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  1. Meow?

    hmm i dont know..he just vanished as far as i know, and i just watched my toons again..those were the good ol days //shameless plug/ Click the link in my signature to watch /shameless plug//
  2. Meow?

    Ha well we definitely dont want him dancing in a speedo..and hey ya'all, yea I ment to download the game last night so i could come back on..but i seem to of forgotten, soo heres to 2morrow! Doubt ill be around for to long since college starts back up in a week but eh...i havent touched flash in so long im not even sure if i remember how to make anything as good as I did back then (which is sad cuz it was crap, funny crap, but crap none the less)
  3. Meow?

    A better question is, what is not the point of this post? Ponder that one for a while. And hey stage! Also you will have to threaten me with something I wouldnt enjoy..
  4. Meow?

    Uhh..hey whats up?
  5. Look what I found

    Haha flipping awesome! Thank you guys for the great comments on my cartoons....yea it would be fun to make a new one but alas...i know nothing of the current life of EL! Maybe if I could get the game to work on this darn labtop hmmm....this is some cool stuff seeing people find my old crappy work and saying they like it!
  6. Eternal Toon

    *bump* MUAHHAAHA Yes I come back once every couple of months just to pimp out old cartoons with people that no one knows! WOOT! When I finally move out and cant run anything but EL and Flash on my labtop ill have to make a new one..to bad i dont know anything about the people or the game anymore eh
  7. Cant start EL

    Yea I start up EL it freezes up right around the time it says "initializing actors" or somethign like that..then my comp slows up and usually ends up crashing. If I were to guess id think i should just reinstall but..if someone could tell me whats up thats swell Processor Speed: Pentium 4 3ghz RAM: 480 mb Graphics Card: I uh dont have one on my labtop but i ran the old version of EL just fine on this comp. Hard drive space: 50, 20 free space Version of Eternal Lands running: 1.0.1 Operating System and version: Windows XP 2002 home edition Internet connection speed: 56k What else you have running other than eternal lands. This includes on the taskbar on Windows: My ISP Exactly when and what you were doing while the error occored: Thats none of your business what i was doing with that monkey and the raspberry jam...other than that just starting the game Error Log: Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/fontv.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle5.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle6.bmp Error: Problems loading texture: ./textures/particle7.bmp Log started at 2005-10-20 10:34:41 Error: Can't open file "./textures/fontv.bmp" No Anim: ./animations/player_slash1.caf (A few hundred times) No Anim: ./animations/canine_pain.caf No Anim: ./animations/canine_pain.caf No Anim: ./animations/canine_pain.caf Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle5.bmp" Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle6.bmp" Error: Can't open file "./textures/particle7.bmp"
  8. since when you play this game?

    lets uhh see registered this forum november 03...soo i played a long time before that, over 2 years is all i know
  9. You Know You're Addicted To El When:

    this happened a while ago but....when you poke ice so it will go into your cup. (like clicking a item in order to use it) I was really tired...took me a bit to figure out what was wrong
  10. The New Models :d

    Yes get to those bloody gnomes fast (die hazor die) But leave the draegoni of course since there heads are just to dang sexy.
  11. Lol New Pope Is Evil Looking

    umm im catholic and i would have to agree that the new pope does look pretty evil
  12. this would still be fun! Maybe get some spice back into pk... (im bored and am going through posts...)
  13. Things Guys Wish Girls New

    Lmao this list is great! Girls are so crazy (I like crazy ) Hazor you little suck up! Yea I would agree with most of that list... I always get screwed(not literally) when I say something and girls take it the complete oppossite of the way i ment. I just dont know how to talk to girls.. *sighs and walks off to his corner to wheep silently*
  14. Hello From Guildwars

    Sry WoW beats eq2 and guild wars! Although I quit now cuz I realized once you max out your character...the game sucks when you cant engage in huge pvp battles (i use a modem) so now i remember why I liked EL..for the community! Jjk! Your the one with the hot sister we were all checking out while mining arent you? Shoulda known better than to give us that link...
  15. Do people role play in game?

    I roleplay occasionally I used to do it a lot more with tumaros and roja..actually just yesterday me and tumaros went to roleplay we didnt get to far cuz he disconnected or somethingk, we usually like to roleplay while exploring areas and making up some dark secret behind them...i love my roleplay character all i do is touch stuff i shouldnt and eat all the food Great fun..I should do it more often.