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  1. Lagging on T1

    im getting around 17 FPS in a crowded place...and igot 433ms im not lagging right now but i was a couple of hours ago badly, and yesterday.
  2. Lagging on T1

    I clicked the US server but i live in the philippines now (i just moved here 2 months ago). Could that be a problem?
  3. Pizza recipe

    i made one in home EC but it sucks.....i'd recommend ordering from dominos or caesers pizza if you have one there...
  4. Show a pic of yourself pt 2

    i put mine in the other thread
  5. Show a pic of yourself!

    its me...but who really cares barely anyone knows who i am on EL 5 string Ibanez ... yep... ok done
  6. Fluffy?

  7. Show a pic of your pet!!!

    Thats my dog Daisy. (I'm so proud of that picture...)
  8. <o)))<|

    ???? FISH!
  9. would you sell your soul to the devil?

    I have a shiny new top of the line laptop and a T1 modem and im getting lower that 45 FPS....
  10. pimp my ride

    omg i hate MTV (in the US) it shouldnt bare the name MUSIC TELEVISION. When was the last time you've watched music videos on there longer than 1 hour? And don't bring up MTV 2 thats just an embarassment, only shows rap plus you only get it on digital cable or sattelite. Ugh im not trying to flame just expressing my opinion. Now that i moved to the philippines i get MTV Asia..which is ok...atleast it actually shows music videos.
  11. guitar

    if you are starting out get a fender or an ibanez...what do i know about guitars i play bass
  12. Missing Book

    Yesterday I was researching Weapon Making, and before i logged out i checked it to see how much i had left, i believe it was 650/700. Today i logged in to check my research and now it says im not researching anything. :?:
  13. Missing Book

    Well i was looking at the research box, i scrolled down all the way and of course there was nothing then i scrolled up again and the books ive read where there including weapon making. hmm strange.
  14. Missing Book

    I havent read too many books, i only have the two that read so far. Weapon making still isnt there.
  15. Missing Book

    I checked, the book isnt on the list.