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    Observing Cheese and counting triangles
  1. War Against CO (read the great war in events)

    Sweet those were the days lol...... :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune: :battleaxe_rune:
  2. Video card

    Nvidia Rocks!
  3. What Are You Getting For Xmas?

    Halo 2 KOTOR 2 B&W Deluxe Remote-control Airplane New Mouse Air-Soft Gun Grenade Launcher
  4. Black And White 2

  5. Black And White 2

    I have looking forward to it for so looooooong. I remember i thought it was rediculas that they even thought about holding it back till March 04. Sigh....
  6. Oi!

    I asked for that for CHristmas.... How does it run? Ive got an XP 32mb video card, 256mb of ram, and directx9. This meets the minimum requirements, but i am still worried about how it will run.
  7. I Think My New Sig Is Helairous

    to many kiddos
  8. The Pre-emp - Assault On Grubani, Deletes and Chan

    Ohh my God you people are such nerds! *moved*
  9. Selling A Guild...

    I will buy if sunny will lend me 20k....
  10. Black And White 2

    When is it coming out? It was supposed to have come out, like, a year ago! Come on!
  11. What's Your Religion

  12. Hello

  13. Banned

    well, i say he should get unbanned. I would like to be unbanned as well....
  14. Apology.

    Goodbye plat.