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  1. Stats showing

    I was wondering.. why not allow the stats of people who don't use the privacy mode to show on the top player lists? And perhaps put a dash mark or leave the box blank for those who use it?.
  2. Does the Game Pick on players [SOLVED]

    Lucky. I've lost 4 pickaxes in 1 minute, accumulated over 80 damage in cavern walls in 3 minutes, been teleported 3x in a minute. Things could be much worse.
  3. OMFG, Not EL related but quite an issue.

    You forget Arnie -- if we back off, then people will say we're even more selfish.
  4. OMFG, Not EL related but quite an issue.

    I call wars "stupid." Something wrong with that?
  5. Well, duh. Up to 36 minutes is a long time to be giving full blast punches, jabs, hooks, and/or crosses. That's assuming your position is not compromised via taking blows.
  6. cyclops

    People had to train on ogres for 'ages' before to go to cyclops, destroyer. Maybe you should suck it up?
  7. Rampage of Mother Nature

    Should have seen how many were getting knocked off by the radon.
  8. serp of ice

    You found someone either desperate or stupid.
  9. serp of ice

    He's realistic.
  10. serp of ice

    Won't bother. PM me on forums if you ever manage to sell for that high.
  11. A new website

    Looks good J..Shallara. Keep it up.
  12. which game shud i play now?

    I preferred Lineage I. Community is mostly full of immature brats living off mommy's or daddy's credit card, but the gameplay is nice.
  13. eep

    He should put his friend in the outlaws section. Btw, he better hope that they'll give him a refund, somehow. That's a lot of money gone.
  14. And this method only works if you constantly add enough quest NPCs to compensate for how many people finish these quests up. If you don't, the problem comes back.
  15. serp of ice

    That's a thermal.
  16. What is better

    I'd love to change my vote if they restricted the number of summons to a multiple of a certain skill (4 charm=1 summon). Or something.
  17. What is better

    I'd hate to be on the receiving end of being attacked by 3-4 summoned chimerans. Magic & Summoning
  18. Addiction

    Jane deserves a second chance after the slanderous site she created? (Radu knows which one; so do several other folks who remember the link)
  19. Leave your character on....

    Why not just implement an ingame mail system instead?
  20. EF Client - Explained

    Bottom line, it wasn't the person clicking. That's what they're punishing you on the basis of.
  21. Theory on Antigravity

    That was great.
  22. crash on load

    I had that crash problem too before.. creating new characters and all (test server). I think my problem was that I didn't have the newcharactermap.elm in my map folder. Do you have that file?
  23. The hall of shame

    @Fyvle: I think it's the way you toned your message, not how you intended for it to be read.