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  1. hunting of cats to be legalized

    Which we all have failed horribly.
  2. Shipping tax sounds good. The newer harvestable items can't even be harvested at this time, and it doesn't take a genius to modify the cont1 maps and add the newer harvestables when they are.
  3. Legalus -bagstealer

    They should give PKable punishments for this. "Don't be a troublemaker." And penalty for PKable punishment is a 3% loss of total experience in attack/defense each time you get killed (including deleveling). I'd love to see him suffer that.
  4. Oldbie Poll

    Which is probably 97% true. Shivar just doesn't strike me as the kind of guy who could break bones (and I'd know a little something about that).
  5. How to do alchemy faster..

    How about 460k?
  6. man die while playing online game

    me thinks playing freecell, and having a heart attack xD 187605[/snapback] Go play it for 3 days. You'd be amazed what kind of damage things can do if you get too much of it.
  7. man die while playing online game

    You can die from anything if you get overexposed.
  8. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    Mad_Raven.. is this a sign that male elves can never have a relationship?
  9. Sharing computers

    Voted dog since my ex wife was like one.
  10. How to do alchemy faster..

    And then you have the kinds of people who mine up massive amounts of silver ore and chrysanthemums, go to morcraven marsh, harvest atleast 450-500 fruits, go back to raven's, and just make 1k HEs per turn in peace at Raven's in our own timely manner. It's the main benefit of just gathering up all supplies beforehand -- you can make it when you please.
  11. somtimes u shouldnt report scammers

    Ah, good hearing from you Lord_Pain, Honorary Exile from GarD. Tricking people in any form ('hustling' them) is worthy of posting them as an outlaw. Hands down. Except, of course, if you pants them in public, in which case I'll laugh at them for not wearing a belt.
  12. The Hall Of Fame

    Have fun updating it then. Oo I'm busy enough as it is.
  13. man die while playing online game

    Well, it's different for countries like Korea with enormous gaming industries. Some of the strong players in their popular games advertise somehow for companies in which turn gets them a lot of money. Gaming is a career there.
  14. man die while playing online game

    Which is why in spite of incidents like these, games clearly put on their labels (most of the time): "Prolonged exposure to gameplay can result in seizures, eye failures, blahblahblah" Just helps them avoid lawsuits.
  15. Top Reasons to NOT Hit on Females in EL

    #20: They might be JaneMuffin in disguise.
  16. Level Requirements.

    Consider a level requirement for wearing equipment a safeguard against stupid, careless mistakes. Wearing a full iron set with 10/10 a/d and getting killed, maybe?
  17. EAF Championships

    They can add strawweight and bantamweight if they need to further split it, but I think that many titles can be hard to keep up with.
  18. Affreckles and his fluffy minions!

    .. Wow. That is, like, omytehgosh, so incredible.
  19. Affreckles and his fluffy minions!

    I want to see him pull that off on the live server.
  20. The Hall Of Fame

    Don't believe so.
  21. The Hall Of Fame

    I wouldn't mind adding something like this to one of my cont2 maps. That is, if Roja or someone else gives the go and allows it to be updated constantly. (I still think the pages alone are good enough )
  22. The Hall Of Fame

    They're kept pretty up to date.
  23. Oldbie Poll

    You buying the liquor?
  24. The Hall Of Fame

    I think statues would be more appropriate for contributors to the game, not people with 70+ hours a week to play. <_<