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  1. Pickpoiiiint

    you idiot
  2. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    please help
  3. Moles

    ok i just want to know cause i have a mole and i causes me grief but i am to lazy to hack it off.
  4. Moles

    lol i had one on my bach that was 6" long. they used surgery to get it off. i have a very moley family
  5. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    ok lil help here?
  6. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    please listen and get me unbanned i dont want to miss todays fight
  7. Shop Selling Bug

    ahh, what a wonderful AI system EL has! The shop keepers are so clever, that they can take your items! Without paying! LIke, it took me 5 weeks to programm the villagers in my mmo(under construction) to beat you up and take your money! And that was in the slums! Imagine the genius it would take to convince loyal, gentlmenlike shopkeepers to cheat like that! To Ent i say a hearty, "Thank You" you complete me.
  8. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    i never gave him my password. i thought he would be using milkyline, but leeloo said he never did. he must have got on some other account. not mine though, im not that stupid. then he gets my ip banned. it is hard for me to believe this, as he is a pretty good guy. still, i want to know what he did.
  9. War

    see what i said in events
  10. War

    hehe i had an idea to make an army of second characters and give them all that perk and send them into kf but plat told me it was spamming
  11. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    as ive said, he was on my comp. he must have used something else. But i dont know what. Who banned him and what was he doing? it would really clear this up. ty
  12. Hmm, Ive Been Banned

    well hes a nice guy and he has his own account (milkyline) <_<
  13. Sound

    how i use sound?
  14. The Clash Of The Titans

    my name is not hellion lordv made that mistake in the contest to
  15. Guns

    the situation is a kid was playing with a gun, it shot, and brained an old woman buying groceries across the street
  16. Elrocks.com Might Be Down Sometimes

    he im in florida the weather is poo here.
  17. The Clash Of The Titans

    im in to. and i would prefer to be on monoceros's team
  18. More Races

    will there be more playable races in the game or will we be forever stuck with the lamo elves, humans, and dwarves?
  19. Slavv Banned For Macro Harvesting

    hehe they should fire you plat:)
  20. More Races

    we could make them rock in combat but suck in everything else
  21. Err

    okay, in a sec i will be off to watch sky captain and world of tommorow. WHen i get back, i would like to know if i can make maps to without proggramming. It would be very aprreciated. Thanks.
  22. Do you sleep naked?

    he ive done that. (i sleep in my overalls with the suspenders )
  23. More Races

    well oviously when i make my half-dragon man i will want to spend more time on it then my boring oll dwarf.
  24. Err

    err, i know this sounds realy stupid but what is my el folder?
  25. Wolfy ;(

    what are those green number things under the name?