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  1. fifa world cup

    lol who care ??
  2. fifa world cup

    come on Russian Fan, destroy everything !!!
  3. UNban cd.

    Hello, My name is lukas, i am 17 years old and i am form Poland. I get ban becouse i was bad guy i was really evil and nasty. Deer Entropy & mihiam plz unban my sweet ip . It is christmas give me small present :/ Sorry that i am makign new post but i just wondering, who can unban my ip form black list ?
  4. MSN Messenger

    shivar you can read, i thought smooms sit next to you and reading everything
  5. Pierwsze kroki w Eternal Lands

    Dobra spalic teh banned 0n3ne na stosie i dac mi unbana
  6. my ip baned with none reasone :(

    great idea i was trying 100 times but he 1 time answer me " i dont have time i am bussy "
  7. I miss all .....

    shivar you remember afk song ?
  8. Pierwsze kroki w Eternal Lands

    Twoj styl pisowni : kropki, minki , Duze litery i bycie modem przypomina mi Pania teh banned 0n3nke
  9. MSN Messenger

    Who is using this program and want talk with me : kadlub_hellie@hotmail.com Post here your msn
  10. my ip baned with none reasone :(

    if i remember good ...sry it was long time ago.... i was spamming cuz someone hack my bro and none wanted help from mods, and learner banned me
  11. I miss all .....

    evil shivar, thats why i love "HER" hiihhiihih
  12. I miss all .....

    I understand you, maybe i will never get unban. But i willl nerver beg mods for it, i may only ask but nothing more i got my honor.
  13. I miss all .....

    hmmm i was in hc too, and i really remember you....... I wont delete what idi i said about mods, i am saying what i am thinking and i will not lie that mods are good for me, I was bad boy and 1 or 2 mods dont like me and rest mods just hide their heads
  14. I miss all .....

    but i was talking with rogue on msn, with learner in e-mail, what this post can change if mods dont like you..... you can do nothing
  15. I miss all .....

    heheh i remmeber you, you was tm member