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  1. Maybe they were talking about Harvest Moon? That game is really addicting especially the GBA one
  2. If anyone here has fully locked phat dreads can you give me some tips on how to lock up my tips? I dreaded my hair using the back comb method everything is nice and tight except my tips. Anyone got some ways i can help get them knotted up into a nice smooth tip?
  3. Wedding Bells

  4. Me I prefer Ibanez, Fender has no style or sound -gag-
  5. arrogant ungrateful fucks? Entropy?

    ah this is just like how the US government turns on its people -cough-patriot act-cough- :lol:
  6. ...

    *knows nothing of programming but interested in it*
  7. The Drama of Reality

    i simple LOATHE this post
  8. Pizza recipe

    splash some hot sauce on it :shock:
  9. Guess someone's name!

    i found it on google (google has everything....except free t-shirts damn!) i looked under Image: Weird Al Smells like nirvana
  10. Guess someone's name!

    if you dont get it look at someone's signature.
  11. Guess someone's name!

    ohhhh i get it, not like i got it but i get it, you dont get it but after reading that you get it. get it got it good
  12. Guess someone's name!

    i dont know how to pronounce his name this should be another easy one, i suck at making these.
  13. Guess someone's name!

    um that it doesnt work?
  14. Guess someone's name!

    slimjimguytim? i dont know too many ppl but my guess is some guy named slim tim. oo and devil 8 ball? (lol sadly i was thinking thats how mine was gonna be lol)
  15. Guess someone's name!

    aww no one did one of me...oh well we all cant be beautiful... this is an easy one...
  16. OMG NO the WORST thing!

    does Ent not like the movie Troy?
  17. I think i blew my amp...

    I was playing my bass last night trying to make up a funky riff then all of a sudden the sound gets all distorted...i stopped and plucked all my strings and it was all distorted i unplugged my bass then plugged it back in and it was gone, happened a few more times last night. Is it my bass or my amp? :?
  18. Pizza recipe

    oo ive had that (the one from tobasico). i put that all over my steak and that was DAMN good. if anyone wants my salsa recipe (its not really unknown or hard) just ask i like to keep such a simple obvious thing to myself.
  19. pimp my ride

    Hell ya fuse. Did i mention Julia (forgot her name i think thats it) from Uranium is hot? -drools-. So is Morgan webb from tech tv's X-play. MTV still sucks..
  20. Show a pic of your pet!!!

    poofer?....do i wanna know?
  21. I think i blew my amp...

    yesterday i turned it all the way up equalizer on full blast and everything...its a small 15 watt with a big 5 string bass plugged in could that be the problem? i dont care if its the amp im just worried about my bass (my dad said he's gonna get me a new amp) lol. but i guess i care for the little 15 watt crate :?
  22. Pizza recipe

    I loooove spicy food. mmm i put peppers and hot sauce on anything. i even have my own reciepie for salsa (not for the weak). ever had a habanero? WOoOoO those suckers are hot!
  23. Lagging on T1

    I have T1 and lagging like heck. Is this a server problem or are there really that many people playing the game? :?
  24. Lagging on T1

    ah alrighty then. thanks leeloo
  25. Pizza recipe

    i would ask my dad for you, cause we lived in italy for a few years and my dad loves italian food. but sorry he aint here hes away on a business trip. italians make some good ass pizza. i remember this pizza place i went to and they like make it right infront of you and you can get em to make it just how you want it, i got my initials in dough done once