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  1. Ok i haven't really played in a long time (6 month or so), and since my WoW account stoped working for a while i thought i'd revisit my old game a bit. Some stuff that struck me that would really make a difference (imo)... So here are some small suggestions from me: - Why isn't the mm perk removed already ? Keep the mm cape for those who need it, but the mm perk really makes the game boring, and screws with the sense of acheivement/difficulty of finding certain stuff, etc, etc... Just give the pp back to whoever has it, remove it from the player files and the wraith and that's it. At least remove it whenever you think this is "gold", if it's still there for beta purposes. - More content in terms of what you can do at higher levels in different skills.. nothing new there and people could do everything there is 6 month ago, you really need some higher level stuff in all the skills. I know there are those nice magic weapons you sell, at least insert "modding" and stuff. - More mobs !. It seems there are too few higher and mid-level mobs for the population and it's half what the server is supposed to host (1000) at most. - I don't know is the playable "for pay" extra continent there yet ? I thought it was mostly a matter of map-making/modeling stuff. It's money guys - And the fist fighting. There's got to be something wrong with a game where fighting with a weapon makes you a noob :lol: (except for pk maps ofc). I think you should either make the attack level increase with damage done instead of hits or add an extra weapon-specific-skill and level that only when you use the weapon.
  2. I Need A Anti-spyware

    http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ - Ad-Aware http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html - Spy-Bot
  3. Eating Delay

    Actually i think rather then introducing separate delays everywhere in the game, we should take the more consistent aproch, and introduce a 10 sec delay between each mouse click. And just have a "you failed to click the mouse button" message. This would be very much inline with the game's current design. :lol: j/k
  4. Barren Moon

    Actually i'm convinced that EL2 is already in alpha and Entropy and Roja are playing there just so they don't have to deal with the rest of us I'm going to try to connect to all the server's ports to find it j/k
  5. Smeg? What Is Smeg?

    Actually, the "micro" refers to the wave length of the wave, not the frequency nitpicker . he didn't say it refers to low frequencies. Actually i think a whole bunch of objects which are thought to be black holes have been discovered. It's pretty hard to definately say they truely are black holes since you can't see them because they suck in eveything including e-m radiation. But you can see them indirectly if they are "feeding" from a nearby star or glass cloud, or something like that... the smeggers
  6. The Eternal Lands Xmas Song

    :lol: very funny Adyna And Merry Christmas all.. i should delete my ingame textures so everything would be white
  7. Basic Difference Between Flames And Critics.

    Well of course the first 1 is a flame and the 2nd one isn't (mostly, but the last line: "therefore it must be changed", is ). But it dosen't prove whatever you think it might prove about youself (you wouldn't have put one of your own posts here if you wanted objectivity). ^ This is a much more clear example of what a real flame looks like. Flames aren't insults vs criticism as you've tried to show. That's the most clear, and really the most harmless type. Insult, ban, end of story. Flames are more about arguments, heated debates versus constructive criticism. When you criticise something you say what you don't like, why, what would be a good alternative and why. You don't demand things to be done your way, you don't threaten (with leaving, etc..), you don't try to turn a disagreement into a conflict, and try to get other people to join "your side".
  8. Lyanna

    Just for the record i have no clue what you guys are talking about... the reason why she had to go, right ? I have to play the game more... oh well if it's anything good i bet it will be in the next edition of the times .
  9. Extended Leave

    Bye, good luck with that thing, hope you'll come back soon.
  10. Names Rule - Wth?

    I have to say i don't agree that the rule is wrong. "10. No obscene names, no attempts to impersonate some staff member, no offensive names. Also no utterly stupid spam names such as 0000000000 or AAAAAAAAA, etc. No characters whose sole purpose is their name (i.e. "runescape_is_cool" or "I_{love,hate}_[person's name]"). No spaming character creations by creating a lot of characters with similar names, or creating a lot of characters in a short period of time." Seems alright to me, it's up to the admins to decide if there was an attempt to impersonate a staff member (so it does have to be intentional), and wether a char delete is necessary, or a rename, or nothing at all. by the way: You broke the rule not necessarly because you tried to impersonate Lord_Vermor, but because you created a character who's sole purpose is it's name.
  11. Roleplaying

    I've found that the IP tavern is the only place where you can get interact with people like that. I personally think that (with a few notable exceptions) newbies are much easier to engage in 'spontaneous' roleplaying, because they're still exploring and getting a feel for the world, rather then leveling & such. And ofc the IP tavern is the one with most traffic so the odds are with you.
  12. N00b

    Haha, i knew the first one (the keenspace one)... :lol:
  13. Ok my comments: GOOD: "* Bug fixs for remote spells in strange situations * Security updates for troublemakers * #demigod command for mods to help in running PK contests * Harvesting Sulfur now required leather gloves * Two EFE are now needed for Iron Plate * Multiple other bug fixes * Server based autoharvest, click to start, click to stop * #beam me up is disabled on some maps for lvl 20+" "* EFE is now required for Titanium long, serpent, & chain" -> good except serpent stones need to be much RARER "* Trik no longer buys Iron Shields, or Steel Longs Swords" -> Why ? Player buying prices won't go down with the current changes, they'll go up. "* Price adjusted on Titanium bars" -> Makes no sense who's going to get overly rich by selling those to the shop in the new system ? "Manufacuring & harvesting how takes more time depending on how complex it is" If you have speed restriction on harvesting, those on manu/other things are rather useless, since harvesting limits speed for everything else. You didn't make 500 brs imediatly, they took the time it takes to harvest all their ingredients. About the harvest calculation ? 20 seconds on diamonds at level 60 as opposed to 40 at level 0 ? Level has to count more. You have to remember we have levels from playing in the old system, but it is pretty much impossible to reach level 60 with the current speed, that's 3500000 exp or so at snail speed. Basicly I like most of the new update as an ideea, but you need to do a lot of adjustment/tweaking now, because the game is really imbalanced. I think it was a case of if it's not broken don't fix it <_<. Now we have a mess of the old and new: - Huge "legacy" skills for old players new players will never ever reach. I think leveling from 0 is now your biggest problem, how are newbs to get their levels up ? - Same for items - people have stocks. I kick myself for not buying more tit stuff in time - Harvesting speed limit, harvest exp cap, "invisible" harvesting events, just don't mix well. If you choose speed limit get rid of the exp cap, and if you want to keep the events give a message (and one for the random harvest end). - Make rare essences not so rare. Do you realise how much time it takes now to make 1 EFE ? (what was it 1/5000 chance with artificier) With getting ingredients and all ? And people just won't have the time to play the game, that's your biggest issue. I mean new people to level up. I'll still walk around and fight things since i have the stats but new people might just not have the patience/time to do anything. Right, i know they're supposed to roleplay and socialise not level. You're removing actual gameplay so that people don't get distracted from the important things like the chat channels... Yeah the 8 people that want to do that all the time said thanx. Ok sorry for that last bit, but it's true. .
  14. Teleport Nexus

    Yes i think this definetly should be fixed. No failed or succeed message ok. But please put something for damage, teleport, harvesting stoped, everything else... especially harvesting stoped, since it's so slow it's hard to tell if it's stoped or not
  15. What Is Up W/harvesting?

    Are you sure it's actually slower ? I have a feeling it's the same just the fails aren't visible anymore so it seems slower because nothing happens. edit: apparently wrong. it is slow...