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  1. [#270] Time Patch

    change file to hopeful to one that will be able use merge with regular source code
  2. Jamesvm Client

    http://www.freewebs.com/alphaomaga/el.zip just upload cliend recently also if admin see proble client tell me so ican change it lost track I have in it but don't think should not any wroung with it.
  3. Jamesvm Client

    the dll are include now in it
  4. Crash On Map Change

    yaa try best keep uptodate but tomoorow after updating with latest cvs source code then put exe in all el folders.
  5. Crash On Map Change

    yaaaaaa compile with just -DOPTIMIZED_LOCKS -DPOSSIBLE_FIX now don't get error on start up anymore.
  6. Crash On Map Change

    so does mean compile client when update new changes it will let actuall play the game in fresh compile version.
  7. Crash On Map Change

    hey what heck happen error log chat log funcyion log
  8. Crash On Map Change

    oh my goodness that lots coding changes to it in actor_scripts.c.
  9. Come Here If You Want A Trade Bot!

    lol ok so does not matter at all oh well.
  10. Who Do You Install A Bot?

    yea specail most time take play el
  11. Come Here If You Want A Trade Bot!

    No. You have to pay. so take from that trade bot does only pm people trade with it and are first send to trade bot would be no too
  12. Jamesvm Client

    lol only feature worry but being against rule might be extra zoom. but other features are time patch & (yet release as patch is give message what exp gain after each harvest.
  13. [#270] Time Patch

    put upadate so if don't want display time in el cliend with message you can turn it off.
  14. Eternal Phoenix

  15. Eternal Phoenix

    yea cause I like talk to people in guild.
  16. Movement Problems

    1 would be nice 2 i can almost bet answer no 3 yea that would be nice 4 is already implement in cvs 5 think at least storage work on new whole interfaces for it.
  17. Reason For 'no' Features?

    -- horses (for riding)-currently not possible, but if it ever becomes so we will do it -- cooking-never had much of a purpose but most likely we will implement it -- fishing-doesn't have a purpose -- making leather-we need to get money out of the game so leather is only buyable. making it would be too long anyway -- first person view-this is a different style game, many games are like EL in their perspective="isometric" -- faster movement-not possible -- unique attributes for items-not possible. here idea put exact reason in No section roja so that way every always know why not.
  18. Eternal Phoenix

    hey plan is fe's use make stuff for them in case did not mention that. note deceided that if ok rank 5 then don't has pay any fe's
  19. [#270] Time Patch

    Change: + log_to_console(c_green2,str2b); //this time in actual client appear + //write_to_log(str2b,8); //this be time in it it too even already do it so just To: + //log_to_console(c_green2,str2b); //this time in actual client appear + write_to_log(str2b,8); //this be time in it it too even already do it so just Erm...btw james, could you kinda write smaller comments in the code, or use more than one line? Otherwise, I may need to get a new editor. lol did just patch my don't have lalalala ya try write smaller.
  20. [ Patch #269 ] Map Pathfinder Stats

    It's only supposed to work when maps are open... the last thing we need is MORE stuff on the hud, or wherever. Yes, of course it works with marked maps...I even made sure the marks are drawn over top of the stats. Buuhan1, use developer.berlios.de/projects/elc for patches, etc. no talk output number step take to get there use log_to_consule and write_log I don't want have that in main screen.
  21. Eating Delay

    lol that funney. Hey when do beaver get eat all wood building in el not metion equipment after all they wood build there dam to hold all of el watter supply.
  22. Eating Delay

    don't forget demon mioner that are autmotically summoning that pk other player. send them player to hell and go any map you go to and no not safe non pk map or with mm perk or cloak Noooooooooooooooooooo i destroy instantly. (ps who ever start this i has it is fun come up different ideas
  23. [#270] Time Patch

    http://developer.berlios.de/patch/?func=de...0&group_id=1256 that where
  24. If You Want To Have A Bot

    hey do has pay if want bot only sever my guild as way for guild have design ed storage person.
  25. Eating Delay

    Cool how long before all impelemented it one best idea yet better ideas of actual create el