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  1. *CO* and Dezm Enuff said

    Still can't get over the fact that he blew about 8 fast food paychecks to buy those chars.
  2. Sword prices after the new summoning

    Will take longer than one month Joshy. Infact, could take up to several months before noticeable changes happen. Not 100% sure if some people actually try to gain levels using up the new summons, but if they are used for conventional PKing and hunting, it'll take longer.
  3. Xanter (FUBR guild) is going too far....

    I actually meant that for Luci. Oops.
  4. Xanter (FUBR guild) is going too far....

    @Luci Congratulations. You're still a
  5. Xanter (FUBR guild) is going too far....

    You're kidding right?
  6. What FF character are you?

    Same thing as Cho-yun. Still say Vivi rocks though.
  7. New Continent

    This thread is mainly to gather up ideas that you players would/might want to see in the new continent. Just list ideas in general, as I'm sure one of the many mapmakers will be glad to put it in. Let your imagination type for you.
  8. L&O Has no Honor (guild info discrepancie?)

    An enemy is an enemy. Nothing more can be said on that. Supporter of LW. Also, didn't you accumulate a couple outlaw posts via bagjumping others? Double jeopardy.
  9. OK what is happening

    Two ideas of mine.. One.. Mortos might literally be the king of Darkness now. Or.. maybe you beamed and pressed f1 suddenly (Not sure about the walk icon)
  10. Whats your favorate band?

    The Cascades
  11. Ok, should the cooldowns stay or not?

    I was led to believe by someone that FPs would not become stackable. Knowing this now, I'd vote yes if possible. (And don't say I should have read all 120+ posts in this thread at the time of voting)
  12. What Irks you

    People who can't let go of grudges. Just idiots trying to prove something. Oh, and 007, never do blue collar work in a town of snobs. You'll see just how bad human nature really gets.

    I understand that 12-25 may not be his actual birthdate, but they first believed he was born in January and even February. But they later settled on December the 25th. Which is why I posted happy birthday to him now rather than two months later.

    Bleh, should of posted this a few days ago, but.. Happy Birthday Jesus!
  15. Ages

    Actually Dimov, being immortal and hating your existence at the same time can be emotionally wrecking. That's a curse.
  16. Ages

    And Aluwen being the Goddess of life should be able to lift that curse, no? It's right up her alley.
  17. Ages

    It's not part of the storyline for people to age? Woo! That would have rocked to have stayed 21 forever! But it doesn't happen.
  18. I'd never do that. The cold makes my past injuries ache. Plus I have kids in the house and kids aren't any good if they're icicles.
  19. New harvest events

    Just increase your physique to overcome that problem.
  20. New harvest events

    In regards to blocking cave in damage, I noticed that wearing leather armor, pants, and the boots prevented me from receiving the (estimated) maximum of 37 from cave ins. With the armor on, the highest I ever went was with 31 out of 640,000 harvested silver alone. You can guess how many times I was hit by cave in events in that time. To not hit even 32 or more once was obvious enough hint to me. As far as radiation damage goes, I'm sure the iron armor could block it (it DOES block radiation damage if you bother to put it on and #armor)
  21. LEGEAL?!?!?!

    I thought sharing your password was legal, but you'd receive no help if your character gets stolen?
  22. Strange weather!

    No, it's natural for us to dip under 32 sometimes. For us to stay below freezing and even drop into the low 20s is NOT natural. I had an inch of ice frozen on my windshield and my truck lock frozen stiff. You don't even want me to start on how thick the pond ice was. Yeah, that's in Texas, a place where 100+ in the summertime is a common thing.
  23. Havok

    With storage trading implemented, bag trading should be nearly obsolete by now. People never change.
  24. Sedna

    This isn't what scientists would have referred to as 'Planet X.'