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  1. Eternal Phoenix

  2. Eternal Phoenix

    They need to be online to be kicked. lol i create bot program that when player online well kick player out the guild(or maybe some write it for me)and also be way guild pm if another player join the guild.
  3. [ Patch #269 ] Map Pathfinder Stats

    your patch only work map is open. Cause want use calcualtion spit on concil of how many step i takeing. perhaps move stuff interface.c to pathfinder.c(or note i posted what have change then you can see if ok or not)
  4. [#270] Time Patch

    No way I do it allow know message when they were sent. hud time just teck you current time. nope and chat log purposely did not put off switch because there because mod would see time when chat log message was put in.
  5. [ Patch #269 ] Map Pathfinder Stats

    cool so does mean I can figure how step to a resources that charactuar actually takes
  6. My Website Has Major Addition

    I have been work ecel crete spreed sheet with lots related to el and I deceid put on website and ps if any suggestion or would report problem about it post it in this thread here link to my website AlphaOmaga enjpy.
  7. My Website Has Major Addition

    wow thanks I will include stuff on site and which remind me I need update file in manu.ini and in NPC price Sheet2(2). But also one told me about too. I do it tomorrow. ok it tommorow and update files enjoy.
  8. [ Patch #251 ] Pop-ups (widget Function)

    Yeah...that's been fixz0rzed for a while, but I seen to have forgotten to create a diff. Oooops... lol
  9. Three Pricelists

    On my website point sytem base dificulty & emu & food lost & if made items then pt item make caluated into it. Harvesty & mining stuff it use difficult level and emu for those ingrents. unfornally item from npc i use price cost buy them divide by 1000. Hey if any suggestion what nuber need add to forumle tell becasue it make values protional right to each other.
  10. My Website Has Major Addition

    noe it cause my crash so got rid of it.
  11. Encyclopedia Work

    If no one will I will volunteer.
  12. If You Want To Have A Bot

    so all new trade bots are "not allowed" or only mine? This rule is for ALL trade bots - new as well as old. They need to be approved and you need to pay 20 or 100$ to have one now. if that so which bot actual pay for anyway
  13. [ Patch #251 ] Pop-ups (widget Function)

    Did you add the chatwin.c|h? And recompile everything? (It needs a clean compile)... I'm kinda busy playing with the chatwin to look the popups over now... yep i did and still crash and when debug it come area that has no source code
  14. [ Patch #251 ] Pop-ups (widget Function)

    I applied and got to complier after has to make changes to bubbiues and when f12 and then type something it crash it
  15. Come Here If You Want A Trade Bot!

    if implement would it get rid all bots
  16. We need have in game is when it is load that with out restarted whole game over and over again(exit it and reclick el.exe) way to reload like enclypedia files or el.ini(or manu.ini). I try get it work but I have no clue how get part reload it self. I felt thaty did belong suggestion since most people are not develop the game will not have need to use it.
  17. This Somethihing Should Be Client

    you got it. Got question why would it create lots I/O traffic if just files on computer that reload or is the whole processed is that complex?
  18. This Somethihing Should Be Client

    Well then can put on to do list so made way work into client.
  19. Come Here If You Want A Trade Bot!

    why has this post not been locked or deleted that my quetions? My opions reason trade bots exist is because as stand too much work wait for buyers.
  20. Come Here If You Want A Trade Bot!

    or maybe we should put client that can switch character to shop mode(so that way all player have ability to do this)
  21. My Website Has Major Addition

    LOL purposely spelled it Omaga
  22. Just Want Say Something

    I went port room day it was my first time. Lol also just today reach magic level 24. If had program to take picture of screen i would but i don't.
  23. If You Want To Have A Bot

    Mwhaha OmagaAlpha is character using to play code hope one day get point be able to selled and buy stuff so all put item there and it will sell it to people but far away. so right now just send message & that stuff.
  24. Just Want Say Something

    oh thanks I will worked on that(it long store but frame coding not same as one that when firsted creade the site)
  25. Just Want Say Something

    lol then get your magic up 24 and then potal room spelled