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  1. Exp increasing items

    sound pretty cool
  2. ban system

    mabey a auto ban system would be nice. something like this : everybody has10 bann points. for a small "crime" 1 point, for a medium "crime" 3 points and for a big "crime" 5 points. and when they do it they get transported to the wraith and then everybodys bann list wil be emptyd each 2 months. I don't know if it could work or if you guys could make it but its more funny for the players when they do something not on purpose that they could continue playing
  3. bann

    it reminds me of the Bush - Irak war
  4. bann

    oke I admit i was sitting there
  5. bann

    but what do i have to do to get unbanned ???? i said sorry, It awsn't on purpose, and i prommesed that i wouldn't do it again
  6. Wars

    man sorry I can't help it that I'm dutch and dislectic
  7. bann

    I don't know why i was sitting but the i i know was that mt mouse software didn't work good so mabey thats why i went sitting. but as i said i don't know
  8. Wars

    since I'm banned i can think of things thay would be cool for the game. I was reading a post about a great war so i thought mebay we should make an other Island with 2 fortesses where to guilds can battle each other. i think that would be pretty cool. And i think this is a cool game but i still haven't found a "storie" mabey thats my fault but if there isn't on it would be cool if there was one. ( or mabey small quests. and PLEASE let there be more weapons and the costs more ballenced. most people don't buy the wooden warhammer. but the instantly go for the expenxiver weapons.
  9. bann

    I still haven't done it on purpose. but SORRY PEOPLE who i havemade angry cause the couldn't walk on. and wil wil look out in the future.
  10. bann

    ey i just got banned cause i was sitting in the path but i could get away there cause my pc was getting totaly nuts. so i was trying to get that thing fixed and when I'm back to play I'm banned (could play cause my compu wouldn't let me get Eternal lands from the botum menu). so please unban cause i think this is the dumpest way to get bant.