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  1. hi all,

    got this error:


    D:\CVSfiles EL\elc\libelc.a(sound.o)(.text+0x3561) In function `ensure_sample_loaded':

    [Linker error] undefined reference to `_imp__alutLoadMemoryFromFile'

    D:\CVSfiles EL\elc\libelc.a(sound.o)(.text+0x6581) In function `init_sound':

    [Linker error] undefined reference to `_imp__alutInitWithoutContext'

    D:\CVSfiles EL\elc\libelc.a(sound.o)(.text+0x6581) ld returned 1 exit status

    D:\CVSfiles EL\elc\Makefile.win [build Error] [el.exe] Error 1


    well, dev-C compiled all files as well, but i get already the fatal errors with libelc.a, dont know why, played with make.conf (back to default, disable all what has to do with sound) but I couldnt solve it.


    Could it be possible, that some libaries are too old for compiling? And i removed and installed freealut, quite a lot.


    Thx for helping

  2. Hättest ja nur eher mal bescheid sagen müssen, wozu bin ich denn im 206er?


    Weisst ja ich bin sowas von faul, das es gestern geklappt hat grenzt schon an ein Wunder ;P


    Willkommen Nhm in dem unglaublichem Reich des Forums \o/

    hehe dank dir, besser spät wie nie heisst das Sprichwort glaub ich :)

  3. Opeth, Dimmu Borgir, Cannibal corpse, hate eternal, Nitro, evergrey, kataklysm,


    most of my music is death metal.



    dimmu is freakin sweet. (and they are more black metal than death) my fav metal bands probably are dimmu, antestor, emperor, sirius, bal sagoth, orphaned land, extol, novembre, haggard, lengsel, opeth, zyklon....idk i have lots of metal favs. im a metalhead :)


    electronic music would have to be wagon christ. and infected mushroom. and astral projection.


    what about indie? anyone an indie fan?


    fav indie bands would have to be built to spill, dinosaur jr, the lemonheads, silversun pickups. and amusement parks on fire.


    I c other ones are in extreme metal so far ;p

    btw Infected Mushrooms are great for the "special mood" hehe


    listening to lots of bands so its hard to make favourites but some are quite interesting:

    Megiddo, Zavorash, Mgla, Puissance, Helvetic Frost, Graveland.... just to name a few :)


    btw: if ur deeply in extreme music pm me ingame so we can talk about bands.