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  1. Age survey!

    wtf...damm, note to self:Never go to EL forums when half asleep. And sorry guys, i was half asleep.
  2. Age survey!

    I'm 14.
  3. Funny picture thread

    lol that cat pwnz
  4. Funny picture thread

    few ideas how to use these types of mobile phones. and one more funny pic.
  5. Kill Nidan!

    dammit i wish i was there with my pick...and i know 101 way how to torture a person with pickaxe.
  6. Kill Nidan!

    haha rofl...nice one!
  7. forum game

    i think its zwei in german...atleast my 4 year old dictionary says so.
  8. Can't connect to server, Please try again?

    heh im glad i logged out in the time i did...and some people should stop teaching creators of EL what to do, if theyre so smart why dont they create theyre own free, no bug game.and btw wow costs 25usd per month here.
  9. forum game

    YAY i am the KING!
  10. plant game O0

    20.3 feet.and im going to get more and 21.2 with second try 35.0 feet with 3rd try 4th try 42.1 feet.
  11. forum game

    5 that is five in english pjatj in russian and pieci in latvian.
  12. Wake Me Up When September Ends

    MWAhahahahaha i just got green day cd yay!woohoo!and it pwnz so much....
  13. Who all plays Wolfenstein Enemy Territory?

    i play it too sometimes.
  14. Expedition to Irilion

    yay w00t!
  15. Expedition to Irilion

    well atleast they survived so its not that bad...