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  1. Srbija!

    Srbi,Makedonci javite se bre!!!
  2. The truth behind EL

  3. Graphics Card

    Nvidia 7950 GT +1
  4. IF i could

    Komrad Tito.
  5. elder scrolls

    Don't you mean Holamayan,the monastery?That's the place where you have to go for the main quest,it isn't on Solthseim it's on Vvardenfel,along the SE coast.
  6. elder scrolls

  7. Guess the movie

    The pic name is white heat so that would be it?
  8. What other MMORPGs do you play?

    Trust me,don't try Knight Online...the game sux bad bad...graphic is bad and when it's war you can't even respawn without dying inside your city...
  9. Know any good webcomic?

    Comics i read: 8 bit theater Adventures of Dr. Mcninja Alien Loves Predator Ask Dr. Eldritch Chugworth academy Commissioned Ctrl Alt Del Concerned(no longer updated) Dungeon Crawl Inc Goblins Elf only inn Gone with the Blastwave Maxwell the Demon Sluggy Freelance Two lumps(adventures of ebenezer and snooch) The last days of FOXHOUND The n00b The order of the stick VG cats ---Not for the general public--- Elftor,Purple pussy
  10. What other MMORPGs do you play?

    WoW is for carebears
  11. Chain Reaction

  12. My new Cell Phone

  13. rofl this guy ownz

    Can you rend metal with them,like Aliens can?
  14. Guess the movie

    No it's planes on a snake...You sir,are blind!
  15. Guess the movie

    I can't see your pic :S So anyway,I'm gonna use my turn.
  16. Guess the movie

    Yar,it be Clerks P.S.:If I'm right(100% cause i can never be proven wrong) someone take my go cause I'm out of ideas right now :S
  17. my new keyboard

    That has FUGLY written all over it...
  18. MAFIA

    Damn that game is like 4 years old.
  19. Wii

    The best console is PC. End of discussion.
  20. Wii

  21. catpics

  22. Defend EL's honor

    Diablo 2 doesn't have quality. Diablo 2 has addiction imbedded in it.OMG OMG JUST ONE MORE KILL AND I GET THAT UB3R ITEM OMG ONE MORE TWO MORE etc. The MMORPG with the best graphics out there is GW,hands down.What is good about it is that there are no "misunderstandings" about spawns.Also,the GMs frown upon scams and every thing like that,so you can get your account suspended,unlike other online games.
  23. top 10 scariest video games

    I played the first few levels on Insane(hardest difficulty or whatnot),and the game is frickin' easy... My friend finished it in 2 days,dunno about the scaryness of later levels though... System shock 2 is there,so is eternal darkness.
  24. top 10 scariest video games

    It's not just the feel of the level,it's the lack of ammo that makes it so scary ^^ Now. People. Tetris. Discuss.
  25. top 10 scariest video games

    OMG ONOZ.... Not everyone can register for a free account!Whatever shall we do!? It took me 1 minute to register...1 minute!They don't even send you any confirmation email or nothing... It's easy,fast and,most importantly,FREE