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  1. New fighting books

    agreed that should be done (or at least make so that if don't read it weapons 90% chance breacking)
  2. messages

    look what my idea :idea: start heheheheheheheheheheheheehehehehe
  3. messages

    could put when day change sever one get type in #date have dispayed when it changed day to it so if 28-03-0000 change to 29-03-0000 in game then displayed in message like it 29-03-0000 or when loged in and changed day it well as logged in put message out 29-03-0000
  4. messages

    what cool idea oh what about use date sytem in el game with time cause know exist
  5. messages

    Local of course. Game time is only 6 hours so it not gives you anything. If you go to work and leaving EL client running at come 3:21 will tell you nothing. Regards. your right is better local time
  6. can't log in my character

    my character can't log in his names is jamesvm and when put password in said invaild password
  7. can't log in my character

    learner tyvm for fix it won't repeat same mestake
  8. messages

    game time because then if some one use log to tell like person scamming you will know when was
  9. messages

    wow came up with good idea cool
  10. can't log in my character

    also think someone got into my character too
  11. auto camera

    is me when turn on auto camera its seem to go jerking bach and forth was thinking maybe should have auto camera do slower turn instead of every like sec
  12. selling steel shields

    selling steel shields 1200gc each have 12