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  1. ZOMG!11! you need this so much

    I'll take all the silver (14,218), please. Have sent you a forum PM
  2. Equipped Item swap..

    On the subject of [save last row], which I think is an excellent feature, would it be possible to have this added to the drop all feature as well? Many times I go to mix somewhere and drop everything and think, damn need to pick up the rosto :-)
  3. Emote codes for the client

    On the EL website, under the manual link, it says to emote something just add a colon (, is this not something we can use or would its inclusion in :-) and :-( cause problems or would these be smile and frown emotes anyway? Although an interesting take on emotes, I am against Conavar's suggestion as some cultures use different gestures to indicate yes and no and a whole range of other things, it would be too complex and would depend on a particular cultural interpretation of the correct gesture. Just my 2p
  4. I am happy to participate In game and forum name Catspaw Male
  5. Encyclopedia Errata

    Under ropes in the engineering section it says that ropes are not stackable, but they are :-)
  6. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0

    Mine crashed after log in as well. When I first logged on with the new client I was in the evtr mines and all seemed fine but once I went outside the client locked up, it didn't actually crash and close, I had to force quit. I switched back to the 1.6 client as I thought perhaps it might be something with evtr. I went to portals room and logged on with the new client again and all seemed fine (although it was very dark). Went to pv from portals room and walked to sto and again the client locked up around the fountain. I have always played the 1.6 client with UVP set to 0 and all is fine now in the 1.7 client with this setting.
  7. Macintosh OS X client 1.7.0

    Using a new macbook pro Nvidia Geforce 8600M GT Mac OS X 10.5.4 The new client kept crashing with UVP 1 so adding #use_animation_program=0 to el.ini worked and now all is fine :-) Thanks for all the work Fedora
  8. Storage Sale

    I'll take the 24k Sunflowers (9k) the Tit set (155k unless someone offers more) and the Mirror Cloak (8k) pm me ingame (same name) - Thanks
  9. Macintosh OS X client 1.6.0 bugs thread

    Locking the file seems to have solved it and hasn't caused any other problems - I am assuming the only problem long term may be with auto-update?
  10. Macintosh OS X client 1.6.0 bugs thread

    Pressing fn+backspace on my keyboard turns the character anti-clockwise. Only other strange thing I have noticed is that my el.ini file kept getting overwritten each time I restarted the client and I had to manually add #use_animation_program=0 each time, locking the file fixed the problem obviously, but I am just concerned that I am doing something wrong as no one else has reported this.
  11. Macintosh OS X client 1.6.0 bugs thread

    All working on my New MacBook Pro with 10.5.2 Had to add #use_animation_program=0 to el.ini and download the sounds and install in the data folder but apart from that all working. Thanks very much everyone who worked on this, it really is appreciated :-)