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  1. I Don't Exist?

    Cool when get home go check it out to cvs copy works on it just for fun.
  2. Get Your Act Together

    QUOTE ("goatsgomoo ") You don't need bots to sell to other players, and few people use the NPC's at all. And if we make anything, then we can just remove the Antisocial perk, because then the NPC's will be of no use whatsoever, other than to supply the min/max prices. My opion whole thing is when try make worth for combat they overdid so all other catorgorise now lower then combat. I realy think weapons and armour above leather should has supply by players not by kill monster or npc's. Because would actual make so manufactor people could actuall make money because steel shield max luck 1k gc for it and other stuff too. And why put efe on titanium stuff was to raise price of all titanunium stuff cause geting too low. But hold wait see what next big change is come and hopeful it straight the balance of it. And may say Manufacturing take lot work has make fe's then make into bars and then make in to actual item it 3 level processed. Just point out in end you can now just go kill animal and monster and get it. But if no npc then that reserve for Blue Moon(Eternal Lands 2) which release has pay monthly to play on it but Cool can construtuce own buildings in it too.
  3. Bag Limit

    I think admin would against idea since they want stop mass producetion of stuff. at least gather all post read. But would be cool to have. Cool modified idea so put one slot invetory and it more slots so that can lot different stuff obviuosly you can't withdraw from bag in middle battle but help for transport non_stactable stuff to storage.
  4. Walk Sit

    why can I teleport into differend lands or building and still be sitting yes still click sign or building door then teleport other side and still siting (i not talk about teleport rings or hit harvest neuses or beam) I realise this yesterday.
  5. Nasty Bug

    I can back satan cause teleport from dp and saw ghost player. still there at time
  6. Where Can I Get Zoom Client ;p

    pm me satan I can hook up
  7. The Order Of The Grue

    Yes we exist but we not your common guild. Because we do expected to give and take in guild. This not a chating guild ethier. We are hard working guild. If want join us pm me or joeshorty and we send to channel to review if expection of guild meet ares of guild if think good enough.Or post rlepy here that interest in joining.
  8. Help_me

    One character passwords to when log on it it was reseted and took all stuff from it and me and joeshorty use character as way separate guild stuff from are personal stuff. when ask joeshorty he said it was new to him. try ingame but no mod on so can someone help me figure who reset character and stole all of guild stuff
  9. Help_me

    lol don't believe is because purpose was to hold items for guild to use not for me to gain any for and do this way cause lot easy to know what for and what not. Not upset about items ,I just know weather not it was joeshorty but because where not work that had for him and when told about it work I have feeling it was him. Itf ever have guild again i just figure so record items between trade to chat_log or something. Oh I be gone for week maybe Cause I play new games I got. TEchnique I never trade with myself when I gave item to character I had other person(joeshorty) log on to it donate items to guild. And whole never actual took any for character. Ps. yo developer of game: make guild is create there guild storage automactical create so that every guild donate items.
  10. Logout/beam Delay

    Yous all forgetting about end task in windows. You can not create way stop people from using that.
  11. The Order Of The Grue

    gave ownership to joeshorty98 so no longer my guild
  12. The Order Of The Grue

    lol how long since exist aand no longer use name and hope my guild does not change it a again and hope stay ShadowDragonS . It was my guild before the reset.. about a month before. MY brilliant idea to rule o.o llol fill up in case gater it we are no longer grue guild we are ShadowDragonS
  13. The Order Of The Grue

    lol how long since exist aand no longer use name and hope my guild does not change it a again and hope stay ShadowDragonS .
  14. Encycopedia Update Site Down

    I don't think so. Well I hope your right.
  15. The Order Of The Grue

    lol this last time name change for guild and it is ShadowDragon
  16. Storage Changes

    lol it in cvs client already lol
  17. Encycopedia Update Site Down

    Since teh banned 0n3na left game she was one that host it she proble took it down.
  18. The Order Of The Grue

    lol(please do not put on your enemy list)
  19. Video

    hey well talk video card my piece crap cause it main process hass emulator lot graphics and don't think it will be upgrade for long time but I can still run el which good thing.
  20. I thing fall under stuff quit asking. and yes I would like it too.
  21. Auto Harvester

    After all sit allow to be more focus on make so flower will not be ruined when harvesting them.
  22. Eternal Phoenix

    We rose for nothingness. If want join my guild just so on thread or pm in game You need 2skill over 20 not inclued overall or harvest. Cost 1 fe each week to be in(i did so that way not on very offten like almost never I can kick you).
  23. Eternal Phoenix

    How to join: 1. You got to have 2 skill over 20 and overall and harvest does not count. 2. You read rules and agreed to them. 3. willing to pay 0 fe's a week but if pay more fe's higher rank you are and yes plan on use it make stuff for you so no will not be invained. Rank fe's per week req. 20- 23(sorryy not open you can't get ot) 19- 20(sorryy not open yo you I has deceid if you are worthy 18- 17 17- 16 16- 15 15- 14 14- 12 13- 11 12- 10 11- 9 10- 8 9- 4 8- 3 7- 2 6- 1 5- 0 4. pm in el forum or in game(or joeshorty in game)
  24. Eternal Phoenix

    my website seem excede it bandwith so here rule for my guild Rules: Here are the rules that you should follow if you want to be in the guild if you are already in the guild and do not follow you could be removed! 1.do not bag jump (that include bag back to player that die in non pk area) 2. no keepin peoples stuff when thay die unless your in pk and you are fightin them(if it\'s a guild member allways return) 3.if you get a book and if it helps a guild member that has that skill for the guild you can give it to him if it\'s not his skill then you charge half price or free if you want (example...i\'m not manu if i wanted a manu book it would cost me half price but for james it would be free. 4.if you want to train with a guild member please ask me or a member of h/c(JoeShorty) to remove to and to add you back dont do it your self. 5. no killin guild that is in a alliance with us unless you both agree to train if so make sure to give the stuff back.(SegV is our allied)... 6. no scamming people 7. no swear words or any word that active smeg on it
  25. [#270] Time Patch

    since no one else did I create patch so now in el time last message was 1st in actualy you see time whever ever min change 2nd chat log by each message a time any comment oh I did not use diff get change because could figure how to do that with wincvs