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  1. Help

    problem take care of
  2. Can't Find Something

    You try download every file singlly from cvs.
  3. Fishing

    read the post it said no to that
  4. I want also make so that if guild member mention name and I am afk it will tell on gm channel that I am afk.
  5. Change To Afk Patch

    oh so just me that find that useful ok
  6. Can't Find Something

    no want know where program that let download like from elc project all .h and .c from cvs.
  7. posible create catogeries in suggest section so break suggest like so that easy for people to know been suggest by posts. so like one on 1new feature to game 2another one for economic of el tweakt to a feature in game 3 one for new type stuff make for skills or maby just ceate subcatgoes base skill for magic,crafting,poition,manufacturing, alchemy, combat hope get idea try to get across
  8. Suggest For Suggestio Forum

    also if don't like to be use suggetion forum then at least use to archieve all the suggestion
  9. new to me lol it need be total random like first chose map randomly then chose coordinates randomly already done on website lol live with it cool idea but you know how bones map millions and end bag making The sit lock is useful, but would be far better if when toggled, it was impossible to stand up without using the sit/stand button or clicking to move on the map, and you couldn't go into combat - at the moment you can still misattack neighbouring targets, and move by double rightclicking, which leads to a lot of annoying accidents. now that idea i agreed with you Can the "enter" key be set to do the same as the return key, as in most games/programs? I repeatedly type out a sentence and hit enter, only to find it's done nothing, its just a little thing, but its annoying, and the enter key has no other use... never noticed that Can we put food/wine etc in our store? I don't see it as unreasonable to store wine, most wines improve with age anyway and the PL store has wine bottles in its shelves. As for food, well, if we can store raw meat, why not foods? It's really an annoyance to most players... Same goes for storing rare books but not books? I fail to see the logic there... posted before answer no Can all the player owned bots (Linux, Nera etc), please be put into a guild (NPC or BOT or whatever) so we can tell they're npc sellbots? It confuses and annoys a lot of newbies, and it would be nice to tell them appart instantly anyway... that would be nice to have The cavern wall collapse message when mining - I understand the need to have some form of random damage, but please, the whole "how unluckys must they be?!" thing is really, really corny... How about something simpler and more realistic? I don't know, "xxxx has hit themselves on the hand with their pickaxe and lost 12 health" or something. You could even hold a mini contest for suggestions for a new message... yea does need to be changed A number of maps are oriented wrongly, most notable the PL storage - from the outside, the door is facing east, but inside it's north... It's a really silly bug, but it IS annoying at times. yea i noticed that too hey agreed with you there never seen that yea most people hate searching We really need high level items - I'm talking about items that even with seriously heavy training, NOONE will be able to make for at least a year or so - items REQUIRING skills in the 100s or even 200s to make, or even multiple skills in the 100s - people always need a reason to reach high levels in the skills, and it really makes being the best in you're field worth it. Maybe we can have uber rings/medallions, or incredibly powerful weapons, maybe magic weapons you need high magic skill to make too, or even allow high levels to make enriched essences, or even better essences, the possibilities are endless. Make the skills required to make them really hard to attain, but not impossible - it should ideally be a year or two before some reaches the requisite skill level. Give people something to work for - it gives the game much more longievity, keeps you're high levels a lot longer, and will help keep the playerbase up - people never like to feel they've done everything in a game, so make it virtually impossible for them to get there in any time period less than a decade or two. it take time but they could make tit stuff required a higher level Every time I play, I have to set my resolution, sitlock, and put the game to fullscreen. Is it possible for the game to remember these settings, or have a way of setting defaults so players dont have to do this every time? open el.ini you can change that stuff there
  10. Suggest For Suggestio Forum

    like here how catergroes go in suggestion forum sub suggestion froum called 1. manufacturing 2. crafting 3. potion 4. alchemy 5. harveting sytem 6. combat 7. shops(refer npc that sell and buy stuff) 8. economic(like maybe suggestion does not work above categories but thry they think help economic) 9. new skills 10. drops
  11. Change To Afk Patch

    oh well guess I has worked on my self. (is that you will not do or admins said no to it(if so why)
  12. Godz Have Return

    Yes the Godz have return and site is at http://godz.terabytes.co.uk/. Oh and for all guild were are enemys as right now we no longer are at war with or that you are no longer enemy.
  13. Godz Have Return

    or me if I am online I haver permission to eccept player into our guild if meet our requriurement.
  14. I think time take now for harvesting and makeing stuff should be what take at recommanded level accordating too skill it used so skill high recommand than be little faster if skill at recommendat level take what take now if skill lower then reccomedated that lot longer to do
  15. Aliases Definitions In Elc.

    Sound very cool teh banned 0n3na and does mean like create comman by define my own aliases so that if type #gm #making it would send to other user #gm of jamevm: I can make all types crafting anf manufactures items for those who need it hehe it would be cool christmas gift for lot people
  16. Link Error

    got interface.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _rindex referenced in function _save_markings multiplayer.obj : error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol _rindex Release/el.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals Build log was saved at "file://c:\James\complie el source code\proggraming work\elc\Release\BuildLog.htm" when complile latest cvs source code could please why does not think rindex is function use microsoft visual c++ complier yes it is windows systems
  17. Link Error

    if hardive has be format then I am going try instaled dev c++ again and hopeful this time I get to compile. So until bother fix computer will not even be able to try.
  18. New Command For Guild's

    I liked just spit list all people currently in current guild you on so know if one member left you or not. To show weather online or not is plus on to it.
  19. Oh it can be done. In fact it quite simple to do in my opion.
  20. New Manufacturing System

    I has say I think idea with whole seem it would be lot fun to me. Personal I think problem with this game is that too it much click click click in it.
  21. Link Error

    well never got compiler to work for me
  22. Encyclopedia Window Bigger.

    teh banned 0n3na then problem is not need bigger window it is that need add scoll bar into encyclopedia so that can have much length as need on each page.
  23. Encyclopedia Work

    Ok want say after talk with another person you right do not know most xml and to statememnt most code repetive well true that is but a person know all xml code would be able make way so it would load faster then one know hardly any code.
  24. Error: Could not read console.xml Error: Could not read errors.xml Error: Could not read help.xml Error: Could not read options.xml Error: Could not read spells.xml Error: Could not read stats.xml Error: Could not read console.xml Error: Could not read errors.xml Error: Could not read help.xml Error: Could not read options.xml Error: Could not read spells.xml Error: Could not read stats.xml that error log any suggestion also I have windows xp on system(notices this when after add manu shortcut that could not get images to appera)
  25. Help Get Error On My Compile Client

    still geting Error: Could not read console.xml Error: Could not read errors.xml Error: Could not read help.xml Error: Could not read options.xml Error: Could not read spells.xml Error: Could not read stats.xml