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  1. Ok I checked the other forums but I can't find anywhere else to put this.


    It may just be coincedence but lately it seems that cavern walls collapse on me several times a day, just recently a cavern wall collapsed on my 3 times within 15 minutes after having done so twice eariler in the day, is that just bad luck or is this meant to happen once you've mined too much of a certain product?



    Lucky. I've lost 4 pickaxes in 1 minute, accumulated over 80 damage in cavern walls in 3 minutes, been teleported 3x in a minute. Things could be much worse.

  2. If you dont' believe just watch box - they don't hit each other like with hammers, quite opposite most of them use quick short blows to wane oponent and quite rarely use very strong and long hooks, when they try to knockout him.



    Well, duh. Up to 36 minutes is a long time to be giving full blast punches, jabs, hooks, and/or crosses. :whistle: That's assuming your position is not compromised via taking blows.

  3. Read one thread on Jane's site.. and I got the notion that she tried to blame me for CG being banned.


    If anything, I was one of those people who did everything I could to help CG out. A month ago, I was always telling him to stop what he's doing, always telling him to be more polite. Don't even try your pissant BS with me because I'm tired of it Jane. I consider CG to be a good friend.


    P.S., I could careless what Shivar does. If he wants to PK me ingame, I'd be glad to make him wait for 6 hours while I continue about my business. :P I however did not want him PMing insults to fellow members in GarD or threatening them because he would.