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  1. Mortos Race

    Kheres, please take me off the list thanks
  2. Attributes cap for the main server

    right! best method to counter all this fuss!
  3. Summoners events

    If you didn't try, we wouldn't know what are the conditions around a summoners-only event -- so, thank you for having put those hours in it! I'm sorry that you came to have regrets about the Thelinor event at the end -- I thought it was an excellent idea, and that ppl comlained too much about something which the organizers tried for the first time. And it was a great fun to toss around a few ELE even though my m-chims got pwned pretty quick
  4. Summoners events

    sing me up please! *sign lol
  5. Linux binary available for testing

    you're right, it was set to the 1.4.0 client's directory -- after I adjusted it (I've put the 1.5.0 in a subdir at ~/ ), it quits with 'Illegal instruction' error at the moment I try to enable the sound
  6. Linux binary available for testing

    I get the same warnings when I try to enable sounds or music -- although the .xml and .ogg files are there all right gentoo linux, kernel 2.6.18 gentoo-sources, AMD-duron1.8ghz, nvidiaFX5200
  7. Windows RC 3

    RC3, Gentoo Linux, using wine Update rulz, dev ppl rulz, testers rulz, EL rulz!
  8. Summoners events

    woot summoner contest! Thanks for the thought Kheres The Draegoni Fighting School at Trassian [118,181] has two small PK arenas in it, the rest of that place is non-PK, spawnfree, is a submap of Trassian, and summons of one summoner don't attack "themselves"
  9. Mortos Race

    Fair enough, thanks for giving it a third thought
  10. Mortos Race

    No wonder how a sum 44 can be top 45! Summoning, even from ingreds, is banned from most events Please, couldn't there be a way to use that skill? Say, if one summons a something and leaves it there to keep other creatures busy, you'll count it as if the runner used a diss ring. But if the summoner stays in seeing distance, and fights (not necessarily together with the summons), or just stands, then you'd count the pwned creatures as if the summoner killed them -- this way we can earn points with our skill! For example, I don't train a/d often, since I sit in arius or mix ELE Is this manageable?
  11. Mortos Race

    Pointwise, how about those creatures, which were killed by the summoned creatures of the runner? One case i can think of is, when the runner summons and then "abandons" them, and the other is when the runner fights the monster with them (either waits there until it kills the monster, or fights together with it).
  12. Rent-A-Ant

    What do you think, what if the ants could pm back prepared textfiles, when they're PMed with certain commands? Very much like the trade bots do. Say, if you pm it with the message: who-s-who , then it would pm you back a list about the guild members, and who can do what for you. Or, if someone in the guild has riddlemaking mood, pm it with riddle , and it gives you a riddle which you can solve and recieve a gift from the riddlemaker. A bit of a contest thing. These were just two random ideas -- much fun could be brainstormed with this and as we know, ants are The commands could be customized and configured via a web interface; the player who has the permissions, could set the command--textfile pairs, and upload the files. Does it sound abuse-safe for you? Of course it stands or falls on whether G0d-1n-Ch13f and G0d-0f-4nts have coding-time for it
  13. BLEED-Comics

    rofl the first one is very good I couldn't find an RSS feed, is there one?
  14. Mortos Race

    woot, powerups! could it also drop things like potions and essences? or the narrator could give it to the player
  15. Mortos Race

    I liked the Thelinor event very much, mostly because it was about skill vs skill and not gc vs gc. The limit at iron set+steel shield+tit serp+col/com worked out well for me and the team I was with, and nobody had to worry about gathering huge gc for equipment before the event (save the rostos). col makes much difference for newbies and wanna-be-pr0s, as we're only around 90-100hp, with not very high mag levels -- it doesn't really allow us to kill much higher stuff, only saves our lives from a few restore fails while the diss ring cooldown is ticking And I think this is essentially true for the stronger categories, too my guess is that with col there would be more engaging in fights, without it, there would be more running/escaping/hiding