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  1. Recruiting of the Hois

    Hello everyone. i am once again asking for your support to help me grow my clan and get it to guild level. We have named the clan the hois, and it will still be called that when it makes it to guild level. We need healers, rich people, wizards, and people who like to fight. If you wish to join, contact Starman_omega, my roster keeper. PS were in a war with CO, if you havent heard. ANd our chat channel is 63
  2. Exp increasing items

    i didnt read what you wrote flexo (looked to boring) but im sure it was a good idea
  3. ok, ive left you guys alone for a while now. but once again, ive got another "useless" suggestion. right before i was writing this, ingame, i summoned a deer. i wanted it to attack a wolf. it didnt. no matter how much i moved toward the wolf. then, it attacked a rabbit across the screen. then, when i minimized my game to write this, when it came back up, i saw that my deer was lying dead and about 7 rabbit corpses were littering the field around him. is this chi? do i deserve this? no, i dont. i say you guys make an extra button in the toolbar that has a list of all your recently summoned animals and you can command them to attack certain things or not attack certain things, like friends. this would take summoning to a whole new level.
  4. Advanced summoning

    Exactly :idea:
  5. Recruiting for the Great War

    Hello good people of EL! i am hear to spread the word of a great war that is about to break out. Me, hellinon, am rallying an armie to defeat Tropicano and his CO minions. Some main targets are Aragorn1, Tropicano, and SirDan. Did i mention that SirDan leads newbs into PKing areas then murders them?Its true. Currently i am banned, unfairly by one of Tropicano's minions, but you can speak to lordofthenazgul, my right hand man, if you wish to join me in this noble cause. Because together, we can overthrough the CO!!!! Our chat line is 63. :lol:
  6. Advanced summoning

    it must have been another deer than. but im still pissed.
  7. The little things...

    Thats an awesome idea! it would really take the game to the next level.
  8. snake boots

    Do we really need to have soles? i mean, come on, make it easier for us and strech reality a little bit.
  9. Advanced summoning

    thats a good idea.
  10. Houses

    I think that players should be able to make their own houses. This is what seperates the crappy MMOs from the good.
  11. The Great Duels of EL

    maybe ill send in one of my soldiers. loot is good for us. expecially since were fighting against co.
  12. Recruiting for the Great War

    you laugh now. not for long though. not for long. and i cant really remember why i hate CO, but there you go.
  13. Special offer

    next person who joins me gets a pretty shiny brand new no blood stains yet wooden battle hammer. PS im fighting a war against co, if you havent heard 8)
  14. Special offer

    and it is not a one man war. i have followers
  15. Special offer

    this offer is no longer active. an elf named achuzen joined for it.
  16. A great new Quest

    A great Quest would be when a city is under attack by a bunch of skeletons. You would have to go to a place to get reinforcements, then come back, and all the NPCs in that town would give you better prices and stuff. It could be a canned quest, even though i hate canned quests. PS I know alot of you are saying how i am a spammer and am ruining your forums, but whats wrong with me wanting to help your game along? I havent played Rise of Nations for like, 3 weeks now. Although i may be a newb, i consider myself just a hardcore as any of you. Now quit calling me a spammer and let me have my fun.
  17. i got banned unfairly

    I got banned and i want back. all i did was say *fart* and someone abused their power and kicked me off. if i deserved it, im sorry, and ill never do it again.i just want to get my file back.
  18. I AM TIRED OF ESSENCES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Those crappy things! I hate em! THEY MUST GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saving for Sigils is a good idea, but why do you need essences??????? That kind of idea is what destroyed Runescape, for cryin out loud!!! Why, Why???? Have you ever seen a movie or read a book where the wizard says " okay, im going to cast my spell, oh darn it, i need more fancy rocks! now i have to go mine some more lilacs!"? for cryin out loud, just take away from our magic bar.
  19. Maenads

    Some of the monsters in this game should be some sexy maenads
  20. i got banned unfairly

    if they gave a warning, i didnt hear it. and why should you get mad at me for wanting a war. this is a war game. sorrysorrysorrysorry
  21. i got banned unfairly

    once again, i am sorry. i am new, and stuff like that in the r word is okay, so i didnt think i was doing anything wrong. i wasnt even doing something totally annoying like gerkjgnherkj;hgeoprn over and over. if you disban me, ill even join CO. Well, no i wont, and i will still wreak my war, but i wont be annoying.
  22. Looking for a guild i think...

    join me. i am wreaking a war against CO. PM me
  23. Pets

    I think that players should be able to buy pets in stores, instead of summoning them, and they wont lose health like summoned creatures. And they can fight, or stay at your house(check my other Sugg) And my friend thinks you should be able to summon animals for other players, so you could have summoner as a career.
  24. Houses

    i meant for people to have the ability to make their own house, Sims style. And not have to pay real dollars for it.
  25. i got banned unfairly

    I dont harrass CO, i simply want to make a good, clean war against them. Why should i be banned for that? Again, im sorry, and i will never type fart again, even though its not a cuss word