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  1. Guess LuciferX lies alot, cause they attacked two of my guildies during pvp tonight, then tried to attack me while I trained with BadFlip, but being the two n00bs that they are, one of them misclicked poor Baddy and I got away.


    Poor guys, looks like you bought the cars, but didn't learn how to drive yet.



    To attack: It's the fist icon at the bottom, not the trade icon.


    Still can't get over the fact that he blew about 8 fast food paychecks to buy those chars. :blush:

  2. I understand that 12-25 may not be his actual birthdate, but they first believed he was born in January and even February. But they later settled on December the 25th. Which is why I posted happy birthday to him now rather than two months later.

  3. In regards to blocking cave in damage, I noticed that wearing leather armor, pants, and the boots prevented me from receiving the (estimated) maximum of 37 from cave ins. With the armor on, the highest I ever went was with 31 out of 640,000 harvested silver alone. You can guess how many times I was hit by cave in events in that time. To not hit even 32 or more once was obvious enough hint to me.


    As far as radiation damage goes, I'm sure the iron armor could block it (it DOES block radiation damage if you bother to put it on and #armor)

  4. No, it's natural for us to dip under 32 sometimes. For us to stay below freezing and even drop into the low 20s is NOT natural. I had an inch of ice frozen on my windshield and my truck lock frozen stiff. You don't even want me to start on how thick the pond ice was.


    Yeah, that's in Texas, a place where 100+ in the summertime is a common thing.