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  1. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    Diamond cave at [25, 9] their piece of coal that is floating in air
  2. 1.3.3 Map bugs

    Morcraven Marsh [317,148] Flickering at exacyt corridnated (thik 2d object on same z coordines of tile, so when turn camera it flickers.
  3. When I came back from long absent, I realized that the guild command ingame files are outdate and very badly organized. So have take on self redo whole section for better organized and most up to date. Here what I have so far That is all what I currently have and need information on #enemy_combatant & #enemy_pacifist(which also need (cost 50kgc use this command ) so description and minumum rank would be nice and also if attriubute that has be put with in command line say so? Also if there is more command that I misse, please tell me and give the Command with attrubutetes, description, and minumum rank. just realise more recent version then what I was uesing oops but any way still show how want change normal guild commands to be more user friendly PS The reason I post here is so know why we need information. [edit move #set_short_name to 19 since ttlanhil point out it]
  4. Password

    Maby new password need be written in logs files, then so it can be retreived if need to be. Though it would make that then technical any who goes to that computer could find out password then.
  5. password

    BAsically goed like this Reason I think that password being change by mod to ingame character was stopped was because no way to know if person for sure the character they claim to be. I was think that ingame character should has to have a email address with them. So that automated sytem could send new password for their lost password for their character. How will retrieval system work? - Via web page that has have forum account to use to get into it - Send validation email to email address for that account - - which only click validation link will password activated for them - - - think new generated password would better security stand point - also should limit once for 24 hours period to prevent mass spaming of server Though not saying implementing this will be easy to do. - For has be able have server send validition email to check if valid. Though I guess techinquelly does not has to since person would be able use function if not valid. - Has be able program function web page said active send new password to email account. - Then has to have everyone put email address in for character then.
  6. password

    first, actual do know how internet conection work that it just at monent was not fully thinking it out. ps liber delete content since it should been pm too him
  7. password

    The point system is the email account has be theres for get the password. The lost password ingame would on web page that when user put there name it will go send email to them of there new password and then has log into forums to even use this function. Then they would has be validated link which would to page that validate the request say person really want to reset. Lab Rat that kindy decision up dev team. Since this system has make sure from security stand point it does not open up new hole into server. Reason should implement is that make more friendler to players and new ones. It reduce have 10,000 no longer use character because password was forgotten. due to question gone up I have edit oringal though has say exact implementation of this would has thought who code it as has think security wise, skill they have. As for in client this feature I would say no to that since it is open source make easy try take advanage of it.
  8. Kings of choas game

    delete by one self
  9. en not update in 4 months

    Is it me or has not update in like 4 month or more since last update english section. get to viewcvs via http://developer.berlios.de/cvs/?group_id=1256.
  10. Autosave function...

    to me cool #save command but should at least hour or more between the command if were come in to play or make client log out character take to main screen so can relog in easyer (so at least some time wait) but if people save every min, my comment is come on character not going go up level that fast or have 2 rare item gain that close together. actual realty since seem post that that going not feature that every implemented in it then just do by old fasshin way saveing, log out by exit progrram and then restrated and log it in.
  11. perk sugestion

    I would point out that threatd about " Pick points redestribution, Destribution of pps at certain lvls" say same logic applied here #reset when make mistake but other wise stay desion you made foir character of perks you choose
  12. we implement syntex so that you can dive page into more then one columons. for instance instened of doing <nl/> <link ref="Tit Steel Long Sword" title="Titanium Steel Long Sword"/><Text> </Text> <link ref="Steel Chainmail Torso Armor" title="Steel Chainmail Torso Armor"/> <nl/> <link ref="Tit Steel Serpent Sword" title="Titanium Steel Serpent Sword"/><Text> </Text> <link ref="Titanium Chainmail Torso Armor" title="Titanium Chainmail Torso Armor"/> <nl/> <link ref="Iron Axe" title="Iron Axe"/><Text> </Text> <link ref="Iron Plate" title="Iron Plate Armor"/> <nl/> <link ref="Steel Axe" title="Steel Axe"/><Text> </Text> <link ref="Iron Cuisses" title="Iron Cuisses"/> <nl/> <link ref="Titanium Axe" title="Titanium Axe"/><Text> </Text> <link ref="Iron Greaves" title="Iron Greaves"/> it look more like this <columns=2> <col> <link ref="Tit Steel Long Sword" title="Titanium Steel Long Sword"/> <link ref="Tit Steel Serpent Sword" title="Titanium Steel Serpent Sword"/> <link ref="Iron Axe" title="Iron Axe"/> <link ref="Steel Axe" title="Steel Axe"/> <link ref="Titanium Axe" title="Titanium Axe"/> </col> <col> <link ref="Steel Chainmail Torso Armor" title="Steel Chainmail Torso Armor"/> <link ref="Titanium Chainmail Torso Armor" title="Titanium Chainmail Torso Armor"/> <link ref="Iron Plate" title="Iron Plate Armor"/> <link ref="Iron Cuisses" title="Iron Cuisses"/> <link ref="Iron Greaves" title="Iron Greaves"/> </col> </columns> advange not has worry about have right amount space between 2 thing make look 2 columns ps. don't right place to put this but does pertant encyclopedia
  13. suggestion to new funtion in choice to use

    only reason don't try do my self is that very bad at programing with create visual interface which kindy understand you need for this.
  14. en not update in 4 months

    lol probly for "" security reason anyway at least mention it little icon upper right never email me or told how login during registration
  15. en not update in 4 months

    finnaly figure how login had click on keys(should put link to actual login for it is https://freepository.com/member-login-frame.html
  16. en not update in 4 months

    lol unstable realese link site get stuff is confusing
  17. I am back

    not like people care but recently start play el again out boreded(delegateing stuff should doing). Fun class taking is 3d max class . Can't believed I got credit for stuff I did with enclyopedia .
  18. I am back

    thanks point out but kindy late for change that lol, hehehe, wonder if notice my signature
  19. I am back

    hehehehe ty I just look avator and still looks very good
  20. Harvesters heaven

    here input orignal idea what if player could not drop anything on the ground in this place and that put a limit how much can have & limit too how much you can make.
  21. Omagaalpha Website

    My website is covert to site about UO Darkadia now so get rid el stuff on it. Just thought tell if anyone actually use it. But highly doubt so. For those wonder in heck websiter here link below http://www.freewebs.com/alphaomaga/
  22. Encyclopedia Work

    ask entropy about that
  23. Encyclopedia Work

    sound good
  24. Encyclopedia Work

    is today real easter wow if small file size Lachesis i can host on my site.
  25. Artificer

    next time post something like this put in suggestion or bug report. one need see it will look there.