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  1. Price list

    Theres a typo in that last link, it should go to http://o.tfm.ro
  2. Mod Tag?

    exactly. I'm one of the hundreds who play and usually stay quiet, too...which is why when we have something to say, it should be taken seriously. The way I've been treated in this thread is appalling. You (mods) have a VERY high-and-mighty tone whenever you type. You need to learn how to accept criticism and learn from it. In fact, the only mod I've encountered who DIDN'T have that tone was the one who warned me!!! He's the only mod who has earned my respect, and he did it when he said to me in pm that he may have "jumped the gun" but it was a "call I had to make." If you want others to respect you, treat others with respect. I'm done with this. I've made my suggestion, and I'm just plain tired of this. I'm not comming back to this post again, it's just not worth dealing with you people. And thanks GGK, but I think they're beyond hope.
  3. At The Races...

    I really like that idea, it would be a good way to help keep the value of the gc up if enough people played it. Instead of betting against another player, you would bet against the npc, like at the horse tracks. When you win, your prize money is generated from nothing (because it's virtual) and enters the game, and when you lose, the money you put in is just deleted. The odds would be toward the npc, so it would have a net change of fewer gc in game. Fewer gc in game with the same resources means the gc are worth more. And then you could have 2 (or more) guilds sponsor each round, and have the guilds do the summoning so they have their tags on the animals. You could even have a guild summoning tournament, or guild summoning duels. Or an all guild free for all!
  4. Mod Tag?

    I like the idea of the mods introducing themselves. People are always complaining that the mods are abusive, power hungry, teh ebul, etc. Maybe if they got to know the mods as regular people, they might realize they're wrong (and stop flooding the abuse forum with it...that's really annoying.) I think that would be a good idea, based on what jez said. You could take it off when you wanted to just play el, and you could turn it on to "flash your badge" if you needed to. That would definitly be better than something permanent, now that you mention it.
  5. Mod Tag?

    In which situations would this hurt any more than people just knowing who the mods are?
  6. Mod Tag?

    1.That's the rule that was red when I was warned, so I don't have any idea what you're talking about. 2.THEN DROP IT! I'm not going to reply to you anymore unless you have something to say about my suggestion. EDIT: Sorry, I just noticed the last line of your post... Well you wouldn't send an under cover cop to direct traffic, would you? They both serve different purposes, and I think undercover mod's could be useful, but one's who are clearly mods are more important. And the way things are now, they are hardly undercover, since many (even most) people know who they are.
  7. Mod Tag?

    Oh really? "SOME offtopic chat"...seems broad to me. And your tone was extremely defensive. I made a suggestion, which is the topic of this forum, and you turned it around to attack me. If you want to do that, take it to the designated flaming section. I made a suggestion here and I don't want it lost in this rediculous argument.
  8. Mod Tag?

    That's not the point. I know NOW that it COULD HAVE BEEN INTERPRETED as still off topic. Personally, I think I was on topic. And you missed the point entirely. The rules are VERY broad and open to interpretation. A mod's interpretation obviously means more than a non-mod's interpretation, as a mod can enforce his/her interpretation. Saying "Topic is topic, rules are rules," is just plain rediculous. It's not black and white, there is a lot of interpretation involved. I'm not saying you should follow the rules only when a "policeman" is there. I'm saying if a "policeman" says you're breaking the law, you know he knows what he's talking about, whereas when someone else tells you, they might be wrong or lying. Maybe if you weren't so defensive you could see that. The mod who this happened with discussed it with me on pm and got me to understand why i was warned (even if I didn't entirely agree) and we dropped it on good terms. So maybe you can let your guard down for a minute and actually consider the idea I'm proposing, as it's the TOPIC of this post.
  9. Mod Tag?

    well I thought i was on topic, and I trust my own judgement over that of another non-mod.
  10. Mod Tag?

    There was an incident today where i was supposedly off topic. I didnt think so, but someone said something about it, and when i sorta related it back to the topic, (but not entirely,) i got warned. If I had known that person was a mod, I would have taken their topic request more seriously, and just dropped what i was talking about. (Note: I intentionally didn't say the name of the mod because I don't want this to seem like I'm attacking them. It could have happened with any mod.) This situation could have been entirely prevented if I had known the person was a mod. If there was some kind of distinction on the name in the chat (such as "[turtleman (mod)]: w00t" or "[turtleman (M)]: w00t") everyone would have known. Also, there should be some kind of distinction over the head of the mod, so you know when you see them, like how police cars say "POLICE" on the side, and cops wear distinct uniforms. Maybe the names could be a different color, like npcs are blue, bots are purple, mods could be orange. Or they could be underlined. Well the specifics aren't important, the point is that people should be able to tell who is a mod. EDIT: By the way, I appreciate what the mods do. I understand that it is inevitable that people will dissagree with some decisions they make, but I know they're not evil and are just doing what they think is best, even if I dissagree.
  11. Get Connected!

    Not quite. I believe it's something like this: each messenger looks for the ! at the begining of all #gm's FOR ITS GUILD and when it sees a message that starts with that, it pm's the message to the messenger for the guild whos tag comes after the !. The messenger recieving the pm then sends a #gm to its own guild with the person's info. example: I type: #gm !bane wudup lv? segV and the segV messenger read: #gm from turtleman: !bane wudup lv? some secret stuff only teh custodian knows about happens bane sees this: #gm from bane_messenger: [turtleman:segV]wudup lv? I hope that clears things up...
  12. Well, What Do You Think?

    dont trust grum, hes a bot!!! he just sits at the fruit in pl and harvests ALL DAY!!! he's a bot programed to use the forums and respond to the question "hey, are you a bot?" with "...no..."!!! ok, well maybe not, but that would be a really cool bot if you could make it!
  13. Learn How To Get Started With Programming

    hey, would anyone recomend visual C++ .net for making bots/patches/etc? I dont know any C yet, but I know VB and I'm taking java in school (i just finished writing my first java class today!...well yesterday cuz its 12:15AM now...)
  14. So You Want To Make A Bot?....

    hmm...sounds like a challenge...
  15. So You Want To Make A Bot?....

    Is it possible to write a bot with java? I'm sort of an advanced beginner, since I just started taking the class at school this year, but I took VB last year so I just have to learn syntax for the concepts, which I already know.