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  1. 2 npcs like runescape

    maybe set certain area only allow in for so much time then autmotical teleport to beam. Mwhahahahaha
  2. yea it nice idea and get rid infinite supply at shop for stuff
  3. Ultima Online

    me too. But this should be in off-topic since not related to el. now just for him relpy pm then hopeful be able to play it.
  4. Encyclopedia Work

    Cool sound like you done lot planing I being think of reorganize encyclopedia files so that files themself not so huge. Problem use category use for NPC storage system.
  5. Encyclopedia Work

    ok and Lachesis make sure you take time to do good job of it or who ever do that
  6. need find program or tutorial

    Can any point to program allow you merge .patch file with defualt source code and please tell how setup use program too. (note i am window xp user)
  7. Well ever thing clear labe and encyclopedia for client does have arficial and human nexues state in it Basical answer is already in encyclopedia
  8. Encyclopedia Work

    ok here question if encyclopedia going rework then does mean all file once code been changes has redone. so what point add to it then? if so would help if converted all page in encyclopedia to raw text again
  9. el encylopedia bugs

    if find mistake in el encyclopedia post it here pleease say if use one was put in update or installed el client . but if update word please when update and if use my latest set plase say version number it be after EN
  10. el encylopedia bugs

    thank you
  11. New bot rules

    is me but seem loop hole here if guild storage bot as long did not sell stuff or buy stuff that could exist all does deposit or withdraw items to players
  12. el encylopedia bugs

    do you have picture point error cause lost me
  13. Encyclopedia Work

    ok just make sure write code that it not more comple when add new or rewrite encyclopedia files.
  14. Encyclopedia Work

    exactly ,but why does sound like Lachesis want rewrite whole xml language for encyclopedia when really only need do minor adjustment to code lanauges
  15. Encyclopedia Work

    what you ever people do make when encylopedia that allow scrolling bar in it and don't has worry about n characters those major promblem why so difficulf to work on. (and that has restart el client every time see the result too.) Other wise don't bother messing with encyclopedia code. but nice tag center stuff in encyclopedia like back to index link so don't space to do it
  16. Encyclopedia Work

    when do this time add tag center text in encyclopedia window too please
  17. el encylopedia bugs

    thank you it will be fix
  18. I was think if made so increace rare item like efe make fe's if ingrendent mine by other people. so have peson A who harvest red snpdragon for person e person B harvest red rose for person e person C harvest sulfer for person e person d harvest sulfer for person e person e make fire essence with ing because all different ingrend havervest beside him he 3 time more like to get efe'd Obvously this req when havest to mark who harvest it or who made it so know that self that harvest ingrends for it(for items don't have rare random item just make time make is short if ingrendent harvest from someone else) In this game have not positive that support teamwork to happen which it is what we want happen in game.
  19. Mwhahaha you know recommeded level not going to change anyway there good where there at.
  20. Encyclopedia Work

    good news final downloading work at alphaomaga website so is now updated
  21. Testing New Formula

    i think in Announcements when stuff out date it should be lock.
  22. I need every1's help on this one!

    lol that should be easy
  23. I need every1's help on this one!

    For dictonary section this what I will be add to it WHO IS HARVY, GRIM, MOLGOR, etc... HARVY = GUY WHO BUYS / SELLS STUFF IN THE DESERT IN DP GRIM = NEXT TO HARVY, A STORAGE GUY MOLGOR = STORAGE GUY IN VOTD THE WRAITH = THE DUDE THAT GIVES YOU ATTRIBUTES AND PERKS RAVEN = STORAGE IN GRAHMS VILLAGE GOLRIC = CRYSTAL BOOKS GUY IN LAKESIDE TAVERN FRUKAS = POTION/SUMMONING BOOKS GUY IN GRAHMS VILLAGE DAN = METALLURGY/ARMOR/WEAPONS BOOK GUY IN WSC WHAT IS rotfl, LMAO, etc.... rotfl - rolling on the floor lauging afk - away from keyboard atm - at the moment bb - be back bbl - be back later BEAM = THE PLACE YOU GO WHEN YOU TYPE #BEAM ME UP (a.k.a IP) brb - be right back cya - see you DEV = DEVELOPER EH = NO, OR WHATEVER EL = ETERNAL LANDS ENT = ENTROPY (the main guy who made EL) ERM = UHHHMMM ff - friendly fight (items returned) fyi - for your information g2g - got to go GJ = GOOD JOB GRATZ = CONGRADULATIONS HEH = A MINOR CHUCKLE jk - just kidding jp - just playing l8er - see you later LMAO = LAUGHING MY ASS OFF lol - laughing out loud NH = NEW PERSON HELPER NP = NO PROBLEM omg - oh my god/gosh ompg -oh my pucking god/gosh (Don't know why its that) omw - on my way PK - Player Kill SERP = SERPENT SWORD SMEG = A WORD PLACED THROUGH AN IN GAME FILTER THAT REPLACES A NUMBER OF 'BAD' WORDS VGJ = VERY GOOD JOB wb - welcome back WTG = WAY TO GO YW = YOU'RE WELCOME PK = PLAYER KILLER Map Acronyms CC - Crystal Caverns CC- Crystal Caverns CM - Carmien Manor DP - Desert Pines DT - Desert Tropics EF - Evergreen Forest in Desert Pines EG - Evergreen Forest FotF - Forest of the Fall GP - Grubani Peninsula Hell - The Underworld IP - Isla Prima KF - Kilaran Fields (PK map) Magic School - Tarsengaard Mage's Convent MM - Morcraven Marsh OR Monster Magnetism NC - Nordcarn NL - Naralik Orc Cave - Cave in South Tahraji Desert - entrance is dragon skull(PK map) PL - Portland RoT - Ruins of Tirnym SKF - South Kilaran Fields TD - Tahraji Desert(PK map) TG - Tarsengaard Tit mine - Cave in Portland with skeletons and titanium TV - Tirnwood Vale VC - Vermor Castle VoTD - Valley of the Dwarves WS - White Stone Map WSC - Whitestone City Monster Abbreviations Unarmed Male Goblins - gobs, gobbies Skeletons - skellies Gargoyles - gargs Female Orcs - fem orcs Female Goblins - fem gobs Armed Male Goblins - armed gobs Cyclops - cycs Fluffy Rabbit - fluffy, fluffy bunny,fluffer Chimeran Mountain Wolf - chims, c wolf, chimera, chimmies,Wolfie Item Abbreviations BP - Body Piercing Conj - Conjurer EFE - Enriched Fire essence ELE - Enriched life essence EME - Enriched magic essence EWE - Enriched Water essence Exc - Excavator FE - Fire essence FR - Fast Regeneration gc - gold coins itemk - 1000 of that item LE - Life essence MC - Mirror Cape ME - Magic Essence plat - platinum coins plate - Iron Plate PS - Powersaving Cape serp - titanium/steel serpent sword tit - titanium tit long - titanium/steel sword tit short - titanium/steel short sword WE - Water essence Misc. Abbreviations NHC - Newbie Help Channel NH - Newbie Helper Mod - Moderator Lvl - Level OA - Overall Level attrib - attributes a/d/p/c - attack/defence/physique/coordination inv - inventory NPC - Non-player Character (blue names) 1. There can no swear word in it by way. 2. Can not be said bring person down so does any define Newb,Noob with above rules
  24. Encyclopedia Work

    Also be add dictonary tell som acynoms mean use from http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...=ST&f=1&t=12496 but no swear word slang be in it.
  25. Idea to encourge team work

    it requried to add variablec(personen made or harvest it) to item yes has consider another type item most likely. All say you come suggest help promote team work then if don't like it because I feel where area el need work on is stuff own can do by teamwork