The video card crashing is no longer but the fps is very low and I did have to select the mouse bug option (NOT the ATI bug option). Any help on how to improve fps performance would be greatly appreciated. Hardware Info: Graphics Chipset ATI Radeon Xpress 1150 Bus Type PCI Current Bus Setting PCI BIOS Version 008.050I.058.00 BIOS Date 2007/02/06 Memory Size 256 MB Memory Type HyperMemory Core Clock in MHz 401 MHz Memory Clock in MHz 401 MHz Primary Display Yes Software Info: Driver Packaging Version 8.31-061011a-053721C-Dell Provider ATI Technologies Inc. 2D Driver Version Direct3D Version OpenGL Version CATALYST® Control Center Version 1.2.2475.36837 AIW/VIVO WDM Driver Version AIW/VIVO WDM SP Driver Version
  7. About finding stones

    Since the demand for these stones remains relatively fixed in the short run, the best indicator of increased or decreased supply is price. Therefore, it seems that the number of binding stones being found has decreased in the last couple of months.
  8. Masks

    How about a mask that provides concealment? Something like a balaclava. It could be an item under the tailoring skill. Would allow your avatar to remain anonymous on the field. Instead of character name and hitpoints you'd only see "Unknown ??/??". Would provide disincentive to pker's whether they want to tangle with someone they know nothing about. Could also be combined with camouflage clothes to create a ninja type class of fighters who rely on stealth and ranging more than the meathead brute force of the 3/2/1 p/c/w pker build with full dragon armor and great swords. Then there would be more reason to cosider whether or not you want to walk around with all that bright shiny metal drawing attention to yourself in Tahraji. Would give us a reason to use all those poison caltrops and small landmines we've been collecting.
  9. Resource shortages idea

    Reducing resources will have the effect of increasing the price of the resource and decreasing the quantity of both the resource and the items made from them. The increasing price of resouces will have an inflationary effect on the economy and the deminishing quanities will encourage hoarding of existing resources.
  10. selling stuff

    I'd like to buy a couple of those EFE's and a couple of those serpent stones from you.
  11. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    I have noticed an issue with this client. When I open some of the game windows, specifically the stats, notepad or help windows the characters turn into something like a color negative in appearence. The floor also changes. The issues seems to be centered around the "use actor animation" option under the video options. When this option is on, opening those windows causes the issue. When the actor animation is off, opening the windows has no effect. I checked this against the previous client version 1.6 and sometimes it does it as well and some times not. Here is a screenshot of the normal view with the actor animtion on but the window closed. Looks normal, now here is the the view with actor animation on but with the buddy list open. And finally, here is the view with the buddy list open but withe the actor animation option turned off, the characters change back but notice the floor stays the same. Hope this helps. Video card: ATI Radeon Xpress Series Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.1.7659 Release UVP: 1
  12. New Resolutions in EL

    Hi All, I was having this same problem with the screen resolutions and I just sorted it out on my machine so I hope maybe this helps someone. My native screen resolution is 1280X800 with is a widescreen format. EL was running in 1024X768 which is a traditional format. My card (an ATI Radeo Xpress) was streching the game out to make it 1280X800 which distored the picture. I tried to change the screen resolution to 1280X800 but it crashed the client. Also, if I tried to change from Full Screen to Windowed it would crash my entire system (hard reboot). After reading the threads I tried adjusting it in my EL.ini file but it had no affect. I then realized that the el.ini file I was modifying was in the in the path C:/program files/eternal lands/el.ini but this file is an old one from a previous version or something and the game doesn't look at it anymore so I was changing it but with no effect. The correct el.ini file was located in my documents/eternal lands/main/el.ini Once I adjusted that it affected the game. Also, inside the el.ini file there was no option for 1280X800. By looking at the inside of the option screen inside the game I determined that the appropriate option should be 14 so I typed that in to the el.ini file and it worked. I also changed it to Full Screen and that worked too. Now the game is running perfectly in 1280X800 Full Screen with no distortions and no crashes. I don't know if this is common knowledge but it solved my problem so I thought I'd post it. Hope it helps someone.
  13. 170 Final RC, please test (Windows)

    Video card: ATI Radeon Xpress Series Vendor ID: ATI Technologies Inc. OpenGL Version: 2.1.7412 Release UVP: 1 Ran the extension and got a failure to load error message that SDL_image.dll was missing. Verified it was in the directory and tried again. Loaded the client this time (only difference is that I copied the .exe to the desktop the first time). Running now with no discernable problems as of yet. P.S. Harvesting effect looks good. The rain effect is different and does not bog down my system's fps like it used to. P.P.S. The minimap and new camera features are outstanding!
  14. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Ok, So with the way it is now we can't get into the bookshop. Are you saying that we will not be able to buy advanced armor and weapons books untill the next client update? Can we move the bot outside or something so we can at least get access to these books?
  15. 1.6.0 Map Bugs

    Hi, I am having this same problem as well. Previous poster had [FIXED] edit in his thread but it is not fixed. Thanks. LB