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    all kind and this game
  1. Thans For A Ban For No Reason!

    O My Good Today is the christmas and nobody remove my ban!
  2. I Was Banneed For No Reason

    Hi all and entropy please unban me now im a internet cafe!i have internet home and i was banned for no reason please help me and unban me! i posted a lot and nobody helpd me1 my acount name is mitosh! plz helpp :
  3. Hi

    here is 12 31 and i i was banned for no reason and nothing has resolved! please again unban me i didnt do anything wrong! entropy plz omg
  4. Hy

    The problem is that i cant play el my ips is all bann!please entropy unban me !what did i do?today i just put internet home and i have ban?how could that happend!i have an e-mail here a user please unban me please unban me please unban me please unban me
  5. Hello!

    Im mitosh the player from eternal-lands!i just got baned !im so angry because i just put internet home and i didnt enter and i got banned! Entropy please remove my ban pleasee!i want to play belive me!\ my ip is
  6. Please unban me :mitosh

    I was banned for no reson!Im a kid from romania!Please unban pe i didt to anything! Thanks!
  7. Hy!Please Unban me!

    Hy!Im soory to boder you im a kid from romania who playz a lt of time this game!I was banned for no reason!Im a administrator on a network games!Please unban me!I didnt do anything! Thnaks!