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  1. In Poland, from where I am from, 20% of population makes their living off farming (arguably, the highest percentage in EU). And we also don't need guns to feel happy.

    how many coyotes/bears/etc. wander Poland outside of your cities and maul people?


    We have wolves. And other things. The police and professional, licensed hunters (who have the permit) take care of them.


    Unless those police and professional, licensed hunters patrol your home around the clock everyday, then you will need a small firearm or rifle to take care of hostile wolves when they are not available. Guns provide safety in the right hands. Around here, we have wolf and especially wild hog problems. Bears are not our biggest threat here, but they'd be something to be afraid of if they went on an all-human diet.


    I use firearms strictly and very strictly for safety nowadays. You can bet I'd leave this country if my right to protect myself against an animal or equally armed (or overly armed) criminal was taken away.

  2. I don't believe polygraph tests prove anything. People have cheated it before -- and some people have been framed by them. It may have legitimate bullseyes, but it has its misses. Why do you think that polygraphs are not allowed as evidence in courtrooms?


    Also, asking for $3 million doesn't help this guy's credibility, considering he's been stupid enough to be glued to a toilet TWICE. You think he'd be more paranoid of these after the first time. Apparently, he should have drowned in the gene pool to save the world an average intelligence drop.

  3. Then people will use nail guns. Or throw kitchen knives. Just because something has other uses doesn't excuse it from being an assault weapon, Mireille.


    Car batteries. Use acid from it and burn someone to death within a matter of seconds.


    Wrenches. Good hard blunt hit to the head. If the victim doesn't die, chances are they'll have irreparable brain damage.


    Just two dangerous things to consider.


    Because of someone not wanting to go hand-to-hand to kill somebody isn't entirely accurate. A robber will do anything if he is startled and scared by the person in a home. Then he may blindly charge and stab them mercilessly.


    Please, do ban firearms. I'll be one of the startled ones when I read a headline 'Man killed in robbery by being impaled through the neck with a pen." <_<

  4. "Dax, you missed "Son of Sam" too, I think."


    No, I didn't forget him. I just simply didn't post him. I did forget the Green River Killer.



    "If people want to hurt people, the weapon they choose matters little. If people no longer care to hurt people, the availability of a weapon means nothing."


    Perfectly said.


    If you're aware of this Mireille, you'd know that if you ban firearms, people will use knives (and guns will still be used!). Then you'll end up having to ban knives. Next comes fireworks. Then beachballs. Then slices of ham. Anything that can hurt a person would have to be banned (and since just about anything can be used against someone, it's a pointless fight).


    There are several ways to kill a person. It just seems that cutting someone's throat or shooting them in the back of the head is a personal preference, so they get the worst spotlight.

  5. And what if it's a murderer breaking in the house instead of a robber, Mireille? You think his main goal is money and not to see your guts spilled?


    Murders "for fun" are extremely rare in my country. Rare enough for me to support the general ban on firearms.


    Unfortunately for America, a country with a large gap between the meager and the rich, we do have to worry about armed robberies and 'murders for fun.' Some of our famous 'killers for fun':


    Ted Bundy

    Jeffrey Dahmer (I believe he's the perfect vision of how a cruel society can corrupt someone)

    'The Zodiac Killer'

    John Allen Muhammad



    Maybe for your country, you would prefer not to have a means of effectively protecting yourself, but we do.

    We have a far greater need for it.

  6. but what use is pride to a dead man? better to be alive and lose your dignity than to be dead i think :D


    Quite the opposite for me.


    And what if it's a murderer breaking in the house instead of a robber, Mireille? You think his main goal is money and not to see your guts spilled?

  7. I just read about bagjumping, I have wondered why people do that with sitting on the bags, especially in the storage areas (which confounds me even more cause that is where I see it the most)


    They're manufacturing and putting items in the bag to take is easier than withdrawing every little bit from storage at a time. :hug:


    still it would be nice to have protection even if the robber was armed wouldnt it? i mean c-mon he's armed + you armed = better chance of suvival on the other hand he armed + you not armed = not a good chance


    This is actually not true at all.


    A burglar / robber is more likely to kill you or hurt you if they think you will be putting up a fight. If you have a weapon and / or do anything that may look like you are resisting, the robber is not going to melt and run away. He is going to hurt you hard and fast, and then continue to rob your bleeding corpse safely. Remember, by the time you are being robbed, it is already too late to draw down. He has the drop on you.


    Your best chance of surviving a robbery is to hand over your valuables and let the robber go. That is what he is interested in.


    This is not an opinion. It is fact. But keep trying. Hell, the NRA has been doing it for years in the face of any number of arguements, studies, proofs and facts.


    So in other words, the key to survival is to surrender without dignity. People have more pride than that.

  9. If you live in a country where everyone is allowed to have a weapon, it is logical to expect that the robber will be armed as well. It's a vicious circle.


    And if you live in a country where no one is allowed to have a weapon, it is logical to expect that the robber will be armed (they do get their hands on weapons, even when illegal). What's your point?

  10. Firearms are only bad in the hands of bad people. I've always supported high restrictions on acquiring gun permits (several hours of expensive gun courses, passing a safety test, and so forth). Why would someone go through a laundry list of restrictions and get a gun, only to violate the permit?


    For the most part, the primary reason why people have a small firearm at home is for protection. It's better to have some chance against a robber than be shot dead in your own home defenseless.

  11. hmm i wonder what it would be like in 50 or so more years.


    only future will point that out sparhawk :lipssealed:



    My guess is we won't be around to find that out.


    Depends - 50 years would put some of us only into our 60s or 70s...


    ...I personally wonder if the world will end before that. :lurker:



    That's what I meant -- we'll have blown each other up, a supervolcano will have erupted, three of the biggest risk NEOs will have struck Earth, all three, something else, or maybe even more things. -_- I probably won't last more than another twenty years, so I'll get off easy. Whatever happens in 50 is beyond me.

  12. because most people in the top 50 list have the same skills, so lets say someone was lvl 89 att but had hidern that, but there was someone below him with lvl 89 and someone above him with 89 im sure everyone could work out there lvl.


    And you can still get a guess of what level people are at now, just go down the top 50 list clicking every's names, not everyone has privay on so you can work out there levels abit :hug:



    Wow. I so never thought of that.




    So what if they work out their level? Is it really that horrible on someone for people to be able to guess one of their stats? Do people have something to hide?