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  1. some problems while harvesting gypsum

    or no mule at all just ttr over wall :s fastest as far as i know
  2. Pear finder cooldown

    level the playing field by adding a cd? imo completely wrong idea here, why don't the other people who are complaining go out and do the exploring,i have found many pears in the past 2 weeks,yet these people before me supposedly had an advantage? no not at all they just took the time to learn to do it. once you take the time to learn the maps,it is simply a luck race, keeping a level playing field.
  3. Help spread the word

    inc referral system?
  4. weak wtf team

    Desey 116/121 a/d 41 range 55 ap, ER,7 mule lvl
  5. Removal/modification of rule 5

    i voted no, and if this got passed i would make 50 alts and harvest to ruin the economy, as i'm sure others would do.
  6. 6kBones for sale

  7. Training / PvP / PK Music

    that is my harvesting music.
  8. Mage/healer 'class'

    i think simply making it costs pp's would be a bad idea as it would have no effect on the top lvl players. 20 pps is nothing but another irl paycheck. i think you should make it so you can change specs (and make that "duel spec" cost pps if u want) so that you can't do mage/melee, or cleric/melee at same time and make changing specs costs 50 ap or something. that way when someone wants to go train there attack/defense it is not completely hindered by being a "mage" or "cleric".
  9. very old players

    i've been around for awhile, started in 2004, many ppl around longer than me but i consider myself a vet
  10. i have been scammed.

    nvm. lol
  11. ban

    guess its not likely. no clue how this guy logged onto my account he seems like a real jerk. maybe i'll start a new char who knows.
  12. ban

    that was not me that was apparently this immature kid. i was nothing but respect and honor i was in guild 300 and never did anything that broke the rules.
  13. ban

    so this is the guy who hacked my account.. i was hoping to get on and play today last time i played was 2007 lol would there be any hope in me getting my account back?
  14. help my password was changed.

    wow sum1 has actually been playing my account all of these years? thanks for the info had no clue well according to radu i'm lieing and i gave my password away to multiple people on purpose