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  1. Same scenario as LadyWolf, but asked three mods. One yes, one no, one no response. I have also removed the two cave maps from the previous release I've had and apologize if they've somehow been the scourge of the game law. I'm not the kind of person to cheat, because that gets you no satisfaction in the end.


    Sorry if this has caused any trouble. :mellow:

  2. .. The community? Pretty rude I'll say. Asking some few questions, only one person answered me right, the others just being very sarcastic and rude. It really need a big improvement if they're gonna make it as final release game tho. I gave a '4'. Sorry guys, but this is really crappy one :P



  3. When? Okay, take a damage ring. Silver bar + fire essences + polished ruby. Split it up. Silver bars sell for 30 gold each, two bars to a ring. 10 gold for a sanding paper. Rubies can sell for 2.2 gold each. Each fire essence can sell for 3 gold. 100-70something=20ish, and that's if you don't fail. And with masterly levels removed... you'll fail eventually.



    Fail one in like 200 if you level up your crafting decently. If you're not making profit on something due to fail rates, consider moving down the ladder to something that does bring profit.

  4. Mireille only said one intelligent thing on this post, and that it's that some disasters which are worse go completely unnoticed.


    Example: The Titanic sank and is now a historical event that will possibly never be forgotten. But who here has heard of the Wilhelm Gustloff, a German evacuation ship that went down carrying possibly upwards of 7,000 lives with it?


    However, You need to show more compassion for those hurt by disasters, Mireille. What if it happens to you?


    Yes, please don't assume we are all alike, because there is only one Daxon... :omg:


    And there's only one driving queen: LW. :lurker:

  5. Daxon blames Shivar for the behaviour of ChickenGeorge.. this is where allot of the hostility is coming from between the two.  We all know that no one can be blamed for the actions and choices of others... in otherwords, it's not Shivar's fault, Daxon... no disrespect meant to anyone here.  I just thought that I would mention this since my name was brought up here.



    Awful ironic how the problems started when CG began hanging around with Shivar. I knew CG before then -- a very polite, kind, credible person. I don't blame him for his behavior -- I blame the negative peer pressure.

  6. Well, you see scarab, I was stupid enough to sink to his level to argue with him. <_< But I'll just ignore him and his petty issues. It's not my fault that he has such poor social skills.


    Have fun ranting away with your BS Shivar. You only make yourself seem like a bigger idiot with each post you make. Bye. :P

  7. i asked if u was 66 year old because i heard it and u start to flame me anyways im not ognna discuss with you, my serp will :) BYE



    If you 'asked' why I was 66, why were you telling me not to deny it? Sounds like you were hellbent on calling me 66 even if I said no to your question (which I did and gave you my appropriate age, which you proceeded to flame also).


    Your serp meets my non PK map. :P

  8. I told a mod to ;p



    I'm guessing you also forgot to tell that mod that you started the whole thing, huh? Something about calling me 66?


    lolz HC is in np, although i dunno if we can beat Daxon, he does seem to think that he is superior to just about everyone in EL, talk about a stuck up attitude :)



    Only to those who believe they can actually make my life any worse through a game.

  9. The point is, the big pkers really don't get any reward. everyone who has anything of value on them probably has a rostogol so the only real income they can get is from monster drops and the few people that go into pk maps with more than 20k worth of stuff without a rostogol.



    It's called attrition. Keep killing someone and making them lose their rostogol stones, then taunt them to enter KF. They'll eventually have no stones left. You may not be gaining anything, but someone who dies with a rostogol is losing something. Think both ways.

  10. :D This topic was about PK-ing Daxon...Anyone PK-ed him yet?



    Truth be told Gryflet, sMooMs and Shivar will get themselves banned before they manage to PK me (much less find me wasting time in a PK map). :goofy:

  11. Yeah. *thumbs up* More power to you. :P I'll sit back and watch your.. 'war' go through. ;) Or is it just you who is the one with the war? I'm positive your own guildmates don't want a war with someone who has done nothing but make you, their leader, look like an idiot (and that one wasn't hard to do).


    I have nothing against the guys of =Hc= -- I just think their leader needs to take more responsibility for his actions.




    Better yet Shivar, why not skip the war and "[PM from shivar: ye or i must ban u ;>]"?