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  1. Looks like I'm here again

    I guess this would be considered a 'BUMP' as I have waited a month and a half for a reply. To quote myself above:
  2. Looks like I'm here again

    OK, I understand. I would also like to clarify, just for my own understanding. Once re-activated, will my sons be allowed to have friends (who already have set up an account elsewhere) come to our house and play EL together? Remember, we have a LAN with 4 PC's in our home. If the answer is no, I understand, I just need to clarify so that I can be firm about what is expected of them. Having said that, here are the four desired names 1.) evangelian 2.) _toxic_ 3.) _chemical_ 4.) eliahswift (and if this one is not possible, then cromer as the second choice) Thank you again, for your considerate tolerance of my inquiry and requests. I hope that at some point in the future, my family can be considered off the 'trouble-maker' list. -TechDawg
  3. Looks like I'm here again

    I think you have made your terms quite clear. I will speak with my boys, and post a list of the four desired names as soon as I'm satisfied that THEY understand the terms. Thank you very much for your grace, and have a VERY pleasant rest of the weekend. -TechDawg EDIT: One of my sons stated that he's read somewhere in a post from the year 2004 that it was (at least at one time) possible to lock out the ability to make NEW characters. I don't know if this was based on IP, or user-name, but I mention it as a possible desirable safeguard both against future failure, AND neighborhood kids unknowingly making an account HERE, and inadvertently causing the resulting permanant lock down. If this IS still a viable feature, would it be possible to lock out the ability after the 4 names have been agreed upon?
  4. Looks like I'm here again

    I have waited a week, out of respect, and with the hope of avoiding a 'Double Post' (for which I now apologize), but I have not had resolution here. To recap: I understood the reasons for the ban(s), but wanted to know whether they were reversible, and if not, only request confirmation of the finality of the ban(s). If there is more information needed from me, I am more than willing to comply. Thank you, in advance, for your time. -TechDawg
  5. Looks like I'm here again

    @ETHERAL_SLAYER: If my information is in error, I apologize, I'm NOT a member of the Game, rather I am a FATHER of several players. I included the character name 'Etheral_slayer, as it was Listed in Aislinn's information. As for the rest that you included, I do not claim to any ownership, I took all the information from both your post and Aislinn's post, and Asked my boys who's accounts they were (to the best of their knowledge) to try and assist in clearing up any mis-information, and to help me (myself) understand what was going on. Again, it wasn't, nor isn't, my intention to claim that you live near me, nor that I (or my family) have anything to do with you. There is no need to let your feathers get ruffled here. Please accept my apology. TechDawg
  6. Looks like I'm here again

    Firstly, thank you for taking the time to provide this information. As an administrator on a forum of my own, I know how tedious and time consuming dealing with these types of issues can be, and I just wanted to pass on my appreciation for that. Secondly, based on what you have provided, I have no argument with anything you have shown, nor do I argue with the actions taken. If you should choose to do nothing more, and allow things to remain as they currently stand, I would understand. Having said that, I will offer the following information, if the decision should, in fact, change: I have compiled a list, after more "He said, She Said" talk than I care to repeat, which (to the best of my knowledge) should represent the current status of accounts who have at one time played from this IP, including whether (if given a choice) the account should remain or be deleted completely. Characters owned by residents in this home: (Would like to keep) evangelian, _toxic_, _chemical_, e1iahswift, eliahswift (locked), cromer, Characters owned by residents in this home: (Delete these) youtube, _wolves_, piro, bunnyhun, fontose, alt_x Characters owned by neighborhood friends: (Would like to keep) traekiller, Original Characters owned by neighborhood friends: (Delete these) imabadboy, james35, santa, trae, slayer_player, bogigo, mrmime, the_devils_here drluigi, GothicVampire, zoomies, brandonthebomb, jollyman NOTE: The next list contains character names that have indeed either originated here, or have played in the same IP range (they used to live across the street from us) as us, but have moved out of town, which should be verifiable by IP use ratio. Characters owned by neighborhod friends who have moved out of town: Etheral_slayer, tiny7, buldozr7, og_buldozr, etheral_slayer, nickm, wildcats, even43, evan23 NOTE: The final list contains a Character name that was sold to another player completely. Characters now owned by unknown others: tinysniper Once again, I appreciate the time investment handling these issues requires, and thank you for even reviewing it at all. Should you consider changing the status of things, I can only offer the knowledge that although I cannot guarantee against the recurrence of similar infractions, I can assure you that I will make it a point to keep a constant reminder in place to my own sons that allowing friends to come in and set up new accounts is likely (with good reason) going to be viewed as new Violations and to be aware that it will very likely lead to additional BANS and Lock-outs. Should you not consider changing the status of things, all I would ask is for confirmation of that, so that I can direct my own sons accordingly. Thank you kindly, TechDawg
  7. Looks like I'm here again

    Greetings, I have four sons, three of which have been active (on & off) for a number of years now. It would seem they've done something wrong again, and I'm here requesting information about what, in hopes I can understand it. If it is a valid demonstration of rule-breaking, I will support the ban, and inform them of their loss. My sons characters (The Ones I can remember) are EliahSwift, _Toxic_, Evangelian, possibly Piro, Shadowcaster.. I know these are names they've used in the past anyway. Recently, (two days past in fact) my son (EliahSwift) had a friend over, from the neighborhood, who signed up for an account on EL and was playing from here. We have a LAN with 4 PC's, and regularly will have my kids, plus several others, in and out and online together. If the offense is related to this new sign up, I can vouch for the legitimacy of the player, in that it is not one of my own kids. If the offense(s) were not related to that, I will await an explanation. Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to respond. TechDawg
  8. Multiple Bans for Single IP

    No need, I am well aware of that. Thank you though for being quite thurough. I guess I am feeling that there is not going to be a cooperative discusion on this. I am willing to work with your rules and regs, but without some more specific details and direction from your end, I am helpless to proceed. I apologize if I have been wasting your time. -TD
  9. Multiple Bans for Single IP

    I guess I was hoping for some sort of response. I'm patiently waiting, and do not intend to SPAM, if there is something I neglected to bring to the table, please let me know. Thanks, TD
  10. Multiple Bans for Single IP

    Well, I cannot, as a matter of reality, guarentee anything. However, I DO know that my boys have been playing this game for more than a Year now, and as a result of my finding it for them, the whole neighborhood, infact much of the town (through word of mouth at school) has played or is currently playing this game, including several 'paying' members. I would request that you give me more details about the 'inapropriate' activity and the characters that are at fault's names, as I do NOT support this type of behavior, but without being the FBI all the time, I cannot know what to quell without knowing what is going on. So I propose we work together, and I will do my best to handle (on this end) a tighter monitoring of behavior and activity, while I request that you let me know which avatars and activities I can best focus my efforts towards. I appreciate your time and consideration, Thank you, -TD P.S. I might also add, just so I don't look like a total n00b when it comes to MMORPG and the methodoligy involved in the community / Game Play / and everything that goes into the total experience, that I do play some MMORPG's, currently involved in a game called 'Thang' with which I am an Administrator on a fairly large Guild Forum, which, if interested, you can visit at www.thc-alliance.tk - I'm TDawgius there.. Not that you are extremely interested, nor that you should be, I just wanted to give you the frame of experience that I am speaking from. Again, thank you for your time and consideration.
  11. Multiple Bans for Single IP

    EliahSwift Eliah44 Player_Fighter bunnyhun THese four characters, and possible more, were banned from my IP Address today. I do not exactly know the reason as I am not the Players.. I am their father. We have 4 Computer's Networked, sometimes 5.. We also have Neighborhood kids in and out of the Computer room time and time again. If you are going to do BAN's, just based on IP Address's, How do you propose to handle situations where there are Multiple "LEGAL" Users all comming from the same IP Address? Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration in this matter.. If you need to email me, you may do so at techdawg-at-gmail.com Thanks, -TD
  12. Ip Banned - Explanation Requested

    Thank you Entropy, I appreciate your prompt closure to this issue, please let me know if there is every anything you need. -TechDawg
  13. Ip Banned - Explanation Requested

    Thank you Kindly Cicero...
  14. Help Me Please

    I will take full responsibility for Jollman's spamming. So Jebus, if you have something to say, direct it to me, my email address is: webmaster@thetechguy.us if you would like to contact me directly. As for Jollman, in truth, it was his first experience to 'Forums' and would be considered newbier than newbie. To top it off, he is a bit 'hyperactive' in reality, as his next door neighbor I would know. Yes, Jollman lives next door to the IP you banned, he actually can play from his house. Anyway, it was my fault, as I was frustrated with the boys for getting banned after I had sat them all down and talked with them about the etiquettes of online gaming, and so I told 'Jollman' (Gabriel), that he needed to follow the directions on the website, log into the forums, and request an explanation and inquiry as to reversal of the ban. I was at work, running my store, when I instructed him of this, and assumed him to be of high enough intelligence to be able to 'figure it out' but as you know, when you assume you make an "A** out of 'U' and 'ME'.... I did not give him instruction as to the general timelines related to reply's and the like, and therefore, I am ultimately responsible for sending him here and for that I apologize. nuf said, -TechDawg
  15. Ip Banned - Explanation Requested

    My Bad, the "Unregistered Post" is from me... -TechDawg