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  1. B-Day Party!

    Oh no, another 16.
  2. The Great Silver Rush

    The Great Silver Rush Running Date: Hiatus (Still finding mods to host it at different hours) This will be a contest that will run a week long filled with multiple quests and trivia about silver. The prizes for this will be a total of 550k (yes, 550000) silver ore awarded to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. Stay tuned to this thread for more updates. Contest Times Since a maximum of 5 contests are run per day, I'll keep the exact times I have planned secret. However, to make it a little easier on you guys, I will let you know the contests will only run at the start of every hour. (Which means, when it is 3:00pm your time, a contest MAY run, or it may run at 4pm, 8pm, 1am, etc: it will never run at any time other than at the top of the hour). Will prevent the silly kiddies from camping the whole contest. Guidelines The guidelines are very simple. Multiple trivia questions and quests will be run a week long. For all quests and trivia questions, a first, second, and third place winner will be named. Points are awarded based on what place a person comes in. The chart appears like so: 1st Place: 5 points 2nd Place: 3 points 3rd Place: 1 point As you can see, it's very beneficial to constantly win contests, but even if you win first place, it doesn't put you too far ahead. So keep trying! Also, on a further note, some questions asked will not be EL related, so start brushing up on RL silver lore too. Prizes Will make this section short. Prizes will be awarded to only those who finish up with a total number of points to put them in first, second, or third place. Prizes for each is as shown: 1st place: 400k silver ore 2nd place: 100k silver ore 3rd place: 50k silver ore Good luck. Rules 1. Rule changed. OMIT 2. If you are banned from contests BEFORE it begins, you are disqualified. That rule will not change in any case (UNLESS you were acquitted for a good reason). 3. There will be a maximum of five different quests/trivia questions done per real life day. However, this doesn't mean there will always be five. There can be only one if time doesn't permit. Any whining about this forfeits your participation and any points you have amassed. 4. No PMs to me or any moderator asking for help on trivia or hints to where I may be located. That is grounds for disqualification and probably a nice smiting. 5. If you're a frequent accused person in the outlaws forums (and you have been proven to be there for good reason), you may not participate. This does not apply to PvP related cases (unless you lure newbies to PK maps). 6. A newer method to prevent cheating is going to be included. For any search-and-find quests, a timer will be inserted after the first person to find me (up to 3 can find me for points). Three minutes after the first person finds me, the quest ends. This'll prevent naughty little boys from finding me and telling their friends. To make it even out, the hints to find me will also be slightly more obvious. Times The contest runs for seven consecutive days. No skipped days. Since I want to have many people join in, I will give a two weeks notice ahead of time before the contest week is run. That should be ample time to make plans for it. Also, to add a small twist, this contest will be run throughout the day (yeah, I'm throwing out my sleeping pattern) to be fair to those who don't live near my timezone. Any PKing or PvPing going to be involved? None. I don't believe in that so I won't make players go through it either. However, I may end up hiding on a PK map if permits. That's at your own risk to investigate then. Any additional prizes awarded? That's yet to be decided. If all that silver wasn't enough already, I may award extra smaller prizes to the harder questions and quests given out. We'll see. I will also award the moderators who help me host the contests (since they cannot join) prizes just for being that awesome. Hall of Lame There comes a time in every ma.. oh to hell with it. This an incomplete list of cheaters, scammers, Nazi youth, etc, who won't be participating. Rip Just_a_guy Ido spearman10 jongetje diablo2 bojo_jr If your ban time expires before the contest begins, you may join. If not, too bad. Remember guys, this is for fun and enough silver to make you also enter rehab. So have fun and start getting ready!
  3. The Great Silver Rush

    Transfer in clicking range of a storage.
  4. The Great Silver Rush

    Updated with when the contests occur.
  5. The Great Silver Rush

    Hey ST! I still have nightmares.
  6. The Great Silver Rush

    Running time has been added.
  7. Getting owned

    LMAO @ the branding one.
  8. New idea

    I'd rather all alignments be able to use any spell, but depending on which way you lean, a spell can become more or less powerful (i.e., a good person's healing spells get a boost, but suffers from lower harm damage)
  9. The Great Silver Rush

    UPDATE A newer method to prevent cheating is going to be included. For any search-and-find quests, a timer will be inserted after the first person to find me (up to 3 can find me for points). Three minutes after the first person finds me, the quest ends. This'll prevent naughty little boys from finding me and telling their friends. Enjoy
  10. The Great Silver Rush

    Meep, we cant join? ;( Only the ones who help me host it. They will get their own prizes though, don't worry.
  11. Topless Car Wash

    Looks like tons of fun.
  12. The Great Silver Rush

    Unfortunately I never finished. Did get very close though. Should have spent another 4 months and aimed for 1.5m.
  13. The Great Silver Rush

    LOL yah realy how the hell did u get 550k silver? I had much more.
  14. Tourette's Guy

    LMAO Oh the fun days
  15. The Great Silver Rush

    I added that in response to horvic asking.
  16. Croc Hunter - Steve Irwin Dead

    That was more than a job to him: that was his life. How many of us will get to die doing something we enjoy?
  17. Honorable pking

    Can you get posted in outlaws for killing what's already dead?
  18. Football is starting (american football not soccer)

    28 years of being a loyal fan to my Cowboys.
  19. Lol unbelievable. Burn him. Alive.
  20. Invisibility

    I hope it's got a delay on attacking people when you decloak.. otherwise I smell some major PK abuse coming. Assuming they're true sight-less.
  21. best moment inyour life ever

    Two moments.. 1 for each birthday of my kids
  22. Cheaters

    Well, that's just it though -- speaking slang comes pretty much naturally to the speaker. It's not like fixing a habit. It's like trying to alter a personality.
  23. Cheaters

    Molime, any suggestion how to fix slang? And not in just English either. I listen to my friends talk in Spanish until they start using slang. Not fun, but not something I would ever expect to be fixed.
  24. The War On Terrorism

  25. Dying in game

    I still say just add exp loss. Makes those with rostogols that die in PK zones still take a hit. Just not a monetary hit. Of course, don't make it so much experience loss that hours of work are lost by it (maybe 30 minutes-1 hour's worth). Not really putting much thought in this.