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  1. A quick question

    No. It only applies when making a full map.
  2. Hurrican KATrina is heading my way :shock:

    A Level 1 Hurricane shouldn't even challenge the most basic construction techniques. Although, it did one helluva bit of damage to trees and the like. And the highest recorded (tornado, not hurricane, but still ) wind was written in at 318 mph. Don't get the idea that you folks can't survive it. Because you're more than capable of it. Best of luck to anyone in it's path. Just be sure to have a safe place to go if you don't move further inland. :mellow:
  3. Map Editor Tutorial

    Cedox, just open autosave in the maps folder. It usually saves anything important before a catastrophe (although, you -might- lose a couple things).
  4. Negative Perk discussion

    And hopefully the MM cloak drop rate will get crippled. It may sound bad that, for example, one drops in 10,000, but let's face something.. just how many ogres/fluffies/cyclops are killed worldwide in EL each day?
  5. street drug?

    @Entris. People do drugs either from peer pressure, experimentation, stress, ignorance, blahblah. You name it and it's a reason.
  6. briar_moss is a bagjumper

    Is troublemaking allowed?
  7. Negative Perk discussion

    Small note Cordan.. those first five pickpoints you have at the start came with the initial 3/3 a/d experience you have.. which equaled up to 5.
  8. street drug?

    Thought you'd like it. While you're at it, you might like "Getting to Know You." Not exactly the same, but it is still based on teenage life.. some. Have fun Kala.
  9. Well, harvesting events were put in to mainly stop macroers. This is put in to hopefully drain some money from the game. Compared to the h. events, it has a purpose. Just put this in and test it out and modify or even scrap it altogether.
  10. Everyone complains about something Aislinn. People complain about the 120 harvest limit per hour, people complain about the super slow essence speed (I sure do), and people will complain about this too. Then again, some will also take enjoyment in it as well. Just give it a trial run and see how it works.
  11. Negative Perk discussion

    Maybe they can modify the MM Perk to only work in caves and not open land/homes/castles/manors/etc? That'd need some major tuning to it though.. (KV's castle and rubies)
  12. Negitive perks

    I'd rather prefer the gc cost to swell and bruise up -- like 5x as high as it is now. Can't make it too easy on them.
  13. Now you're just throwing flames at people. People want separate continent storage to add diversity to the game. Poll votes show it's an almost even split decision so watch just exactly who you're calling lifeless.
  14. street drug?

    Won't really bother responding to what dragburn said, but I've ODed before on accident due to drinking. Never once asked for anyone's help on it either. Although, a certain person makes me drink just thinking of them. Anyhow, If my mistakes kill me, so be it. I won't ask anything from anyone because of it. @Kala: If you're a big Matarazzo fan, watch "Welcome to the Dollhouse." Saw it quite awhile ago, but I thought it was a good movie. Edit Didn't know that you've already seen it.
  15. virtual crime

    Believe it or not Phaet, but online theft has contributed to a number of rage-murders. Such as the boyfriend stabbing the girl to death and the four boys killing one boy who was killing them over and over in the game while taking their items. Not like the last one is really relevant, but they have to take a stance somewhere on where the law is.
  16. You can't have everything gameplay-enhancing all the time. You sometimes have to suffer the swapping of enjoyment for balance. Balancing this by adding a money sink on it is atleast a start.
  17. Fess up

    urbandictionary.com has a (semi-decent) definition of it.
  18. Negative Perk discussion

    What would really piss me off about that is that my character is not raised with perks. No perks at all. So I'd get wiped for absolutely nothing.
  19. Negative Perk discussion

    Player wipe huh? So everyone should have to completely restart on something that quite frankly isn't that important? Leave the perks, maybe reduce the cost and gain of them, make negative perk effects really negative (power hungry = instead of -3 food, -9 food, antisocial can't trade with any player nor talk with any NPC, etc). Everyone always looks for the easy way out.
  20. My experiment with the mapmaker...

    Right click the lightbulb icon to turn the lightboxes off. It looks nice, but Roja is a picky one about those 2d objects.
  21. Fess up

    I'm not even sure how many people here know what goober means QJ. Poor souls.
  22. Negative Perk discussion

    Ehhh, keep them in. It'd be an easy reset for those who picked perks they didn't want. Though, they should be modified.
  23. Fess up

    1. no 2. no 3. searching around the property for snakes 4. hate 5. never did understand the film Oo 6. neither 7. Mario 8. dogs 9. middle of nowhere 10. My nickname is Peanut.
  24. W&W guild

    You really expect that coward to be brave, Jeze?
  25. One man guilds?

    I remember where that is.