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  1. PB&J

    Hey Im here but havent played in a while sry been busy with the baby and school but hopefully Ill make a resurrection
  2. Trade sanctions for Gyp Bots

    I had a harv service for a long time and you dont heart me complaining about bot compitition if you dont like it take your business elsewhere
  3. Cant log on

    Everytime i log on it says there is an error and i get booted please help i like to play el...this sux
  4. Harvesting service!

    For those who have been keeping track I have put pics of the baby on the pb&j webstie ty and keep your eye out for the PB&J harvesting service which may be returning in a couple weeks:D
  5. Storage sell!

    i have np with you buying these however my sale ends tonight so if you want them please log on and pm me and go to nc:D
  6. Storage sell!

  7. Harvesting service!

    ordering is officially closed for further info pm colej or I in game ty all for understanding your very welcome, gratz and hope to do buisiness with you in the future:D

    I just thought id let you know i bought my tit serp swrd bk for 5k so gl getting 30k. And my husband colej says hell give you 10k for all 3
  9. Auction of 2 books

    ill give 3k for st long of fire
  10. Harvesting service!

    This is to notify that the PB&J Harvesting and Alchemy service will not be taking orders placed after closing on the 7th. Due to addition to our real life family we will be closing indeffinatly but expect aprox. a couple months. Any orders placed before the 7th will be filled those placed after will not Thank you for understanding
  11. Harvesting service!

    im sorry but as ive told you before we are no longer filling orders you place due to repeated issues upon delivery
  12. Harvesting service!

    Done Done:D
  13. Harvesting service!

    Filled and delivered
  14. Accuracy Book

  15. Harvesting service!

    Done:D ty for ordering Done:D Done ty for the order:D