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  1. Forum validation requests

    you're approved Gawr
  2. If you want to go through and list them all, then we can do this
  3. bluap: I can make the changes if you tell me where to go/how to do it in the code, however if it's more complex than copy/pasting i'm gonna need some help There are a few other things there though that would require some programming I think, can you check those out? I italicized the questions.
  4. Ok here's my complete reorganization. If you find something wrong here or think it could be better otherwise, speak now or forever hold your...complaining/bitching/whining that it's no good It is possible I missed something so if someone can give it a once over that'd be nice. The new tabs would be: Controls, HUD, Chat, Font, Server, Audio, Video, GFX, Camera, Troubleshoot-(I know this name is a bit long but..well, any ideas of a better shorter name?) *note, I quickly typed up the lists here, they use all the same wording as is currently in the client, i just abbreviated here to make typing it all easier. Only a few places, which i noted, do the words get changed. Controls tab Camera Rotation speed Fine Rot. speed Cam. Rot. Dec. Max Cam zoom Move these to--> Camera tab Minimap Scale Rotate minimap pin minimap Move these to-->HUD Reorganize Controls Tab like this: Sit Lock Extend the range of walk cursor Floating mess. Floating ses. counters keypresses in dialogue.. keypresses allowed.. for animals.. disable double click... control click.. Audio Tab is fine but..Sound Device, are you supposed to type in the name of your speakers/headset/whatever if it doesn't work? Or what exactly is this for? Maybe clarify the description some more? HUD tab Can the logo link be put on the same line as "logo click to url"? That would save a line if so. Reorganize HUD tab like this: Show FPS Analog clock digital clock show game seconds stats in hud stat bars in hud logo click to url logo link(possibly combine with upper) Help text Alpha border(do we need this? Any reason anyone doesn't want to see it?) Alpha behind name... disable name.. windows on top *(from misc tab) use opaque.. Buff Icon Size*(from details tab) Relocate quickbar(shouldn't when you click on this intially the quickbar have the border that you can move it around? It's very confusing and looks like it does nothing) Quickbar slots *(from misc tab) enable 3d mapmakers item window on drop Minimap Scale Rotate minimap pin minimap map boundaries *(from misc tab) enable user menus Server Tab Reorganize like this: Username Log messages Log Buddy*(from misc tab) Language*(from misc tab) Browser*(from misc tab) Save ini*(from misc tab) Data Dir. *(from misc tab) use special text.. auto update.. custom looks.. show custom.. Font Tab is fine Chat Tab Reorganize like this: Use windowed Chat--rename to: "Chat Display Style" -all options currently there keep as is, just add these to the end: Afk time*(from misc tab) afk msg*(from misc tab) save local chat..when afk*(from misc tab) play afk..sound*(from misc tab) Global ignores*(from misc tab) save ignores*(from misc tab) global filter*(from misc tab) caps filter*(from misc tab) Video Tab Move ati bug, mouse bug-->troubleshoot Move New selection-->? troubleshoot? If the only reason for it to be off is if it doesn't work, then I think it'd be best in troubleshoot. If there's other reasons, keep it in video. Move Perspective, Use isometric view -->camera Reorganize like this: Full Screen Video Mode disable window size... userdefined width " height Limit FPS Gamma (*from adv video) Disable Gamma adjust..(*from adv video) Toggle frame buffer support(*from adv video) >water shader quality (can this be indented a bit? to show it needs the above.) Small actor texture cache(*from adv video) vertex buffer objs(*from adv video) Use Animation program(*from adv video) Adjust Graphics x(*from Details) adjust graphics y(*from Details)-anyway to be more specific instead of just "certain" graphics? So people know what is affected. GFX Tab Shadows Shadow Mapping(*from adv video) shadow map..size (*from adv video) Don't Adjust shadows(*from Details) Cloud shadows(*from Details) Render Fog(*from Details) Show Sky(*from sky & cam) Show Clouds(*from sky & cam) Show sun/moon/stars(can these be combined into 1? I don't see a need to have options for all 3...)(*from sky & cam) Sky Update Delay(rename to this-just adds sky to the beginning)(*from sky & cam) Particle Percentage(*from Details) Toggle Special Effects(*from Details) Enable Eyecandy(*from eyecandy) **this is confusing with the one above. Do we still need both? Can we distinguish both better? I'd like to rename eyecandy to make it more clear if both are still needed. Are they both used at the same time or is it one or the other? Enable blood(*from eyecandy) Enable Harvesting Effect(*from eyecandy) Use lamp halos(*from eyecandy) Use fancy smoke(*from eyecandy) Max effects framerate(rename eye candy here to effects)(*from eyecandy) min effects framerate(*from eyecandy) light columns threshold(*from eyecandy) max idle cycles per second(*from eyecandy) Camera Max Viewing Distance(*from adv video) max reflection distance(*from adv video) Perspective (*from adv video) Use isometric view(*from video) Camera Rotation speed(*from controls) Fine Rot. speed(*from controls) Cam. Rot. Dec.(*from controls) Max Cam zoom(*from controls) follow cam keep cam behind char extended cam auto zoom min tilt max tilt follow cam snap.. constnat speed linear dec.. quadr dec.. Troubleshoot Tab Shadow Bug(descrip: some video cards have trouble with the shadows. Check this if everything you see is white)--this obviously turns the shadows of. Any problems with having the same option do the same thing in 2 different tabs? I'd like to keep both for organization.(*from Details) ATI bug(*from video) Mouse Bug(*from video) New Selection(*from video) Compiled Vertex Array(*from adv video) Draw Range Elements(add spaces to text)(*from adv video) Point Particles(*from adv video) Use Animation program(*from adv video) Poor Man(*from Details)(change description to: If the game is running very slow for you, toggle this setting--is it possible when you turn it back on for it to reenable all the settings it disabled? So you don't have to go back and click them all on)
  5. How to use GIT?

    How to get the source code from GIT. Windows: 1. Download and install Tortoise GIT: http://code.google.com/p/tortoisegit/ 2. Make sure your source directory points to: https://github.com/raduprv/Eternal-Lands.git 3. Once installed and you want to get the code again, right click on the directory where it is on your computer and choose TortoiseGit. 4. Choose Pull from the git menu. Make sure Remote is checked and it is set to origin. Remove branch should say master.
  6. How to use GIT?

    Ok I got it to work using the tortoise git program..which behaves just like tortoise cvs. I was trying to use the GIT gui and couldn't get it working except for the initial download. If anyone wants to post instructions for other OS's here please do so and I'll add it to the top post.
  7. Need help compiling the client? Post here and hopefully someone nice will reply and help you get it to work If you're using windows, Read & Follow the compilation guide found here: How to Compile on Windows
  8. Oh that's great to know it's easy to add a scrollbar bluap, thanks! I think it'd be best to keep all the options there, but how about we first organize with the scrollbars, then we'll see what it looks like and if it's still overwhelming we can do that I also think the Video/Details/Adv Video/etc need to be consolidated and organized.
  9. Artwork Updates

    Really glad you all like it! Here's the finished model for the nasparliu (nah-sh-par-lee-oo): http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&image=1304
  10. Ok I added a link there for Game rules, although yeah..I doubt many will read it
  11. Forum validation requests

    Approved: Oakhex JensenM kitsune I can't find you, please reregister
  12. Artwork Updates

    And here's the nasparliu design..model coming in a few days! http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&image=1302
  13. Ok, which of these monsters do you want to see next? Vote and it'll be in the update along with the Nenorocit! Maybe the 2nd place winner too if there's time
  14. Vote for the next monster!

    Yeah that target's been on the to do list. Leonard disguises himself like an ordinary leopard to trick those who don't read his name carefully
  15. Vote for the next monster!

    Leonard doesn't get changed, he's a leopard
  16. Vote for the next monster!

    Wow looks like the votes are overwhelmingly Nasparliu! Ok then And yeah I sorta forgot to put the other monsters on the list..but will get them in the next one.
  17. Artwork Updates

    Oops, forgot to post here too, Nenorocit done! http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&module=images&section=viewimage&img=1301 I even put the pronunciation of it for you all: nay-noh-roh-cheet!
  18. Map Editor Download

    Thank you
  19. Artwork Updates

    lol, I don't know yet miiks, still deciding on how to do that best, and if a programmer can help with some coding stuff
  20. That's wonderful Lexi! Growing your own food is totally the way to go, and your websites look really nice, I will enjoy reading through them
  21. Artwork Updates

    Here's finally some clothes just for the girls http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?app=gallery&module=images&section=viewimage&img=1290
  22. Actor def additions

    Any takers on this? It'd also be good to have another tag in the actor def files, which would be for gender distinguishable clothes. Some shirts only look good on females, and vise versa, but with some texture tweaks the "same" shirt can look good. So the server would send for shirt1, but shirt1 has different meshes & textures depending on the gender. Currently we have the ability to have different meshes, but different textures, the files start to get really long and messy. So we just need a new tag for the textures. An example of how it can look, in player_shirts, would be to add the gender tag here: <shirt color="light blue robe shirt" group="torso5" id="41"> <arms gender="female">./meshes/arms_robe_lightblue1.dds</arms> <arms gender="male">./meshes/arms_robe_lightblue2.dds</arms> <torso gender="female">./meshes/torso_robe_lightblue.dds</torso> <torso gender="male">./meshes/torso_robe_lightblue.dds</torso> </shirt> If the same textures work for both male & female, those extra gender tags can be left out, if that would work. And then in the playerav_*.xml files there can be a tag at the top stating what gender the actor is.
  23. Client patch for Windows and Linux data

    Are you in poor man mode? It will blur in poor man.
  24. Problem with the Grid

    It might have been broken, I don't know for sure.
  25. I finally got to try it out...it looks great! Thank you guys for all the work Next thing that would be good to do is make it easier for people to see/know how to do a couple changes if things arent' working right(like everything being all white-turn the shadows off). Everything's buried in that config window, newbies just aren't going to find that stuff or know what to try.