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  1. As Long as Eternity

    As Eldwen was just about to completely drain Alluwen of every last bit of her power, a sudden dark energy surged through him. Using his new power he stole from Alluwen he had a vision of Matrixx fighting with Tum and the rest. Then he saw Matrixx as he admitted to being Mortos's next in line friend. Seeing his chance to find a way to Mortos, Eldwen released Alluwen from his death syphine. "Alluwen you have very little energry left so I might as well let you go so you can recharge and I can suck some more later." With that Eldwen banish Alluwen to the dark plain so that he could use her later and in her weak state she had no way to defend from it. Eldwen not wanted anyone to know how he was anymore, transformed himself into a white rabbit and he hopped on his way to Valley of the dwarves. On his way he came to some noobs, which he swiftly killed(they went to complain about a bug that fluffies where in DP). Now with his new target found Eldwen heads to find Matrixx.
  2. As Long as Eternity

    *Did the RP die*?
  3. What is you favourite MMORPG?

    I'm not voting either because my favorite MMORPG isnt even out yet
  4. As Long as Eternity

    Eldwen slowly entered the temple of Aluwen. "My dear friend Aluwen, Its nice to see that your still trying to find away to defeat Mortos" "Velticon even if we both seem the same goal ill never aid you" "Why sister it didnt come for your aid, just a good bit of your power" "Foolish brother, you have no way to get to where me and Mortos dwell or you would have already have arrived and killed us both" "Ah, so you know my plight. Never the if I cant find a way to get to Mortos himself to destroy him, then destorying all of his worshiper will do the same. Because unlike you sister I know that he only reason he still lives is because he has some powerful connection to this world. Either a follower of great power or some idiot he just happned to posses. So either tell me how he has doing this for him or ill just go around killed everyone until I find him" "Brother even though we are related, I would help Mortos any day over helping you" "Would it help you if I told you I know who killed your priestess. Come down to me and ill tell you" Realizing that his sister Aluwen was very weak in the games of tricks he figures that she was fall for the old tell them to come down to talk trick and sure enough she did. "Now sister come a little closer so I can tell you" And with that Eldwen used all of his magical powers to trap Aluwen with in a magical life draining sphere. "Within 1 hour Aluwen all of your magical power will be mine and then ill be able to enter the god realms and find Mortos for myself to stop him." Eldwen then waited for the time period to end.....
  5. As Long as Eternity

    Finding no followers of Mortos in the city of Mynadar Eldwen headed toward Tarsengaard. He felt a great magical energy being used in that direction and hoped that he could drain it to gain more power for his battle with Mortos. As he came closer to the power he saw thousands and thousands of skeletal warriors marching toward Mynador. Quickly Eldwen grabbed his axe and with one fling he threw the axe in a way that it killed almost 100 of them and then the axe came right back into his hand. Then they seemed to only come right back to life. "Stupid undead, there is no way to kill them and its pointless, they contain no magical energies" And with that Eldwen noticed the rather large magic school that part of the undead army was destorying. He hurried to the school and noticed about 300 human mages holding the undead army off with there magic. "Humans do you want some help?" he asked as he headed toward the mages. "Sure dwarf, Can you please help us get away from them" they all said together. "Certainly...............I can send you all far away from the skeletons......straight to hell" With that Eldwen ran toward all the mages and cast a magic spell on them which caused them all to fall lifeless to the ground. Eldwen walked over to the bodies and placed his mouth on theirs to suck all the magical energy from them. Once he had consumed the magic of all the mages Eldwen he used his new extra power to search for more magic energy. He happened to find more magic energy and it was located at the temple of Aluwen. He had plans to suck the energy from her just as he had done the mages and once he had her power there was nothing that could stop him from destorying Mortos for good.
  6. As Long as Eternity

    As Eldwen headed to Mynador he had never felt this good in his life. After consuming the shadow and accepting it his power more than doubled. He know had the powers of a demi-god, maybe even more. Just then a vision flashed before him of the history of the shadow. 12000 years ago two figures are seen on a shadow battle field. "I will be the only dark god in the eternal lands." Mortos scoft "Never I have way more power than you and there is no way to kill me" Velticon told him. "I dont have to kill you, just trap you here forever" And with that Mortos unleasted the most power spell he had ever cast in his life. The figure of Velticon turned into a shadow and with that Mortos had trapped in to the shadow plane. The same shadow plane that Eldwen had come to looking for a challenge. With that Eldwen understood what he must do. He must kill Mortos no matter what. Then drain the powers and assume the role of the Dark God of EL. He keep heading toward Mynador where he hope that he could find a follower of Mortos that he could use to find Mortos himself.
  7. As Long as Eternity

    When Eldwen reached the temple of Mortos he easly broke down the doors by only touching them. Walking deep within the temple, slaughtering all evil monsters as he went, Until he reached the Worship Chamber where all the priest to Mortos live and pray. "Who are you?" asked the priests. "Your worst nightmare" Eldwen then pulled out his axe and kill every single one of them. Each one by cleanly removing the head. Once he gathered all there heads together he made ready to light a fire. He set the heads on fire so he could summon Mortos" "Mortos you may not realize who I really am, but I know everything about you." "FOOLISH DWARF I KNOW NOTHING OF WHAT YOU SAY, BUT DONT WORRY YOU WONT BE ABLE TO STAY ANYTHING FOR LONG" And with that thousands of female orcs poured into the room. Eldwen gave a small laugh. Eldwen did nothing, but wait till they were right byside him. Once they were close enough that Eldwen could have touched them, he put his hands together and said only one word. "Hel'Des" With that an extremly bright flash of light came from within his body and all of the orcs were flung in every direction. Even the people outside of the temple in the town of Mynador could see the light. "Mortos you will be destroy for what you did to me on the shadow plane and for cursing me to that shade form. As you can see I have escaped it with the help of my little dwarf friend. Together we will destroy you, so I can regain all my power I once had." With that Eldwen's hand burst into flames and he set the whole cave/temple complex onto fire. Eldwen then headed out of the cave unsure of where he would find Mortos so that he could destroy him.
  8. As Long as Eternity

    As Eldwen slowly made his way to Vally of the Dwarves he felt as if something was following him. "Who's out there?" Asked the dwarf. "Ha ha ha stupid dwarf, Soon it will only be us." scofted the trolls as they came out of the dark and surrounded the dwarf "What do you trolls want with me?" "Just to kill you stupid dwarf as our master commands" "Who is this master?" "The great lord of Darkness Mortos himself" "What have I done to offend your master?" "Nothing he just wants you DEAD" With that the trolls jumpped Eldwen and started attacking him. Having no other way out Eldwen grabbed him axe and started to slaughter the trolls. Then within him the shadow started to gain strenght and suddenly Eldwen felt great power. One troll was left alive and he was just about dead. "Please dwarf dont kill me, I only was doing as my master commanded" Deep within Eldwen a voice said "Do it Eldwen, kill him and accept me. Together we can be great and rule the world. I can help you do everything. All you have to do is kill him to accept me" Eldwen grabbed his axe and flung the axe into the trolls head. Deep within Eldwen darkness spread like fire, consuming his whole body. After the darkness had spread Eldwen no long looked like a normal dwarf. He was dark and contained powers that no other creature could imagine. "Now with my new powers I think its time I paid Mortos a little visit" "Mwahahahahahahaha" Eldwen headed off in the direction of the Temple of Mortos.
  9. As Long as Eternity

    Ok to make things better I'm reposting mine after urs and ill delete the other* Eldwen quickly tried to explain to them that he was only trying to keep from getting consumed by the shadow by avoiding the fight, but none of the Elves would believe him. Not even the human would. To make things worse Matrixx started saying things about him that made it seem as if he had killed the priestess. As he keep trying to explain it, he only got more angry. The dwarf was just on the verge of blowing his top when he suddenly realized that he was holding his axe in his hands ready to attack one of them. He told them he was sorry and didnt know how that had happened, but that made matters worse than they already were. Being the smart dwarf he was knew that if he didnt do something soon he would have to fight them and there was no way he wanted that to happen. With all the might he had Eldwen took off running for the gates of the city hoping that he could find a place to hide till he could find a way to control the shadow and let himself fight some. Throwing the guards out of his way with ease he headed toward Vally of the Dwarves where he could easily hide.
  10. As Long as Eternity

    *beep* moved *beep*
  11. As Long as Eternity

    As the Elves fought with the human, the dwarf named Eldwen noticed a sudden fog come from out of no where. Eldwen afraid that if he were to join the fight that the shadow may take over, he quickly ran toward the fog. Within the fog he hoped that he could wait out the fight and check on them in the morning. Suddenly someone tapped the him on his shoulder, without thinking he grabbed his axe from his holding and flug it around only to find another a man cloaked in purple robes. "Who are you and why in the mess are you going to come up on me like this?" ask Eldwen with a hint of anger. "If it wasnt for me that human would have added you to that fight and then this whole town would be in trouble" stated the worried man. "Oh, if the shadow had consumed all that would have happened is that I might have killed a few people, but nothing to large." said Eldwen slighty confused. "Yes, that is what you think, but something else would have happened if that shadow had consumed you that you know nothing of. What ever you do dont let the shadow consume you no matter what while you are with the Elves, for sure not Matrixx. That Elf is very knowledge able of the dark evils and he may kill you thinking you murdered the priestess. Be warned, but now I must return to where I came." And with that the purple cloaked man vanished and the fog cleared as Eldwen saw the figures and noticed that the fight was over and it was safe for him to come out. (this is my part while someone else finishes the other side up to this point)
  12. As Long as Eternity

    Taking the hand of the Elf the dwarf got up from his fall. As soon as he touched the Elf's hand he suddenly felt as if the shadow that had been haunting him all this time had weakened, but as he let go of the hand the power of the shadow returned to his soul. As he left the Tavern he looked at the Elf's face and something out his face made the dwarf say "Do I know you?" without even thinking. Suddenly the dwarf realized that something else had made him say that.
  13. As Long as Eternity

    From the other side of the Tavern a dwarf quietly listened as the Elves chatted. Although this dwarf was once a mighty warrior and hero, after one single great defeat the dwarf never returned to battle. He had lost all hope, lost all belief, lost everything, and finally had lost himself to the darkness that was inside his soul. No one had seen him for almost a year and this was the first time he had even entered a tavern. As he sat there he wondered if some chance had called him back to White Stone city to sit in this tavern and that this chance had wanted him to hear the Elf, but he just shook his head and continued to eat his meal. Then suddenly something caused him to remember his defeat. *Smoke covers the screen * *You see a mighty dwarven warrior standing there in the middle of a dark forest* "Shadow come forth and fight me" comanded the dwarf. " HAHA you don't understand that you have come right into my trap fool" laughed the Shadowy figure. "Whatever trap you have set for me I'm ready?" "You cant be ready for this, we now shall be ONE" With this the shadow figure lauched forward and entering into the dwarves soul. The dwarf knew that with this creature now within him he must hide because if the creature ever wins over his soul to his biding then there would be no one to stop him. *smoke fades away and the dwarf wakes up* Thinking to himself, the dwarf asks "What have I done, I shouldnt be here, what if the shadow takes over now while I'm in the middle of this tavern, everyone in here would be slaughter" With this the dwarf jumped up and ran toward the door. (havent type rped in forever so im still alittle rusty)
  14. The Rise And Fall Of Old El.

    Ah seeing chat that I no long have it good. *stupid computer had to get wiped* Anyways that was from back when there was no guilds and EL was doing great. Then the guilds came people stopped used channel 4, market became crap, and then the wipes.
  15. Platyna Got Owned

    Im with Leeloo I want to watch Elise and them fight.